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Allen Recalls Road Trip From Hell With Bikini-clad Babe

16th February 2007

Movie star TIM ALLEN once spent the road trip from hell with his college crush - because she wore a bikini for the trip across America and refused to have sex with him. THE SANTA...

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Liotta + Allen Punch-up Kept In Film

15th February 2007

When film fans watch RAY LIOTTA whack TIM ALLEN in new movie WILD HOGS, they'll be seeing a take when the GOODFELLAS tough guy actually connected with SANTA CLAUS. Liotta was supposed to hold back...

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And The Worst Films Are ...

23rd January 2007

Meanwhile, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which nominates the worst films of the year the day before the movie academy nominates the best, selected Basic Instinct 2, BloodRayne, Lady in the Water, Little Man, and...

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Stone Leads Razzie Awards

22nd January 2007

SHARON STONE's BASIC INSTINCT sequel appears to be have been a risk not worth taking after notching up seven nominations at next month's (24FEB07) Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture and Worst Actress Of The Year....

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Schwarzenegger Christmas Movie Flop

19th December 2006

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's Christmas movie JINGLE ALL THE WAY has been voted the worst seasonal film ever. The 1996 comedy sees Schwarzenegger attempting to secure a fantastic Christmas present for his son - but 3000 film...

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Borat Make Benefit For Box Office

6th November 2006

Theater owners and 20th Century Fox discovered over the weekend that Santa Claus doesn't come from the North Pole but from Kazakhstan, that he doesn't wear a beard but a mustache, and that his name...

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Borat Stuns America

6th November 2006

British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN's controversial Kazakhstan TV journalist BORAT has stunned the US box office by scoring a $26.4 million (GBP14.7 million) weekend take to debut at number one. The hilarious film, BORAT: CULTURAL...

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Movie Reviews: The Santa Clause 3

3rd November 2006

"We're getting a turkey and a ham for the holidays," writes Kyle Smith in the New York Post, referring to The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause and its star, Tim Allen. In this movie,...

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The Things They Say 3246

2nd November 2006

"The most remarkable thing in Japan was finding a MCDonald's." Actor TIM ALLEN didn't enjoy the cuisine of Kyoto during a recent trip to Japan.

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Tim Allen Weds For Second Time

9th October 2006

HOME IMPROVEMENT star TIM ALLEN married actress JANE HAJDUK in Grand Lake, Colorado on Saturday (07OCT06). The couple recited their vows outdoors in the village, which is the western entrance to the Rocky Mountains. The...

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Zoom Doomed At Box Office

6th September 2006

Hollywood actors TIM ALLEN and COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE were left red-faced after their new movie ZOOM crashed at the box office. The sci-fi comedy only took $11 million (GBP6.1 million) in the US - and...

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Close Finish At Box Office

15th August 2006

The top of the weekend box office was crowded tightly as just over $3 million separated the leading three films. Sony's Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby remained the No. 1 film for the...

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Hells Angels Sue Disney

13th March 2006

US motorcycle group the Hell's Angels are suing Walt Disney film-makers for using their logo and trademarked name in an upcoming film. WILD HOGS, starring JOHN TRAVOLTA and TIM ALLEN, has not even entered production,...

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Mcconaughey + Parker's Love Film Rockets To The Top

12th March 2006

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and SARAH JESSICA PARKER's critically-slammed new romantic comedy FAILURE TO LAUNCH has rocketed to the top of the US box office with a $24.6 million (GBP14.5 million) opening weekend take. The film beat...

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Allen Learns All About Bikes For Hell's Angels Movie

10th March 2006

THE SANTA CLAUSE star TIM ALLEN is taking a crash course in biking in a bid to look authentic as a wannabe Hell's Angel in a new movie. The funnyman will join JOHN TRAVOLTA and...

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Allen: 'Crystal Sparkled More Than Stewart'

9th March 2006

Actor TIM ALLEN insists JON STEWART's compering of the Oscars on Sunday (05MAR06) "didn't work" - and wishes Academy bosses had invited BILLY CRYSTAL back instead. Allen prefers the sparkling style of Crystal, who hosted...

