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Tom Hiddleston Praises Green Screen Expert Branagh

23rd April 2011

Tom Hiddleston has praised 'Thor' director Kenneth Branagh for masterminding the movie's green screen scenes.The 30-year-old actor admits it was difficult for him and Chris Hemsworth - who portrays the titular superhero - to shoot...

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Chris Hemsworth Inspired By Hopkins

19th April 2011

Chris Hemsworth finds Sir Anthony Hopkins "inspiring". The Australian star plays the titular character in new Marvel superhero movie 'Thor' alongside Anthony as Odin, and Chris admitted he was shocked at the 73-year-old Welsh actor's...

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Chris Hemsworth Unaware Of Thor Cartoon

18th April 2011

Chris Hemsworth knew more about the Norse mythology of Thor than the Marvel cartoon character.The Australian actor - who stars as the God-turned-man in the Kenneth Branagh-directed action movie - was mostly unaware of the...

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Chris Hemsworth Doesn't Compete With Liam

16th April 2011

Chris Hemsworth insists he and his brother Liam are not in competition.The 27-year-old actor beat his sibling to the title role in forthcoming blockbuster epic 'Thor', but the elder star insists there is no serious...

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Kenneth Branagh Happy To Convert Thor To 3-D

14th April 2011

Kenneth Branagh decided not to shoot 'Thor' in 3-D because of Chris Hemsworth's casting.The director considered using the technology when filming the forthcoming superhero epic - which has been converted in post-production - but felt...

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Chris Hemsworth: 'Acting Talent On Thor Was Ridiculous'

13th April 2011

Chris Hemsworth found his experience on 'Thor' "ridiculous".The Australian actor plays the titular character in the Marvel comic book adaptation, but found the role difficult to grapple with because of the heavyweight stars in the...

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Natalie Portman's Father Plans Pregnancy Movie

6th April 2011

Natalie Portman's father is shopping a pregnancy movie to Hollywood studios. Dr. Avner Hershlag's book 'Misconception' is a story of cloning experiments gone wrong and the embryos of a US first lady, and major film...

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Chris Hemsworth: 'Thor Is Funny'

5th April 2011

Chris Hemsworth thinks 'Thor' has a "real sense of humour". The Australian actress - who plays the titular God in the forthcoming action adventure movie - thinks many will be surprised at the funny-side the...

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Chris Hemsworth Over Eager With Thor Workouts

30th March 2011

Chris Hemsworth had to have his 'Thor' costume altered because he'd bulked up too much.The actor takes on the role of the action hero in the big-screen adaptation of the iconic Marvel comic book but...

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Muscly Hemsworth Burst Out Of Thor Costume

30th March 2011

Chris Hemsworth was left red-faced during his first camera test for Thor because he put on so much muscle while he was bulking up to play the superhero, his costume didn't fit.The Australian actor plays...

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Wimpy Kid Delivers Sucker Punch

28th March 2011

Sucker Punch took one itself -- of knockout force -- from a wimpy kid over the weekend. The Warner Bros. tough-girl action flick opened in the lead at the box office on Friday but quickly...

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Chris Hemsworth Has Thor 'Phwoar' Factor

25th March 2011

Chris Hemsworth brings the "phwoar" factor to 'Thor'. Kenneth Branagh - who has directed the epic movie about the titular character who is cast out to live amongst humans - believes Australian actor Chris is...

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Studios Planning To Take Bigger Share Of Box Office Revenue

22nd March 2011

Movie theater owners who may have been hoping to negotiate a larger share of the box-office split with studios in return for allowing premium video-on-demand are likely to see their hopes dashed this summer when...

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Natalie Portman Needed Rehab After Movie

19th March 2011

Natalie Portman thinks she should have checked into rehab after filming 'Black Swan'.The 29-year-old star won a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal as a disturbed ballerina in the movie, but admits it was such...

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Chris Evans Has No Idea About Avengers Plot

6th February 2011

Chris Evans still has no idea what 'The Avengers' is about.The 29-year-old actor will play Captain America in the Marvel blockbuster - which draws together a number of superheroes, including Thor, The Hulk and Iron...

