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Pee-wee Herman Show Returns To Hbo After 30 Years

22nd December 2010

PEE-WEE HERMAN, the comic creation of actor PAUL REUBENS, is set to return to HBO some 30 years after he...

Fascinating Fact 10140

16th October 2010

CHRISTOPHER WALKEN and MIA FARROW are to star as husband and wife in director TODD SOLONDZ's new movie DARK HORSE.

Hilton Set For Another Film Role

12th November 2008

PARIS HILTON is to add another movie role to her portfolio - she has been lined up for a new...

Solondz In Awe Of Abortionists

4th May 2005

Maverick film-maker TODD SOLONDZ is so full of admiration for America's under-fire abortionists, he felt compelled to tackle the controversial...

Solondz Wants Audience To Make Up Their Own Mind On Abortion

23rd March 2005

American film-maker director TODD SOLONDZ has courted controversy in his homeland by tackling abortion in new movie PALINDROMES - but...