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Stars Join Injured Schwarzenegger For Inauguration Parties

6th January 2007

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's pals TOM ARNOLD and ROB LOWE were among the dignitaries, politicians and celebrities who celebrated the start of the former actor's second term as California Governor in Sacramento yesterday (05JAN07). Guitarist JOSE FELICIANO...

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Barr Slams Arnold At Comic Relief

21st November 2006

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR snubbed her ex-husband TOM ARNOLD's offer of friendship at the Comic Relief charity telecast on Saturday (18NOV06). The funnywoman, 54, and TRUE LIES actor, 47, divorced in 1994 after a rocky four...

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Arnold's Wife Sells Off Their Home

25th September 2006

Actor TOM ARNOLD's estranged wife SHELBY ROOS has landed her first big real estate sale - selling off the home she shared with the TRUE LIES star. Roos recently won her real estate license and...

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Tom Arnold And Third Wife Separate

30th August 2006

TRUE LIES star TOM ARNOLD filed for a legal separation from his wife SHELBY ROOS on Monday (28AUG06), after four years of marriage. The actor filed for a legal separation, which involves a permanent...

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Buffy Star Saves Astin's Baseball Movie

3rd May 2006

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star ELIZA DUSHKU has saved SEAN ASTIN's new baseball movie from the scrap heap, after signing on to play his love interest. The future of THE FINAL SEASON was in doubt...

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Ja Rule And Campbell Join Combs' Cooking Show

24th March 2006

Rapper JA RULE and supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL have signed on for SEAN COMBS new TV series COOKING SHOWDOWN. The show will pair superstar chefs with celebrities in a week-long cooking competition. Also signing up for...

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Fascinating Fact 601

30th November 2005

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has returned briefly to Hollywood - he has taken on a cameo appearance in pal TOM ARNOLD's new film THE KID + I....

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The Things They Say 118

31st August 2005

"I'd have to be forced at gunpoint to get my wife's face tattooed on me. I did that in a previous marriage and it took a year and a half of laser surgery to get...

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Gyllenhaal Shows Off Singing Skills

1st August 2005

SECRETARY star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL took on her "scariest" onscreen task for her new movie HAPPY ENDINGS - singing. The 27-year-old actress plays a singer in a bar band in the movie, and rather than...

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Arnold Slims Down After Moving Into Tiny Home

20th July 2005

TRUE LIES star TOM ARNOLD credits his amazing 30 kilogram weight loss (70 pounds) to his tiny Los Angeles apartment. The comedian and his wife SHELBY ROOS have been living in the humble abode...

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Arnold Brands Cruise 'Ignorant' For Shields Attack

20th July 2005

TOM ARNOLD has branded TOM CRUISE "ignorant" for attacking BROOKE SHIELDS' decision to take medication to ease postpartum depression. In May (05), Cruise - who claims to have helped people fight drug addictions through...

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Arnold Worried About Gay Brother

15th July 2005

Actor TOM ARNOLD was devastated when his younger brother revealed he was gay and dating a black man because he feared he'd be terrorised in his native Iowa. The TRUE LIES star grew up...

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Arnold Reunites True Lies Cast To Talk About A Sequel

14th July 2005

JAMIE LEE CURTIS and TOM ARNOLD have signed on to make a TRUE LIES sequel as soon as California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER gives up his political dreams and returns to acting. Arnold has confirmed...

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Tom Arnold's Prank

14th July 2005

American actor TOM ARNOLD was once arrested for running naked through an old people's home. The TRUE LIES star lost his job in a meatpacking plant after the prank in his Iowa hometown when...

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Schwarzenegger Eyes True Lies Sequel

18th May 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is currently in the midst of plans to take on his first movie role since becoming California Governor - in the sequel to his 1994 smash hit TRUE LIES. JAMES CAMERON had...

