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Tila Tequila, Former Reality Star & Glamour Model, Is Pregnant!

By Elinor Cosgrave | 20th April 2014

Glamour 'model' and former reality star Tila Tequila AKA Tila Nguyen is pregnant! The former Playboy model has been less than subtly dropping hints about her pregnancy via social media including her new Twitter account...

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A Week In News: Beyonce's Back, 12 Years A Slave Burns Brighter, Tila Tequila Announces Nazi Sympathies

By Lauren James | 13th December 2013

Beyoncé Unveils Pre-Christmas Surprise: Beyoncé Knowles has dropped an entire album of new material suddenly and unexpectedly, somehow accomplishing the astonishing task of managing to evade those who seek to leak new pop albums. The...

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Tila Tequila, "Paul Walker Was Murdered" In Ritualistic Killing

By Michael West | 11th December 2013

Tila Tequila's Paul Walker theory is probably only slightly less ridiculous than her theory that Adolf Hitler was misunderstood. The reality TV star says she knows the real story about Paul Walker's death - the...

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Tila Tequila Posts Pro-hitler Rant: "He Was Not A Bad Person"

By Lauren James | 11th December 2013

Tila Tequila has truly ruffled some feathers on the internet after she posted an entry on her blog entitled, "Why I Sympathize With Adolf Hitler Part 1: True History Revealed." In the article, uploaded to...

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Tila Tequila Claims Paul Walker Was Murdered And Feels Compassion For Hitler

By Nick Hill | 11th December 2013

Tila Tequila is in the midst of a media backlash after she made some astounding claims this week.The former MTV reality star has caused controversy on her Facebook page by sharing her strange opinion on...

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