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Wilder Retracts Depp Criticism

5th July 2005

LATEST: Movie funnyman GENE WILDER has hailed JOHNNY DEPP as a "magical" choice to play WILLY WONKA in upcoming film CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - weeks after attacking Depp's casting in the movie remake....

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Spielberg Voted Best Director

2nd June 2005

Legendary film-maker STEVEN SPIELBERG has been voted the greatest director of all time. Spielberg - the talent behind huge blockbuster hits including SCHINDLER'S LIST, E.T., CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND and SAVING PRIVATE...

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Wilder: 'Wonka Remake Is All About Money'

1st June 2005

Movie funnyman GENE WILDER has attacked TIM BURTON's choice of JOHNNY DEPP to play WILLY WONKA in upcoming film CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY as a money-making ploy. Wilder, who played Wonka in the...

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Burton And Bonham Carter's Son's Walk-on Role

9th May 2005

Acclaimed film-maker TIM BURTON's upcoming CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY movie is a real family affair - with both his partner HELENA BONHAM CARTER and young son BILLY RAY starring. The pair, who began...

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Burton Mementoes Sold At Ex-girlfriend's Garage Sale

18th April 2005

Quirky director TIM BURTON's ex LISA MARIE has been selling off artifacts from the couple's time together at a garage sale at their former Azuza, California, home. Fans of the film-maker, who now has...

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One Actor Plays 10 Parts In Wonka Film

10th April 2005

Just one actor will play all ten OOMPA LOOMPAs in TIM BURTON's upcoming movie version of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Tiny thespian DEEP ROY has been cloned using digital technology after film-makers failed...

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Burton Trains Up Squirrels For Wonka Film

6th April 2005

Director TIM BURTON has spent six months training 200 squirrels for a scene in his latest movie CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. The original 1971 movie didn't include any animals, but the eccentric film-maker...

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Burton Unimpressed With Wonka Movie

29th March 2005

Director TIM BURTON is adamant his CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY movie remains true to the original novel, after being unimpressed with the 1971 film adaptation. GENE WILDER played ROALD DAHL's literary creation in...

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Burton Stars In Revenge Auction

15th March 2005

Movie director TIM BURTON is at the centre of a real-life revenge drama this weekend (13MAR05) after discovering his former fiancee LISA MARIE is auctioning off his most prized possessions behind his back. The...

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Depp's 'Creepy' Performance To Scare Audiences

8th February 2005

JOHNNY DEPP is eager to terrify young audiences with his "creepy" performance as WILLY WONKA in his latest movie CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. ANNASOPHIA ROBB, 11, who plays VIOLET in the TIM BURTON...

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Keaton Longing For Beetlejuice Sequel

3rd January 2005

Movie star MICHAEL KEATON is desperate to bring the dead back to life in a sequel to his hit 1988 comedy BEETLEJUICE. The BATMAN star loved playing the mischievous ghoul opposite ALEC BALDWIN and...

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Depp Worries About Working With Lee

24th November 2004

Hollywood actor JOHNNY DEPP is dreading the prospect of working with screen legend CHRISTOPHER LEE, because he's so in awe of him. Lee, 82, has been cast as Depp's father in director TIM BURTON's...

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Bonham Carter's West End Show Pushed Back

20th August 2004

British actress HELENA BONHAM CARTER's planned West End theatre performance has been pushed back until next year (05) because of scheduling difficulties. The British actress, who has a baby son BILLY RAY with...

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Did Tim Burton Trick Lisa Marie Out Of Cash?

4th August 2004

Hollywood director TIM BURTON has been accused of tricking ex-girlfriend LISA MARIE out of millions of dollars in potential earnings in a new lawsuit. The pair dated for almost 10 years and Marie starred...

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X-men Director Takes On Superman Project

19th July 2004

X-MEN director BRYAN SINGER is hoping to save the troubled SUPERMAN movie, after becoming the latest in a long line of filmmakers to be attached to the project. Over the years, the latest anticipated...

