Star Wars announcements were notably lacking, but there was still plenty to see at this Saturday’s D23 Expo. Most notably, the Anaheim Convention Center in Orlando played host to some exciting panels about Disney’s three upcoming Avengers movies – Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and of course, The Avengers 2.

Check out the Thor: The Dark World trailer below.

The Thor presentation began with an appearance from Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney Studios and an apology – there is still no Star Wars footage and no announcements to tease the movie. But, as disappointing as that was, at least the day could only go up from there, as it did when Tom Hiddleston took the stage.

Tom Hiddleston, Cannes Film Festival
Unfortunately for fans, Hiddleston left the Loki garb at home.

"I feel I should apologize for not turning up in costume," Loki told the crowd, according to USA Today. "I didn't bring it. I'm not going to get this crowd to kneel. This is Disneyland."

He then introduced Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins, both of whom have expanded parts in Dark World as Jane (Portman’s character) goes to Asgard and meets Odin (Hopkins.)

Natalie Portman, Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Portman came on to talk about her character - a human, who falls in love with Thor, the god of thunder.

The Winter Soldier, the third part of Marvel’s stage two was also got some attention. Marvel president Kevin Feige announced that editors had just started cutting the movie together “yesterday” and there was a presentation of some rough footage, still in need of CGI. Chris Evans chatted about his character, saying: "He's still trying to acclimate. It's more about trying to get used to the way the world is now in terms of society and politics. I think it's a little bit harder for him now to understand the definition of good and bad when he is working for SHIELD."

Chris Evans, Comic-Con
Chris Evans was also on hand to discuss some rough Winter Soldier footage.