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Chris Hemsworth Warns Of Avengers Friction

24th January 2011

Chris Hemsworth has warned fans to expect "a hell of a lot of friction" between the many superheroes in "The Avengers."The 'Thor' actor - who will reprise his role as the God of Thunder for...

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Branagh Swaps Superheroes For The Stage

21st January 2011

THOR director KENNETH BRANAGH is taking a break from movies to star in a play in his Northern Ireland hometown.The British thespian stepped behind the camera last year (10) to direct the upcoming superhero blockbuster,...

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Natalie Portman Worried She Will Bore Cinema Fans

21st January 2011

Natalie Portman is worried people will get bored of her face because she is in so many new movies.The brunette beauty - who won a Golden Globe last weekend for her performance in Darren Aronofsky's...

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Robert Downey Jr. To Play Talking Dog

18th January 2011

Robert Downey Jr. has signed to star as Mr. Peabody in a new animated feature. The 'Sherlock Holmes' star will take on the role of the genius dog - who along with his pet boy...

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Samuel L. Jackson Lands Meeting Evil Role

31st December 2010

Samuel L. Jackson has signed up to star in 'Meeting Evil'. The 62-year-old actor will star alongside Luke Wilson and Leslie Bibb in the adaptation of Thomas Berger's novel. Wilson takes the leading role of...

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Chris Hemsworth Marries

29th December 2010

Chris Hemsworth has married his actress girlfriend Elsa Pataky.The 'Thor' star and the 34-year-old Spanish actress are believed to have married in his native Australia over the Christmas period after a whirlwind romance.The actor's spokesperson...

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Jon Favreau Not Returning For Iron Man 3

15th December 2010

Jon Favreau will not direct 'Iron Man 3'.The actor-and-filmmaker - who directed the first two instalments of the Marvel comic book-adaptation starring Robert Downey Jr. in 2008 and 2010 - will not be returning to...

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Natalie Portman Writes Bring Your Own Movie Script

12th November 2010

Natalie Portman is pitching a comedy entitled 'Bring Your Own' to movie studios. The 'Black Swan' actress would play a leading role in the film - written by herself and college friend Laura Moses -...

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Kenneth Branagh's Shakespearian Thor

11th October 2010

Kenneth Branagh believes 'Thor' is like a Shakespeare play.The actor-and-director - best known for his adaptations of Shakespeare's plays - says he took on the job of directing the forthcoming superhero movie, because it reminded...

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Natalie Portman Passes On Gravity

7th October 2010

Natalie Portman has passed on the chance to take a leading role in 'Gravity'. The 'Black Swan' actress is the latest star to pass on the movie, following Angelina Jolie deciding it wasn't for her...

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Portman Thrilled To Work With Branagh

7th September 2010

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN has thanked KENNETH BRANAGH for her role in THOR - she only took on the part because he's in the director's chair.The Hollywood star will play female lead Jane Foster in the...

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Natalie Portman's Branagh Love

6th September 2010

Natalie Portman loves Kenneth BranaghThe actress says she wasn't interested in doing another blockbuster movie after starring in the three 'Star Wars' prequels until she found out the British star was directing the movie adaptation...

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The Things They Say 16869

11th June 2010

"It's gonna be like, 'Chris and that little midget girl'." NATALIE PORTMAN feels small in scenes with THOR star CHRIS HEMSWORTH.

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Hopkins Working With Another Hemsworth

16th May 2010

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS is swapping one HEMSWORTH brother for another - he's set to star opposite LIAM HEMSWORTH in a new adventure after wrapping THOR with his older sibling CHRIS.The Hannibal legend is in final...

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Thor Ask Schwarzenegger To Help Them Fly To Germany Gig

23rd April 2010

Heavy metal rockers THOR have asked California governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER to help get them to a concert in Germany following the travel chaos in Europe last week (beg12Apr10).The group is desperate to perform at the...

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