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Dicaprio And Maguire Enjoy Go-kart Race

26th April 2004

Hollywood hunks LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and TOBEY MAGUIRE amazed onlookers at the weekend (24/25APR04) when they went head-to-head in a go-kart race. The two actors decided to race each other during a trip to California's...

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Robbie Williams Signs With Los Angeles Talent Firm

1st April 2004

British pop hunk ROBBIE WILLIAMS has revived his plans to crack America, by signing up with talent powerhouse CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY. The Beverly Hills-based firm, home to such stars as JULIA ROBERTS, TOM HANKS...

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Spider-man 2 Release Pushed Forward

28th March 2004

Movie bosses hope to pull in extra cash from the upcoming SPIDER-MAN sequel by pushing the film's American release date forward to 30 June (03) - two days earlier than scheduled. The move gives...

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Bosses Plan For Six Spider-man Movies

26th March 2004

Fans of TOBEY MAGUIRE's SPIDER-MAN movie are in for an enduring treat - film bosses want to turn it into a six-part franchise. The first installment of Spider-Man, which also starred KIRSTEN DUNST, was...

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Kournikova Plays Doubles

27th February 2004

Tennis player ANNA KOURNIKOVA has embarked on two dates in the last week - fuelling reports her romance with Latin singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS is in trouble. Kournikova has been enjoying the company of movie...

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Breakfast At Tiffany's Voted Best Kiss

11th February 2004

AUDREY HEPBURN's passionate smooch with GEORGE PEPPARD in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S has been voted the best screen kiss ever. The 1961 classic beat out competition from kisses in more recent movies including SPIDER-MAN and...

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Maguire Competes With Grace For New Role

22nd January 2004

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE is facing tough competition for his next movie role - from THAT '70S SHOW regular TOPHER GRACE. Maguire, 28, and 25-year-old Grace are competing to co-star with KEVIN SPACEY in...

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Carradine Cried Watching Seabiscuit

21st January 2004

Actor DAVID CARRADINE has tarnished his reputation as a tough guy - by admitting he wept most of the way through SEABISCUIT. The KILL BILL star went to see the critically-acclaimed movie, which stars...

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Tobey Maguire Fears Oscar Nomination

14th December 2003

TOBEY MAGUIRE is reportedly terrified he will get an OSCAR nomination for his performance in SEABISCUIT - because of the effect it will have on him. The young actor is cripplingly shy and fears...

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Tobey + Leo Join The Fight Over Don's Plum

13th November 2003

Hollywood pals LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and TOBEY MAGUIRE have been given permission to intervene in a court battle over a film they both appeared in. The actors are trying to prevent the release of DON'S...

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Tobey Maguire Ordered To Eat Healthily

11th November 2003

Hollywood actor TOBEY MAGUIRE has been ordered to start eating healthy foods by new girlfriend JENNIFER MEYER. The SPIDER-MAN star was given the ultimatum after Meyer found his fridge filled with pizza and beer....

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Maguire Dismisses Spider-man Demands

7th November 2003

TOBEY MAGUIRE has rubbished reports he was nearly fired from the SPIDER-MAN sequel - blaming the rumours on his bad back. The rising Hollywood star suffered persistent reports his role would be given by...

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Tobey Maguire: 'I'm Not Shy Away From Cameras'

6th November 2003

Movie hunk TOBEY MAGUIRE is pathologically shy in public, but insists he's the life and soul of the party in private. And the SPIDERMAN star says the reason he has never chased celebrity is...

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Wood Wants Recognition

16th October 2003

LORD OF THE RINGS star ELIJAH WOOD has a problem with his fame - people keep mistaking him for other celebrities. The young star is always getting mixed up with HARRY POTTER actor DANIEL...

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Tobey Maguire Pays Out $197,000 To Settle Laundered Money Suit

26th September 2003

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE has paid out $197,000 (GBP123,125) laundered by former financial advisor DANA GIACCHETTO to settle an ongoing lawsuit. The hunky actor is one of a number of celebrities who was unknowingly...

