Todd Phillips - Todd Phillips: 'Hangover 2 Was Liberating'

Todd Phillips felt "liberated" making 'The Hangover 2'.

The director - who shot the sequel in Thailand with the first film's cast Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms - is not used to working on projects where the fans are already in place, which he thinks helped him feel happier while filming.

He said: "It's really liberating because I've never made a movie that I really knew people were going to see. Usually when I'm making a movie, it's about getting these moments that are really funny, but I'm still going, 'Jesus, this is hilarious, but is anyone going to see this movie?'

"So, in a weird way, I found the pressure was actually taken off me in that respect. For the first time, we're making a movie that a lot of people are actually anticipating. It sort of takes a lot of pressure off."

Todd chose to work on the film in Bangkok because there was an element of "danger" to the shoot and it added a "mystery" edge to the characters.

He added to "There's a few reasons we chose Bangkok, but one of them is that we wanted to up the danger. We wanted to up the consequence and the stakes.

"It's also a little bit more mysterious to these guys. It's not that familiar and they don't speak the language. There are all these elements that made it a little more of a scary proposition."


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