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Allen's Mad Monkey Mayhem

6th March 2006

Movie star TIM ALLEN risked life and limb in his latest comedy THE SHAGGY DOG - at the hands of a mad, menopausal monkey. THE SANTA CLAUSE star ignored the age-old acting rule, 'Never work...

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Tim Allen Gives Director Santa's Head

4th March 2006

TIM ALLEN came up with the ideal gift for THE SANTA CLAUSE 3 director MICHAEL LEMBECK when they wrapped the movie recently - St Nicholas' head! Allen, who insists the third Santa Clause film will...

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No More Santa For Tim Allen

28th February 2006

Funnyman TIM ALLEN is hanging up his Santa suit after three THE SANTA CLAUSE movies because he's sick of all the hours he has to spend in make-up becoming the bearded character. Allen, who...

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Shaggy Allen Draws Crowe Comparisons

28th February 2006

HOME IMPROVEMENT star TIM ALLEN looked to Oscar-winning actor RUSSELL CROWE to provide inspiration while filming THE SHAGGY DOG. In the remake of the classic Disney film, Allen plays a man who transforms into...

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Tim Allen In Food Poisoning Scare

10th February 2006

THE SANTA CLAUSE star TIM ALLEN is recovering after a brief spell is hospital when a meal at home left him with food poisoning. The funnyman was taken to hospital on 1 February (06)...

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Ann-margret And Short Get In Santa's Way

28th September 2005

Movie legend ANN-MARGRET and funnyman MARTIN SHORT are planning to hamper FATHER CHRISTMAS in the second THE SANTA CLAUSE sequel. Ann-Margret will play TIM ALLEN's waspish mother-in-law, while Short will portray JACK FROST in...

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Duff Househunting In Nyc

22nd August 2005

Teen queen HILARY DUFF is househunting for an apartment in New York City's trendy Chelsea district. The SO YESTERDAY star, 17, brought a huge entourage to accompany her as she toured a loft apartment...

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Twentieth Century Fox Sues Sony Pictures Over X-men

22nd June 2005

Hollywood studio TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX and comic book company MARVEL ENTERPRISES filed a lawsuit on Monday (20JUN05) against SONY PICTURES and REVOLUTION STUDIOS to delay the release of ZOOM'S ACADEMY - a movie they believe...

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Allen Spooked By Vatican Symbolism

6th May 2005

American funnyman TIM ALLEN found the ceremonies and rituals surrounding late POPE JOHN PAUL II's death so spooky, he felt like he was watching events beaming in from a parallel universe. The HOME IMPROVEMENT...

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Cox To Play A Scientist

28th April 2005

Former FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX is set to play a scientist in TIM ALLEN's upcoming movie ZOOM. The film is based on JASON LETHCOE's graphic novel ZOOM'S ACADEMY FOR THE SUPER GIFTED. Allen...

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Cube Honoured For Charity Work

14th April 2005

Rapper-turned-actor ICE CUBE has been honoured for his work on behalf of the homeless and poor. The former NWA member received his award when he attended Saturday's (09APR05) BUTTERFLY BALL, an annual fundraiser for...

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Will Smith Returns To The Stage

17th March 2005

WILL SMITH is set to perform onstage for the first time in three years at NICKELODEON's 18th annual KIDS' CHOICE AWARDS. The rapper-turned-actor will perform his new track SWITCH, while SIMPLE PLAN will entertain...

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Spears Gearing Up For Second Film Role

9th March 2005

Newlywed pop star BRITNEY SPEARS is busy learning lines for her second movie role, which begins filming later this month (MAR05). The TOXIC singer is set to play door-to-door saleswoman DREW HEART alongside CHER,...

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Tim Allen's A Great Gift Giver

27th December 2004

Funnyman TIM ALLEN's friends know they're set to get a good gift from the movie SANTA CLAUS - because he loves shopping for presents. The SANTA CLAUS star learned to enjoy giving gifts at...

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