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Cohen Lands Sweeney Todd Role

16th November 2006

British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN is set to get dramatic after landing a coveted villain role in TIM BURTON's SWEENEY TODD film. The BORAT star will play barber PIRELLI opposite JOHNNY DEPP and Burton's partner...

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Burton: 'Living In London Is Like Being In A Hammer Film'

14th November 2006

Film-maker TIM BURTON loves his adopted hometown of London because its streets remind him of vintage British horror films. Burton grew up in Los Angeles but now lives in the UK's capital city with his...

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Bonham Carter: 'I Need To Work'

6th November 2006

British actress HELENA BONHAM CARTER is addicted to work, even though her partner TIM BURTON pays the bills. The FIGHT CLUB star doesn't have to accept roles for money, but she needs to pursue her...

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Burton Tired Of Dark Reputation

3rd November 2006

Quirky movie maker TIM BURTON has had enough of his dark image, insisting there's more to him than his gothic side. The EDWARD SCISSORHANDS director's obsession with the afterlife and Frankenstein myths have earned him...

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Burton And Bonham Carter's Unusual Living Arrangement

3rd November 2006

TIM BURTON and HELENA BONHAM CARTER have an unusual domestic arrangement - they live in adjacent houses that have been "welded together" by a single corridor. The couple's three-year-old son BILLY lives in Burton's house...

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Burton And Bonham Carter Hoping For Another Child

3rd November 2006

British actress HELENA BONHAM CARTER is so keen to have another child with partner TIM BURTON, she's drawn up a schedule of the best times for her to conceive. The 40-year-old PLANET OF THE APES...

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Burton 'Devastated' By Halt In Filming

30th October 2006

Quirky movie maker TIM BURTON was devastated when filming for RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT ground to a halt earlier this year (06), but he refuses to blame star JIM CARREY. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS director...

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Bonham Carter Misses Premiere After Son Breaks Arm

25th October 2006

HELENA BONHAM CARTER was forced to miss the London premiere of her new movie SIXTY SIX on Monday (23OCT06) after her two-year-old boy broke his arm Bonham Carter had no choice but to abandon...

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Burton's Nightmare Was A Feverish Dream

23rd October 2006

Quirky film-maker TIM BURTON has revealed his cult cartoon THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS was the result of a feverish dream. The director admits the 1993 classic, which has just been re-released in 3-D, started off...

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Carter Reunites With Burton And Depp For Musical

18th October 2006

HELENA BONHAM CARTER will re-team TIM BURTON and JOHNNY DEPP in the big screen adaptation of SWEENEY TODD. Carter, Burton's longtime off-screen partner, has starring in Burton-directed films such as CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY,...

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Fascinating Fact 2244

16th October 2006

British comedian SACHA BARON COHEN is teaming up with JOHNNY DEPP for TIM BURTON's new big screen adaptation of the hit musical SWEENEY TODD.

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Burton And Carter's House Of Delight

10th October 2006

TIM BURTON and HELENA BONHAM CARTER regularly stun guests at their luxury home with their bizarre obsession with false teeth and ladies bloomers. The PLANET OF THE APE actress runs her own fashion line,,...

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The Things They Say 2979

25th September 2006

"It will be the vampire national anthem. Black panties all across the world will moisten at the sound of my voice." MARILYN MANSON has high hopes for his cover of DANNY ELFMAN's THIS IS HALLOWEEN,...

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Stars Line Up For London Film Festival

14th September 2006

Veteran star DUSTIN HOFFMAN, director TIM BURTON and actor FOREST WHITAKER are lined up to appear at this year's (06) 50th London Film Festival. The A-listers will hit the red carpet from 18 October (06),...

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Burton Directs New Killers Video

8th September 2006

Las Vegas rockers THE KILLERS have added a little star power to their next video by inviting quirky movie maker TIM BURTON to direct it. The EDWARD SCISSORHANDS director is the brains behind the MR...