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Martin And Paltrow's Convenience Move

15th July 2004

New celebrity parents CHRIS MARTIN and GWYNETH PALTROW are moving house, so they can be nearer their alternative health gurus in north London. The couple, who became parents when Paltrow gave birth to baby...

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Depp And Winslet Win Chocolate Factory Role For Unknown Youngster

14th July 2004

FINDING NEVERLAND co-stars JOHNNY DEPP and KATE WINSLET have helped unknown child actor FREDDIE HIGHMORE win a career-launching role in the remake of WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. The superstar duo - who...

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Big Apple Lover Mcg Leaves Superman

12th July 2004

CHARLIE'S ANGELS movie maker McG has refused to direct the long-awaited SUPERMAN film after producers moved the shoot to Australia. The director, whose real name is JOSEPH McGINTY NICOL, has "amicably parted ways" with...

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Bonham Carter Caught Up In Baby Confusion

28th June 2004

Actress HELENA BONHAM CARTER was left baffled this morning (28JUN04) when news spread across America that she'd given birth over the weekend - eight months after her first child actually arrived. Reports on the...

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Burton Facing Settlement Showdown With Angry Ex

31st May 2004

TIM BURTON's ex-fiancee LISA MARIE claims the maverick director owes her $5.4 million (GBP3 million) as part of a lucrative settlement he promised her. The actress got engaged to Burton in 1992 but split...

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Nicholson Prefers Working With Past Directors

26th March 2004

Movie legend JACK NICHOLSON is more than content with the actors and directors he's already worked with - and he'd happily work with them again instead of with up-and-coming Hollywood talent. The AS...

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Nervous Nominees On The Bafta Red Carpet

19th February 2004

The creme de la creme of the British film industry including JUDE LAW and EMMA THOMPSON have arrived on the red carpet ahead of tonight's (15FEB04) ORANGE BRITISH ACADEMY FILM AWARDS in London. Natives...

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Burton's Spooky Beginnings

6th February 2004

Madcap director TIM BURTON has always been fan of horror since his father used to mimic werewolves to entertain him as a child. The American movie-maker has directed a series of spooky films, including...

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Elfman Shares His Big Day With Birthday Girl Bridget

1st February 2004

Former OINGO BOINGO star-turned-movie composer DANNY ELFMAN had trouble celebrating his OSCAR Best Score nomination last week (27JAN04) - because it was new wife's BRIDGET FONDA's 40th birthday. Elfman was nominated for his BIG...

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Bonham Carter's Motherly Bond

29th January 2004

BIG FISH star HELENA BONHAM CARTER has discovered being a parent has many perks - including strengthening her relationship with her own mother. The English rose gave birth to her first baby BILLY RAY...

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Burton: I Want To Be A Good Father

27th January 2004

Director TIM BURTON is determined to be a good dad, because he had a difficult relationship with his own parents. As a child, Burton - who became a father when girlfriend HELENA BONHAM CARTER...

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Burton's Drawing Delights

26th January 2004

Wacky director TIM BURTON loves to draw - as he finds the pursuit a great creative outlet and a cathartic hobby. The BIG FISH film-maker - who is dating actress HELENA BONHAM CARTER -...

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Burton Loved Bonham Carter Out Of Her Ape Outfit

23rd January 2004

Eccentric director TIM BURTON fell in love with girlfriend HELENA BONHAM CARTER on the set of PLANET OF THE APES - but only after she removed her simian make-up. The BIG FISH filmmaker -...

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Burton's Movie Pain

22nd January 2004

Eccentric director TIM BURTON ran out of the premiere for his new movie BIG FISH this week (begs19JAN04), because he finds it too painful to watch his own films. Burton, who is dating British...

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Burton Shocked When Son Born

20th January 2004

Maverick director TIM BURTON was so shocked witnessing his girlfriend HELENA BONHAM CARTER give birth last October (03) he has likened it to a scene from horror classic ALIEN. The BIG FISH filmmaker -...

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