Frankenweenie looks like it's set to be another win for its director Tim Burton after the critics came in with positive reviews ahead of the film's release on October 17th. The animation feature length focuses on the heart-warming tale of a boy and his dog Sparky, who he sadly loses. Using the powers of science, he brings his dog back, only to find that the neighbourhood isn't so happy with a canine that seems to have picked up a few slightly unwanted traits in his new guise.

It's a premise and a film that's gone down well with the critics; Village Voice say "Tight and brief, hitting all the marks you'd expect from an animated kid's film, and enlivened by Burton's visual style. The man should make more small movies like this one." Variety, meanwhile, state "This beautifully designed canine-resurrection saga feels, somewhat fittingly, stitched together from stray narrative parts, but nonetheless evinces a level of discipline and artistic coherence missing from the director's recent live-action efforts."

The Hollywood Reporter is less enthused however, writing that it's "Imaginative in a highly familiar and ultimately tedious way." Examiner though comments: "Amusing from beginning to end, a heartwarming relationship at its core, and its love for classic horror worn on its sleeve, Frankenweenie is one of Tim Burton's best."