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A Week In Movies: Snowpiercer Premieres In L.a., Dustin Hoffman Films In London, New Trailers Promise Sci-fi, Black Comedy And Comic-book Action

By Rich Cline | 13th June 2014

Tilda Swinton, Ed Harris, Alison Pill and John Cho were among the celebrities who turned out this week for the opening night of the Los Angeles Film Festival, which kicked off with the premiere of...

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Finally, Red-band Trailer For 'Snowpiercer' Arrives [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th May 2014

Snowpiercer isn’t new. Joon-ho Bong’s adapation of the popular French comic book Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob. Walking around Paris last October, posters for the movie where everywhere, and without the laboured ‘delayed train’ play...

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'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Is Open For Business - The Irresistible Charm Of Wes Anderson

By Lauren James | 14th March 2014

Today, audiences all over America will be savouring their first taste of Wes Anderson's new movie, the delectable The Grand Budapest Hotel. Anderson fans who know the score will be prepared for the Fantastic Mr....

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'The Grand Budapest Hotel': Perfect Mix Of Comedy And Adventure [Trailer]

By Rich Cline | 7th March 2014

You can never mistake a Wes Anderson movie: his colourful visual style and quirky wit infuse every frame of his movies, whether they're set underwater (The Life Aquatic), on an Indian railway (The Darjeeling Limited),...

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'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Is An Instant Hit With Critics, In Praise Of Wes Anderson's Delightful New Movie [Trailer + Pictures]

By Lauren James | 6th March 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel is preparing to throw its doors open to the world, having premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February. Director Wes Anderson has built his career upon his idiosyncratically quirky,...

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'The Zero Theorem': Terry Gilliam Trapped In His Own Fantasy? [Trailer + Pictures]

By Michael West | 6th March 2014

Terry Gilliam's latest effort The Zero Theorem follows a computer hacker and his ultimate goal to discover the reason for human existence. A shadowy organisation known only as The Management are keen to interrupt his...

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'Only Lovers Left Alive': Why This Achingly Cool Vampire Romance Is So Not 'Twilight' [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 21st February 2014

Only Lovers Left Alive is released in cinemas today, bringing Jim Jarmusch's supernatural romance to theatres. The movie's main draw is of course its two British leads: Tilda Swinton and Thor's Tom HIddlestone play the...

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What Would 'Harry Potter' Have Been Like With This Alternative Cast?

By Sophie Miskiw | 19th February 2014

There’s a generation out there who have been practically weened on Harry Potter. The books and the films have become a religion for devout fans of the series, but would it have been the same...

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Wes Anderson, George Clooney Taking Movies To Berlin Film Festival [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 28th January 2014

Wes Anderson and George Clooney will both take their latest movies to the Berlin International Film Festival this year. Organizers of the Berlinale, the first of the year's major European film festivals, have released the...

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A Week In Movies: Dame Judi In Star Wars? Jack Ryan And Milla Jovovich Hit London, While Trailers Promise Vampires, Spies, Aliens And Hunks

By Rich Cline | 24th January 2014

The best rumour this week is that Judi Dench may play Mon Mothma in Star Wars Episode VII, which director JJ Abrams starts shooting in the UK this spring. The character is a rebel leader...

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'Only Lovers Left Alive': Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddlestone Celebrate Undying Love In New Vampire Romance [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 21st January 2014

You'd think we'd have had our fill of vampire romances by now, but new movie Only Lovers Left Alive is set to show us that there's still fresh blood to shake from the undead fantasy...

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Early 'Sundance' Favourites Already Generating A Buzz For Upcoming Movies

By Joe Wilde | 10th January 2014

The Sundance Film Festival is the place to be for young, aspiring filmmakers hoping to crack into the hotly-contested business of the movies. By the end of the film festival, which this year runs from...

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Waiting For Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel? Check Out These New Clips [Clips]

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th January 2014

Despite his relatively young age, Wes Anderson has carved out a niche style of filmmaking recognisable to both aficionados and casual purveyors of cinema alike. His latest effort, The Grand Budapest Hotel, sees his perennial...

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Tilda Swinton Birthday Gala At The Museum Of Modern Art Gathers Legends Of Film And Fashion

By Victoria Pavlova | 6th November 2013

The much beloved by filmmakers, designers and artists alike Tilda Swinton was honored with a gala event at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The specially scheduled evening coincided with Swinton’s 53rd birthday...

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A Week In Movies: Meryl Streep Takes Action! Daniel Radcliffe Runs! And We Get New Trailers For X-men, Budapest Hotel And More

By Rich Cline | 1st November 2013

News from the Star Wars universe had fans nervous, as screenwriter Michael Arndt left his Episode VII draft to be rewritten by director JJ Abrams and Star Wars veteran Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote 1980's The...

