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Maguire Finishes In Final 20 At Gambling Event

4th August 2004

SPIDER-MAN 2 star TOBEY MAGUIRE came 15th out of 281 participants at the MIRAGE POKER SHOWDOWN in Las Vegas last weekend (30JUL04). Maguire beat a number of professional poker players at the no-limit...

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Maguire Shapes Up For Spiderman Role

20th July 2004

Hollywood heart-throb TOBEY MAGUIRE followed a strict diet in preparation for his role in box office hit SPIDER-MAN 2. Maguire, 29, had to pile several pounds onto his five foot eight inches (1.72 metres)...

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Will Smith's I, Robot Tops American Box Office

19th July 2004

WILL SMITH's latest movie I, ROBOT has continued his run of successful July openings, after ousting SPIDER-MAN 2 from the top spot with a US box office haul of $52.25 million (GBP29 million). I,...

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Dunst Facing Trouble Over Costume Theft

16th July 2004

Actress KIRSTEN DUNST risks facing the wrath of movie bosses after reportedly stealing a SPIDER-MAN costume and selling it on the internet. The sexy big screen star - who reteams with TOBEY MAGUIRE in...

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Andre 3000 Tops Sexy Vegetarian Poll

15th July 2004

OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000 has made history by becoming the first hip-hop star to be voted the World's Sexiest Vegetarian in the PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS' (PETA) annual poll. The HEY...

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Anti-social Maguire Infuriates Celebrity Guests

14th July 2004

SPIDER-MAN II star TOBEY MAGUIRE has infuriated the British celebrities who turned out for the film's London premiere on Monday night (12JUL04) - by refusing to party alongside them. The shy star demanded his...

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Maguire: I'm Not Shy And Insecure

12th July 2004

SPIDER-MAN 2 star TOBEY MAGUIRE has furiously slammed the media for accusing him of being a shy actor with no self-esteem. The 29-year-old insists that unlike SPIDER-MAN's alter ego PETER PARKER he is outgoing...

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Spider-man Is Scared Of Heights

8th July 2004

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE has revealed he has a fear of heights, which he had to overcome for his superhero alter-ego's high-flying movie scenes. The actor admits there were some scenes that left him...

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Spider-man 2 To Smash Box-office Records?

1st July 2004

SPIDER-MAN 2 producers are expecting another box-office record-breaker after the sequel received rave reviews in America. The first Spider-Man took $115 million (GBP63 million) in its opening weekend, outselling previous record-holder HARRY POTTER AND...

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Maguire Meets A Real Peter Parker

30th June 2004

Movie star TOBEY MAGUIRE came face to face with the real-life PETER PARKER yesterday (29JUN04), when SPIDER-MAN's alter-ego namesake was invited to appear on MTV show TOTAL REQUEST LIVE. The real-life Parker, who works...

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Dunst Relieved Gyllenhaal Didn't Become Spider-man

30th June 2004

KIRSTEN DUNST is relieved her boyfriend JAKE GYLLENHAAL didn't get to replace TOBEY MAGUIRE in the SPIDER-MAN sequel - because she's certain it would've made a "spectacle" of their romance. Gyllenhaal was under consideration...

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Molina's Fruity Spider-man Gift

25th June 2004

British actor ALFRED MOLINA reaped a huge benefit from his role in upcoming movie SPIDER-MAN 2 - monthly baskets of fresh fruit. Molina stars as DR OCTAVIUS in the SAM RAIMI-directed movie, featuring TOBEY...

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Maguire: I Only Make Interesting Movies

23rd June 2004

SPIDER-MAN 2 star TOBEY MAGUIRE refuses to be sucked in by the Hollywood machine, and only makes movies he finds interesting. The 28-year-old actor insists on starring in an average of one film a...

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Dunst Is Fine About Kissing Ex-boyfriend Maguire

23rd June 2004

Stunning actress KIRSTEN DUNST insists kissing ex-boyfriend TOBEY MAGUIRE in SPIDER-MAN 2 wasn't awkward, because they are both "professionals". The Hollywood star, 22 - who dumped Maguire two-years-ago (01MAR02) and is now romancing...

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Tobey Maguire Uses Oprah Winfrey To Get A Spider-man Suit

23rd June 2004

TOBEY MAGUIRE is using OPRAH power to help him get one of the suits he wears in the SPIDER-MAN sequel as a keepsake. The movie star doesn't own his own suit and when he...