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Fall Out Boy + Manson Record Nightmare Soundtrack

29th August 2006

FALL OUT BOY and MARILYN MANSON are among the stars paying tribute to TIM BURTON's classic Halloween movie THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS on a new soundtrack album. The acts have recorded covers of the composer...

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Did Broadbent Quit Hairspray For Sweeney Todd?

26th August 2006

The mystery surrounding Oscar winner JIM BROADBENT's decision to quit the HAIRSPRAY movie musical has been solved - he was offered a part in the film's rival project, SWEENEY TODD. Broadbent initially signed on to...

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Ledger Confirmed For Batman

1st August 2006

LATEST: Australian actor HEATH LEDGER has been confirmed as sardonic villain the JOKER in BATMAN sequel THE DARK KNIGHT. CHRISTIAN BALE will reprise his role as BRUCE WAYNE/Batman and director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN is returning to...

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Fantasy Fans Go Bats Over Batman At Inaugural Scream Awards

22nd July 2006

BATMAN has beaten SUPERMAN and the X-MEN by claiming 10 nominations for the inaugural Scream Awards. BATMAN BEGINS picked up nods for The Ultimate Scream, Best Fantasy Movie and Most Heroic Performance when the nominations...

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Steinman's Batman Musical Takes Off

18th July 2006

Holy Broadway, BATMAN! The Caped Crusader is set to be the subject of a new JIM STEINMAN stage musical. Composer Steinman, the man behind rock anthems by MEAT LOAF and BONNIE TYLER, among others, has...

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Burton To Direct Video For The Killers?

15th July 2006

BATMAN director TIM BURTON is reportedly set to direct a music video for rock band THE KILLERS. The acclaimed film-maker, who directed films such as EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, CORPSE BRIDE and CHARLIE + THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY,...

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Depp And Burton Re-team For Sweeney Todd

13th June 2006

Director TIM BURTON and JOHNNY DEPP are reuniting to make a feature film based on the STEPHEN SOUNDHEIM musical SWEENEY TODD. The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star's schedule has recently been freed up, after director...

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Bonham Carter Loses Pub Protest

3rd June 2006

British actress HELENA BONHAM CARTER and boyfriend TIM BURTON have lost a battle to stop the pub next to their London home opening late. The pair wrote an angry letter to Camden Council after the...

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Bonham Carter's Pub Protest

25th May 2006

British actress HELENA BONHAM CARTER is battling her local pub's bid to stay open until midnight, insisting she and husband TIM BURTON are already sick of the noise from the north London venue. The Sir...

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Bonham Carter Enjoying Power Of Jury

18th May 2006

HELENA BONHAM CARTER is enjoying a power trip on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival this year (06), because she's so used to being a "depraved" actor. The FIGHT CLUB star, 39, follows in...

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The Things They Say 1524

6th March 2006

"I beat up somebody on the way to his wedding and just made a few changes and stole his clothes... This is the only tie I own." Director TIM BURTON on his colourful Oscars look...

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Burton Forced To Go Horseriding With Joker Jack

6th March 2006

Quirky movie-maker TIM BURTON had to take a crash course in horseriding to secure JACK NICHOLSON as THE JOKER in BATMAN after the actor suggested he take a canter with him. Burton had never ridden...

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Pitt And Aniston Settle Divorce Details

19th February 2006

Former celebrity couple BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON have concluded their $60 million (GBP33 million) divorce settlement. The former FRIENDS star will assume sole ownership off their $29 million (GBP16 million) Beverly Hills mansion,...

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Depp To Play Demon Barber?

10th January 2006

Hollywood heart-throb JOHNNY DEPP has been tipped to star in the film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical SWEENEY TODD. The FINDING NEVERLAND star has been linked to the role of THE DEMON BARBER...

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Harry Potter Is UK Film Of 2005

22nd December 2005

HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE is Britain's most successful movie of 2005 - beating off competition from STAR WARS: EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY....

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