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Thomas Kretschmann Joins Avengers Sequel

16th January 2014

Thomas Kretschmann has been cast as a villain in 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron'.The actor - best known for his role as Abraham van Helsing in TV thriller 'Dracula' - will play a nefarious character...

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Fascinating Fact: 4026020

15th January 2014

Actor Thomas Kretschmann has signed on to portray a major villain in The Avengers sequel Age Of Ultron. James Spader has already signed on to portray the film's main antagonist, Ultron, and the Dracula star...

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Eddie Izzard Lands Cars Role

15th February 2011

Eddie Izzard is to voice a character in 'Cars 2'.The British actor will provide the voice of Miles Axelrod, an oil tycoon-turned-environmentalist who sold off his billions, converted himself into an electric vehicle and is...

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The Things They Say 8620

18th June 2008

"It's a little intimidating, someone like her who is presented as a goddess. (But) it takes, like, 30 seconds and you figure out she's just a cool woman. She knows exactly what she wants and...

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Fry Lands Driving Ban

15th December 2006

English actor/screenwriter STEPHEN FRY has been banned from driving for six months after he was caught speeding. The WILDE funnyman, 49, was caught driving at 74 miles (119 kilometres) per hour in a 60 miles...

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Cannibal Movie Banned In Germany

3rd March 2006

LATEST: THOMAS KRETSCHMANN's movie BUTTERFLY: A GRIMM LOVE STORY has been banned in Germany, after a court in Kassel ruled it invades the privacy of a convicted cannibal. Man-eater ARMIN MEIWES - dubbed the 'Cannibal...

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Kong Stars' Telescope Wars

8th December 2005

The cast of KING KONG became obsessed with telescopes while filming KING KONG in New Zealand, so they could spy on each other. Actor JACK BLACK bought one so he could spy on his...

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