Tom and Giovanna Fletcher already have a list of baby names.

The childhood sweethearts - who got married in May last year (2012) - won't worry about ''trying'' to have children just yet but they are getting ''broody''.

The McFly singer said: ''We've been broody for a long time ... We'll take it as it comes, we don't want the stress of trying.

''We have a list of names already, but it's always changing. You have to get in early and start showing people lists because then we can be like, 'We've bagsied that one!' ''

While the couple aren't expecting yet, Giovanna has revealed they want between two and four children when they do start a family.

Tom, 27, saw his wedding speech - in which he sang a medley of McFly's biggest hits with lyrics changed to fit the occasion - go viral after he uploaded it to YouTube to share it with family in the US.

Although a big romantic gesture, the 'Love Is Easy' hitmaker admitted his performance was the result of not being able to write a ''normal speech''.

He said: ''The thing is, it was a cop out because it was easier for me to do a song - it's like if there was a plumber who said, 'I don't want to do a speech, I'm just going to do some plumbing'.

That's what I do, it's easier for me to write a song. I'm rubbish at speeches. I wrote a normal speech but I couldn't get through half of it without cringing, it was so bad.''