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Hatcher Linked To Salley

12th May 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER has been romantically linked to a new man - former basketball ace JOHN SALLEY. The brunette actress was reportedly spotted outside a Los Angeles nightclub canoodling with the statuesque...

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Navarro To Be Honoured For Work With Addicts

22nd April 2005

Rocker DAVE NAVARRO will be honoured for his devotion to helping addicts overcome their problems. The former JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist, who documented his drug abuse and recovery in his book DON'T TRY THIS AT...

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Tom Arnold Hit By Boxer

7th March 2005

Funnyman TOM ARNOLD is nursing a bruised face after being hit in a televised sparring match with light middleweight boxer SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY. The TRUE LIES star challenged the world number five to a...

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Arnold Recreates Roseanne Marriage In Sitcom

7th March 2005

TOM ARNOLD is preparing for an ugly war of words with his ex-wife ROSEANNE BARR, after signing up to create and star in a new sitcom loosely based on his tempestuous marriage to the...

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Arnold Undergoes Acupuncture To Conceive Child

25th February 2005

ANIMAL FACTORY star TOM ARNOLD is having acupuncture in his testicles to help him become a dad. Arnold, ex-husband of comedienne ROSEANNE BARR, has spent the past several months trying to conceive a child...

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Arnold's Stress Plan Works For Him

24th February 2005

Movie star TOM ARNOLD is urging fellow chubby actors to try his new diet - the Arnold Stress Plan. The ANIMAL FACTORY star recently shed 45 pounds (20.4 kilograms) thanks to his fitness plan,...

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Arnold Goes Public With Money Troubles

24th February 2005

Funnyman TOM ARNOLD has gone public with his marital money battles with wife SHELBY in a bid to get US TV financial expert SUZE ORMAN to help them sort through their troubles. Arnold, who...

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Schwarzenegger Left Hallucinating On Nicotine Gum

24th February 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has vowed to be more cautious about nicotine gum in the future, after a batch given to him by pal TOM ARNOLD left him hallucinating while driving. Arnold recently ditched his cigar...

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Arnold Talks Of Spears' Bizarre Fall

24th February 2005

BRITNEY SPEARS once laid out in the hallway of her apartment building for hours and hours, refusing the help of passers-by, according to former neighbour TOM ARNOLD. Arnold briefly lived in the same Los...

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Arnie Returns To The Movies

15th December 2004

Action man ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is planning a movie comeback a year after becoming California Governor. THE TERMINATOR star will return to the big screen next year in a cameo in THE KID * I....

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Lachey's Screen Kiss Leaves Him With Familiar Taste

5th December 2004

NICK LACHEY was made to feel extremely comfortable when he had to share a screen kiss with American actress KELLY RIPA - she wore his wife JESSICA SIMPSON's favourite lip gloss. The pop hunk...

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Love Hewitt Serves Pie To Homeless

26th November 2004

Hollywood beauty JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT spent yesterday's (25NOV04) Thanksgiving celebrations serving pumpkin pie to the homeless in Los Angeles. The I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER star was joined by SABRINA THE TEENAGE...

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Barr Quits Sheen Sitcom

9th November 2004

Comedienne ROSEANNE BACK has cancelled her appearance on CHARLIE SHEEN's sitcom TWO AND A HALF MEN, because the script mocked her life. America's TV GUIDE reports the 52-year-old actress was set to play the...

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O'neal Sells Home To Japanese Rocker

8th November 2004

Basketball star and rapper SHAQUILLE O'NEAL has sold his Beverly Hills home to a Japanese rocker, after celebrities including BRITNEY SPEARS eyed the grand abode. O'Neal, who recently made Florida his primary residence after...

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Tom Arnold Battles Tabloid Drug Recovery Stories

1st October 2004

Funnyman TOM ARNOLD is getting serious with America's tabloid newspapers over reporters' infiltration of drug and alcohol meetings. The TRUE LIES star plans to lobby pal ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, the Governor of California, to change...

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