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'The Grand Budapest Hotel' - Meet Wes Anderson's Gang [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 31st October 2013

Wes Anderson’s brand of frenetic, witty energy is bursting from the seams in the new trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. The comedy drama centres on a hotel concierge’s unlikely friendship with a lobby boy,...

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A Week In Movies: Festival Films Create Oscar Buzz For Meryl, Judi, Kate And An Emaciated Matthew Mcconaughey

By Rich Cline | 13th September 2013

As the Venice Film Festival wrapped up last weekend with its surprising award winners, led by the Roman ring-road documentary Sacro GRA, the Toronto Film Festival got underway in Canada. Both festivals are launching pads...

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'Only Lovers Left Alive,' Filmed In America’S Lost Soul, Detroit [Trailer]

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th September 2013

Tapping into the vampire craze that has dominated cinema over the last decade is Only Lovers Left Alive – but this is no moody teenage drama; like Let The Right One In, Jim Jarmusch’s film...

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Forgotten Men Terry Gilliam, Jonathan Glazer Set For Venice Film Festival

By Michael West | 26th July 2013

The Venice Film Festival 2013 boasts one of the most intriguing movie line-ups of the year, with two fallen heroes of cinema coming in from the cold and testing out new material after underwhelming efforts...

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But Is It Art? Jay-z Plays 'Picasso Baby' For Six Hours At New York Gallery

By Michael West | 12th July 2013

The multi-million selling rapper Jay-Z aimed to combine and rap and modern art this week, performing his new track 'Picasso Baby' for six consecutive hours at Chelsea's Pace Gallery in New York. Confused? Well, the...

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Tyrant, Hostage, Violence: David Bowie Cryptically Comments On 'The Next Day'

By Michael West | 26th April 2013

By now, we're all aware that David Bowie hasn't exactly gone down the conventional route of promoting his latest album The Next Day. First single Where Are We Now? seemingly came out nowhere (few knew...

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Dance Tribute To Roger Ebert Led By Tilda Swinton, To Barry White Song

By Hayley Avron | 26th April 2013

If there’s one thing Tilda Swinton knows how to do (and we reckon she knows how to do far more than just the one thing), it’s ‘create a stir’ and that’s exactly what she did...

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Tilda Swinton Kicks Off Spontaneous Dance Party In Memory Of Roger Ebert

By Victoria Pavlova | 26th April 2013

Tilda Swinton might be one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood, but the woman isn’t afraid to get down, yo! At the annual Ebertfest – the affectionate name for “Roger Ebert’s Overlooked Film Festival,...

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Sarah Jessica Parker Checks Out 'Tilda Swinton Sleeping In A Box'

By Michael West | 26th March 2013

Modern art fans, movie buffs and hipsters alike flocked down to the Museum of Modern Art in New York this week to see Scottish actress Tilda Swinton sleeping in a big glass box. Her piece...

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The Meaning Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: Tilda Swinton Offers No Clues To Her Sleeping Moma Exhibit

By Hayley Avron | 26th March 2013

Anyone stuck searching for the meaning of Tilda Swinton’s bizarre new exhibition at MoMA needn’t bother asking the actress herself because she won’t be giving you any clues. Tilda’s exhibit, entitled ‘The Maybe’ involves her...

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Tilda Swinton Sleeps In A Glass Box In New York, But Is It Art?

By Michael West | 25th March 2013

Acclaimed Scottish actress Tilda Swinton, who recently starred in the video for David Bowie's new single The Stars (Are Out Tonight), slept in a glass box inside the Museum of Modern Art in New York...

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Tilda Swinton – Sleeping In The Name Of Art At Moma

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th March 2013

The Museum of Modern Art was host to Tilda Swinton, who was reprising one of her less taxing roles. This wasn’t on screen, but rather sleeping in a glass box as art-lovers and confused wanderers...

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Tilda Swinton's Surprise Sleepover At The Museum Of Modern Art

By Victoria Pavlova | 24th March 2013

Perhaps you’ve been to the MoMA in New York lately and perhaps you saw a woman, sleeping in a glass box at the museum, and perhaps, if you’re a movie buff, you thought to yourself:...

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Tilda Swinton Makes Sure 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' For David Bowie's New Video

By Joe Wilde | 27th February 2013

'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' is the title of David Bowie's newest single, and what a fitting title it is too because the video itself features a host of stars too, most notably Brit actress...

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David Bowie's 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' Video Sees Celebrities Become The Stalkers

By Contributor | 26th February 2013

David Bowie’s new single ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ hasn’t caused as much of a stir as last month’s ‘Where Are We Now?’ – we all know that he’s back now of course. However the...

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