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Maguire Pours Heart Out To Mrs Spielberg

22nd June 2004

Hollywood actor TOBEY MAGUIRE is pleased with his life, and has STEVEN SPIELBERG's wife KATE CAPSHAW to thank for his grateful attitude. The SPIDER-MAN 2 star, 28 - who had a nomadic youth...

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Affleck Wins Big In California Poker Tournament

22nd June 2004

Hollywood hunk BEN AFFLECK is celebrating after pocketing $356,400 (GBP198,000) in a major poker tournament. Affleck, former fiance of GIGLI co-star JENNIFER LOPEZ, beat fellow actor TOBEY MAGUIRE and nearly 90 other poker players...

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Maguire Keen To Move Behind The Camera

21st June 2004

TOBEY MAGUIRE is keen to develop a career behind the camera, when he finishes playing SPIDER-MAN for the third installment in the superhero franchise. The Hollywood star hasn't signed for any further movie...

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Maguire Finds Being Famous Weird

21st June 2004

SPIDER-MAN 2 star TOBEY MAGUIRE remains unfazed by his celebrity status and considers it more "weird" than enjoyable. The Hollywood star, 28, refuses to take being famous seriously - and seems keen to...

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Raimi Attacks Maguire Diva Rumours

18th June 2004

Celebrated director SAM RAIMI has attacked rumours he wanted to give JAKE GYLLENHAAL the lead in SPIDER-MAN 2 to punish TOBEY MAGUIRE for his excessive fee demands. Gyllenhaal - whose girlfriend KIRSTEN DUNST stars...

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Maguire: Trailers Give Too Much Away

11th June 2004

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE has blasted the Hollywood studios for giving away too much information in movie trailers. The 28-year-old star is often left disappointed when he goes to the cinema, because he feels...

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Tobey's Costume Hell

8th June 2004

TOBEY MAGUIRE went through hell during the fitting for his SPIDER-MAN suit, because costumiers plucked out his body hair. The actor had to undergo a strict vegetarian diet to get into shape for the...

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Morrissey Fights Paltrow For Sexiest Vegetarian Accolade

7th June 2004

MORRISSEY is leading the race to be crowned the 'World's Sexiest Vegetarian', beating off competition from Hollywood pin-ups GWYNETH PALTROW and TOBEY MAGUIRE. The former SMITHS frontman is the surprise favourite to scoop the...

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Marvel Settles Spider-man Suit

3rd June 2004

Comic book giant MARVEL has settled its legal dispute with film studio SONY PICTURES over SPIDER-MAN merchandise, after accusing the firm of wrongfully using the character for promotional purposes. Marvel sued Sony in...

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Pink Gets Fit With Pitt's Trainer

1st June 2004

Pop star PINK has signed up for sessions with the man who turned BRAD PITT into a buff Greek warrior in TROY - to help her look her best. The TROUBLE singer is famous...

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Tobey Maguire Gambles At Poker Championship

26th May 2004

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE paid $10,000 (GBP5,550) to play in the opening hand of the WORLD SERIES OF POKER CHAMPIONSHIP in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Monday (24MAY04). The actor, wearing a yellow LOS ANGELES...

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Berry And Maguire To Present Mtv Movie Awards

19th May 2004

HALLE BERRY and TOBEY MAGUIRE are joining forces to present next month's (JUN04) MTV MOVIE AWARDS. Other presenters at the irreverent ceremony will include SNOOP DOGG, DAVE CHAPPELLE, KIRSTEN DUNST, EVE, JIMMY FALLON, KATE...

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Dunst Happy That Jake Isn't Spider-man

10th May 2004

KIRSTEN DUNST is secretly glad she didn't get to work with her real-life boyfriend JAKE GYLLENHAAL on the SPIDER-MAN sequel - because the critics would have savaged them. Gyllenhaal was tipped to take over...

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Jackman Wins World's Sexiest Man Title

9th May 2004

VAN HELSING star HUGH JACKMAN has been voted the sexiest man of the summer (04) - beating out competition from movie hunks ORLANDO BLOOM and BRAD PITT. American magazine PEOPLE awarded the Australian star,...

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Mendes Takes Political Stance On Gulf War Movie

30th April 2004

Director SAM MENDES is planning a controversial movie based on the failed policies of the White House during the first Gulf War - and a string of A-list actors are already lining up for a...

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