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Titanic Musical's Broadway Return Postponed

21st May 2014

Plans for a Broadway revival of the hit Titanic musical have been postponed because producers cannot find a home for the sinking ship drama.Titanic, which follows the story of the infamous 1912 maritime disaster, was...

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James Cameron Sued Over Titanic Attraction

5th May 2014

Moviemaker James Cameron and studio executives at 20th Century Fox, Paramount have found themselves at the centre of a bizarre new lawsuit over a Titanic attraction.Faan Qin claims she came up with the concept for...

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Kate Winslet Refuses To Autograph Nude Titanic Stills

3rd April 2014

Actress Kate Winslet refuses to signs pictures of her iconic naked scene in Titanic because she is still embarrassed by the experience.The Brit stripped off for a scene in which her socialite character Rose DeWitt...

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Kate Winlset Lands 2,520th Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

11th March 2014

Kate Winslet is to be honoured with the 2,520th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and her big induction looks set to be a Titanic affair.The film's director James Cameron and Winslet's co-star Kathy...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Credits Titanic Role For Control Over His Career

21st February 2014

LEONARDO DiCaprio has insisted he is grateful for his big break in Titanic, acknowledging the blockbuster film helped him gain control of his entire career.The epic movie skyrocketed DiCaprio into worldwide fame in 1998, making...

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Titanic Extra Sues Film Studio

19th February 2014

An extra who appeared in 1997 disaster drama Titanic is suing film studio 20th Century Fox over his pay.The actor, Vi Jay, was cast as a non-speaking background extra helping the guests board the doomed...

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The Things They Say: 4056365

7th February 2014

"Her husband's awesome, the kids are great, but I don't get to see her as much as I wish." Leonardo Dicaprio is still close to his Titanic co-star Kate Winslet and her family.

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Mark Wahlberg Almost Missed Out On Big Break Over Dicaprio Tiff

12th December 2013

Mark Wahlberg almost missed out on his big break opposite LEONARDO DiCaprio in The Basketball Diaries after treating the Titanic star badly at a charity event.Wahlberg reveals his co-star objected to the idea of the...

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Titanic Is Hollywood's Biggest Tearjerker

22nd November 2013

James Cameron's record-breaking blockbuster Titanic has been voted the biggest tearjerker of all time.The 1997 disaster movie, which stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio as unlikely lovers on the doomed liner, came top in a...

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George Clooney Worries About Leonardo Dicaprio's Entourage

11th November 2013

George Clooney fears LEONARDO DiCaprio is surrounding himself with the wrong kinds of people after once clashing with a member of the Titanic star's entourage during a basketball game.The Ocean's Eleven star invited DiCaprio to...

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Kathy Bates Blasts Nbc

5th August 2013

Kathy Bates, who played the unsinkable Molly Brown in Titanic, had some choice words for NBC execs who sank her critically praised series Harry's Law last year after it drew an audience that was mostly...

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Fascinating Fact: 3658945

13th May 2013

One Direction surprised fans during their concert in Berlin, Germany on Saturday (11May13) by tackling Celine Dion's classic Titanic theme tune My Heart Will Go On. After the performance, they confessed, "We didn't know the...

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Waka Flocka Flame Scared Of Ocean After Titanic

11th April 2013

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame has developed a serious fear of the ocean after watching disaster movie Titanic.The 26 year old reveals he would love to try shark diving one day but his phobia of the...

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Croods' "Success Drives Dwa Stock Way Up

9th April 2013

Shares of DreamWorks Animation rose 5.2 percent to $19.33 on Monday as reports indicated that overseas ticket sales for The Croods were holding up better than expected. (In the U.K., it held on to first...

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Dead Due To Liven Up Weekend Box Office

5th April 2013

A remake of the 30-year-old cult hit Evil Dead is expected to kill its competitors at the box office this weekend. Industry forecasters say it should earn $20-25 million. Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg's 20-year-old blockbuster Jurassic...

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Will 3d Lure Moviegoers To A 20-Year-old Movie?

4th April 2013

Ostensibly, Friday's re-release of Jurassic Park, converted to 3D, is aimed at heightening interest in the April 26 Blu-ray release of the movie. But some forecasters indicate that despite the fact that it has been...

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The Things They Say: 3575800

26th March 2013

"I'm probably most proud of this role because it's an extraordinary character arc and journey and it spans two evenings of television and it's a very generous telling of a man's journey." Titanic star Billy...

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Titanic Dress And Legolas Bow Up For Auction

22nd November 2012

A dress Kate Winslet wore in Titanic's iconic 'King of the World' scene and Orlando Bloom's Legolas bow from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy have been added to Profiles in History's Hollywood Auction next...

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The Things They Say: 3373704

15th November 2012

"I thought I was close, but they could have just been using me to read with all the actresses... It was really good... It was fun... It was a big deal." Jeremy Sisto on coming...

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Star Wars Fans Score Lucas/disney Deal

31st October 2012

As expected, Twitter and Facebook comments focused not on the $4 billion that Disney is paying to buy Lucasfilm, but on the announced plans to release three more Star Wars movies. According to reports, the...

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The Things They Say: 3307304

1st October 2012

"What can I say, I can't resist an upgrade. Believe me, I think you'll find that I was the low-maintenance one in most of my relationships, I just kept picking complex, independent women. Look, I'm...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Irritated James Cameron On Titanic Set

19th September 2012

Actor LEONARDO DiCaprio found himself in trouble with director James Cameron while filming crucial scenes for his break-out movie Titanic after feigning a hatred of water.The Catch Me If You Can star grumbled about getting...

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James Cameron Calls On Tv Boffins To Help Prove Titanic Story

14th September 2012

Titanic director James Cameron is teaming up with a team of reality TV boffins in a bid to prove the film's hero, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, did not die in vain in the freezing waters...

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Hollywood Special Effects Company Goes Bust

12th September 2012

The special effects company behind Titanic, Transformers and Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End has gone bust.Bosses of Digital Domain, which was co-founded by Titanic director James Cameron and legendary effects guru Stan Winston,...

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James Cameron: Spielberg Beat Me To Jurassic Park By Few Hours

12th September 2012

James Cameron says Steve Spielberg beat him to securing the film rights for 'Jurassic Park' by ''a few hours''. The 'Titanic' director was desperate to purchase the rights to Michael Crichton's novel, but after watching...

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Kate Winslet's Titanic Screen Test With Sisto Features On Blu-ray Release

12th September 2012

Kate Winslet first screen tested for James Cameron's epic movie Titanic with Clueless star Jeremy Sisto.The actors' moment together features on the film's new Blu-Ray release and gives fans the chance to see someone other...

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James Cameron Planning Avatar Prequel

10th September 2012

James Cameron is planning to make an 'Avatar' prequel.The 'Titanic' director revealed he has ''an idea for a fourth'' movie in the franchise and revealed that the forthcoming motion picture will tell the story of...

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It's Official The Avengers Is No. 3, Behind Titanic, Avatar

3rd September 2012

Disney/Marvel's The Avengers was expected to cross the $1.5-billion mark at the worldwide box office this weekend following the decision by Disney to put the film back into 1,705 theaters for the Labor Day weekend....

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Oy! The Horror!

31st August 2012

Summer is going out with a whimper at the box office, unless you're easily scared. In that case, it could be going out with a few shrieks as the Jewish-themed horror flick The Possession takes...

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Tatanic , Facebook, And Times Square Unite

30th August 2012

Talk about putting the audience into the picture! Sony on Wednesday launched a new promotion in connection with the September 10th release of the Blu-ray 2D and 3D versions of Titanic that will allow fans...

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