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Maguire Warns Off Rookie Co-star

10th September 2003

Hollywood star TOBEY MAGUIRE jokily blasted a co-star on his new movie SEABISCUIT, accusing him of trying to steal the show. Maguire plays Jockey RED POLLARD in the horse-racing drama alongside first-time actor, real-life...

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Actors Vie For Batman Role

3rd September 2003

Actors JAKE GYLLENHAAL, CHRISTIAN BALE and JOSHUA JACKSON will battle fiercely over the next three days to win the coveted role of BATMAN. The list of potential Caped Crusaders also includes CILLIAN MURPHY, HENRY...

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Tobey's Back Problems Revealed

26th August 2003

TOBEY MAGUIRE almost missed out on appearing in the SPIDER-MAN sequel when he failed to inform film bosses the exact extent of the back problems troubling him. Reports circulated in the press that...

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Jewel Eyes Independent Movie Role

14th August 2003

Singer JEWEL has signed up for a new independent film project entitled WAVE. The YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME star will star and produce the new movie, which tells the story on a mother...

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Tobey's Spider-suit Plans

12th August 2003

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE was desperate to reprise his role in the web-flinging sequel, as it gave him a second chance to steal the super-hero's lycra suit. The actor returns to the big screen...

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Nicole Kidman Dating Lenny Kravitz

10th August 2003

LATEST: A pal of actress NICOLE KIDMAN has confirmed the OSCAR-winner is dating rocker LENNY KRAVITZ - following a series of reports claiming the pair were spending nights together. The glamorous couple have hired...

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Pizza-buff Tobey Maguire

7th August 2003

SEABISCUIT star TOBEY MAGUIRE is such a fan of pizza he's buying a restaurant so he can relocate his favourite Italian chef to Los Angeles. The young actor wanted to be a chef himself...

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Maguire Hits Back At Playboy Booze Scandal

31st July 2003

TOBEY MAGUIRE has lashed out at PLAYBOY journalist DAVID SHEFF for turning an off-the-record chat about his past drinking problems into an international talking point. The SPIDER-MAN star has kept his booze problems and...

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Maguire Brought To Tears By His Movie

30th July 2003

Hollywood actor TOBEY MAGUIRE was brought to tears the first time he saw his new horse-racing movie SEABISCUIT. The 28-year-old screen star, who plays jockey RED POLLARD in the flick alongside JEFF BRIDGES, admits...

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Maguire Sparks Smoking Upset

28th July 2003

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE caused a stir at the Los Angeles premiere party for his new movie SEABISCUIT - by violating smoking regulations. According to American showbiz website PAGE SIX, Maguire and his pals...

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Tobey's Backgammon Victories

21st July 2003

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE loves working with movie maker GARY ROSS, because he always win a fortune from him betting on backgammon games. The actor has become one of Hollywood's leading boardgame players in...

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Stars Forced To Give Back Stolen Funds

18th July 2003

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and CAMERON DIAZ are among the stars being forced to pay back stolen funds they received from disgraced money manager DANA GIACHETTO. Actor TIM ROTH and singer ALANIS MORISETTE are also giving...

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Tobey Maguire Gives Up On Strict Diet

18th July 2003

TOBEY MAGUIRE grew so sick of the strict diet he had to follow to lose weight for his latest movie role as a horse jockey, he gorged on cookies and candy one day. Maguire...

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Maguire Moves In On Meyer

15th July 2003

Lovestruck superstar TOBEY MAGUIRE has moved his longterm love JENNIFER MEYER into his bachelor pad - intensifying speculation the pair will wed. SPIDER-MAN star Maguire has been dating the daughter of studio head RON...

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Hartnett Wins Sexy Veggie Poll

15th July 2003

Hunky actor JOSH HARTNETT has been voted the world's sexiest vegetarian in a new PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) poll. Thousands of animal lovers voted at the organisations' website, and selected...

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