Guys, remember Tiffany Thiessen? Maybe not, but if you grew up in the US in the 90s, you probably remember her Saved by the Bell character Kelly Kapowsky. Well, picture Kelly, only like 20 years later and pregnant. That’s right, the actress has just announced that she is having her second child with husband Brady Smith.

Tiffany Thiessen, Brady Smith
This adorable family is about to get a new member in 2015.

Like a true LA resident, Thiessen took to instagram with the big news, announcing: “We are excited to announce the news that we are expecting. Harper could not be more thrilled to have a sibling and a playmate.”

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the details of Thiessen’s life after SbtB, Harper is the couple’s adorable 4-year-old daughter. According to CBS, Thiessen is loving motherhood so far and even expanding her horizons.

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"I always love to find new things - now that I have a kid, she's four and a half - finding new adventures to do during her holiday break," she said. "So like ice skating, and going to see her first 'Nutcracker' this year, which I'm super super-excited to go take her."

The timing is just right as well, since Thiessen just wrapped her six-year engagement on CBS’s White Collar, opposite Golden Globe winner Matt Bomer.

"Six years, and six seasons on that show - very sad but I guess like all good things, they have to come to an end," she told CBS News.

Well, she got one heck of a consolation prize! Congratulations to the happy