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Jane Upset With Accidental Stabbing

14th April 2004

Movie actor THOMAS JANE was left full of dread after he accidentally stabbed his PUNISHER co-star, wrestler KEVIN NASH, in a fight stunt. The 35-year-old star insisted on performing all his own stunts, but...

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Jane Stands Up For Sad Stamos

14th April 2004

THE PUNISHER star THOMAS JANE has leapt to the defence of co-star REBECCA ROMIJN-STAMOS - declaring her marriage break-up as a "fact of life". Hunky Jane - who is married to movie beauty PATRICIA...

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Jane Agrees To Take More Punisher Punishment

8th April 2004

Movie star THOMAS JANE has signed up for two sequels to THE PUNISHER weeks before the first film is released - even though it means months of being beaten to a pulp. The actor,...

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South Africa Problems For New Jane Movie

8th April 2004

DREAMCATCHER star THOMAS JANE is warning Hollywood's big names not to shoot movies in South Africa, after being caught up in a series of shooting dramas on the set of new film STANDER. The...

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Fleiss 'Tried To Bite Off Sizemore's Ear'

11th August 2003

Former Hollywood madam HEIDI FLEISS tried to bite off her lover TOM SIZEMORE's ear during a furious fight, according to witness THOMAS JANE. The BOOGIE NIGHTS actor was at pal Sizemore's home in the...

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Heidi Fleiss Sobs In Los Angeles Court

6th August 2003

Former Hollywood madam HEIDI FLEISS sobbed in court yesterday (05AUG03) as she testified that actor TOM SIZEMORE physically and verbally abused her during their rocky year-long relationship. But lawyers for SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star...

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Travolta Joins The Punisher

15th May 2003

Actor JOHN TRAVOLTA will face off against THOMAS JANE as the lead villain in the screen adaptation of comic book THE PUNISHER. Travolta will play HOWARD SAINT, while Jane will portray hero FRANK CASTLE....

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Jane Snags Punisher Role

4th April 2003

BOOGIE NIGHTS star THOMAS JANE has won the lead role in the big screen version of comic book character THE PUNISHER. Hunky Jane, star of DREAMCATCHER, will be directed by ARMAGGEDDON writer JONATHAN HENSLIGH...

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Arquette A Mum Again

20th March 2003

NICOLAS CAGE's ex-wife PATRICIA ARQUETTE is celebrating after becoming a mum again. The pretty actress gave birth to daughter HARLOW last month (20FEB03) - a sister for her son ENZO from a previous relationship...

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