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The Things They Say: 4267815

1st July 2014

"When it first came out, I showed it to my husband and my husband thought it was a documentary!" Sharon Osbourne reveals Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy was fooled by 1984 rock spoof movie This Is...

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The Things They Tweet: 4175636

1st May 2014

"Cat's out of the bag re (regarding) my new gig. You seem okay with it. I'm over the dang moon." This Is Spinal Tap star Michael Mckean has been cast in the Breaking Bad spin-off...

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Midge Ure Had Close Escape Over Spinal Tap Moment

4th March 2014

Rocker Midge Ure had a "close escape" when he ruled out releasing an Ultravox album with a plain black cover as the idea was mercilessly parodied in spoof music documentary This Is Spinal Tap just...

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Christopher Guest Reunites Spinal Tap Stars For British Tv Comedy

21st November 2012

Christopher Guest is reuniting the stars of This Is Spinal Tap for a new British Tv comedy.Guest has co-created a new show called Family Tree, which will star Bridesmaids actor Chris O'Dowd in the lead...

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Michael Mckean Hit By Car In New York

23rd May 2012

Michael McKean has broken his leg in a road accident. The US actor - who played lead singer David St. Hubbins in 1984 mockumentary movie 'This Is Spinal Tap' about a spoof heavy metal band...

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This Is Spinal Tap Tops Comedy Movie Poll

15th September 2011

'This Is Spinal Tap' has been voted the greatest movie comedy of all time.The 1984 cult mockumentary - which was directed by Rob Reiner and featured a cast of unknowns playing a spoof band who...

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Gervais Gets Spinal Tap Guitar For Birthday

29th June 2011

Ricky Gervais received an extra-special gift to mark his 50th birthday - a guitar used in classic comedy This Is Spinal Tap.The British funnyman is close pals with Christopher Guest, who played musician Nigel Tufnel...

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Beck Kills Off Spinal Tap Rumour

2nd March 2010

Guitar legend JEFF BECK has silenced one of the longest-running rumours in rock - he was not the inspiration for THIS IS SPINAL TAP.The former Yardbirds star has long been linked to the spoof documentary,...

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Fascinating Fact 7126

6th April 2009

Spoof rock band SPINAL TAP will play a one-off show at London's Wembley Arena on 30 June (09) to mark the 25th anniversary of iconic film THIS IS SPINAL TAP....

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Fascinating Fact 7123

6th April 2009

Spoof rock band SPINAL TAP will play a one-off show at London's Wembley Arena on 30 June (09) to mark the 25th anniversary of iconic film THIS IS SPINAL TAP....

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Spinal Tap Failed To Produce Profit For Stars

3rd March 2009

The trio of comedians who starred in spoof rock documentary THIS IS SPINAL TAP failed to pocket a single penny after playing rockers in the cult film. Actors Christopher Guest, Michael MCKean and Harry Shearer found...

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Drums Catch Fire At Guns N' Roses Gig

22nd December 2006

GUNS N' ROSES drummer FRANK FERRER had a shock midway through a gig in Los Angeles on Tuesday (19DEC06) - when his drums caught fire. The AXL ROSE-fronted band were playing NOVEMBER RAIN at the...

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City Slickers Star Bruno Kirby Dies

16th August 2006

CITY SLICKERS actor BRUNO KIRBY died on Monday (14AUG06) in Los Angeles following a battle with leukaemia. He was 57. Kirby's wife LYNN SELLERS revealed yesterday (15AUG06) that her late husband died from complications linked...

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Stewart Creates Biopic For 'Fictitious' Band

17th June 2006

EURYTHMICS star DAVE STEWART has created a fictitious 1970s supergroup for a quirky new rockumentary. Inspired by films like THE RUTLES and THIS IS SPINAL TAP, the guitarist has teamed up with songwriter KARA DioGUARDI...

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Life Of Brian Voted Best Comedy Film

2nd January 2006

MONTY PYTHON classic THE LIFE OF BRIAN has been voted the Best Comedy Film of all time in a poll carried out by UK television network Channel 4. The British movie beat out competition...

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Gervais To Meet His Heroes

11th November 2005

Comedian RICKY GERVAIS is working on a series of TV documentaries focusing on his comedy heroes. THE OFFICE creator has already lined up SEINFIELD creator LARRY DAVID and THIS IS SPINAL TAP genius...

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This Is Spinal Tap Tops Rock Movie List

14th October 2005

Cult rockumentary THIS IS SPINAL TAP has topped a new poll of classic rock 'n' roll movies. The 1984 film beat SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and METALLICA's acclaimed documentary SOME KIND OF MONSTER to take...

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Reiner: 'Sting Loves Spinal Tap Movie'

26th August 2005

Hollywood film-maker ROB REINER's realised his 1984 movie THIS IS SPINAL TAP was a telling spoof of the music industry when rocker STING told him he had seen it more than 50 times. The...

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Gervais Teams Up With Tap

4th August 2005

British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS is so thrilled he has been invited to work with the team behind THIS IS SPINAL TAP, he is terrified it is all a dream. THE OFFICE creator will star...

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Kaisers Placate Angry Gallagher

25th July 2005

British rockers KAISER CHIEFS have offered the hand of friendship to LIAM GALLAGHER after he failed to see the funny side of a light-hearted public jibe. The I PREDICT A RIOT stars enraged the...

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Gallagher Thought Spinal Tap Were Real Band

24th June 2005

LIAM GALLAGHER walked out on a New York performance by the stars of 1980s spoof movie THIS IS SPINAL TAP, after discovering they aren't a real band. The OASIS frontman had seen the 1984...

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Spinal Tap Tops Rock Movie Poll

3rd April 2005

Spoof documentary THIS IS SPINAL TAP has been hailed as the greatest rock 'n' roll movie of all time - beating the film it was intended to parody. The 1984 comedy, about a band...

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Ulrich: 'Some Kind Of Monster Outtakes Are A Possibility'

22nd February 2005

Rocker LARS ULRICH has hinted METALLICA are considering releasing outtakes from their documentary SOME KIND OF MONSTER - featuring lengthy sessions of the band in therapy. Drummer Ulrich is keen to allow fans to...

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Elton Plays Feisty Rocker In New Comedy

4th November 2004

SIR ELTON JOHN will play a feisty rock star in a new American TV comedy - but he insists the character is not based on himself. The ROCKET MAN describes the show as an...

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Mr Burns Voice Slams The Simpsons

5th August 2004

The actor behind THE SIMPSONS' evil millionaire MR BURNS and HOMER's annoying neighbour NED FLANDERS has slammed the comedy, claiming the last three seasons of the hit animation have been the "worst". Voiceover star...

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Tap Tops Rock Film Poll

4th June 2004

Cult classic THIS IS SPINAL TAP has topped another rock magazine's Best Movie list. The 1984 rockumentary beat TENACIOUS D's new DVD release THE COMPLETE MASTERWORKS and JUDAS PRIEST documentary HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT...

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Jamie Lee Curtis Slows Down Timberlake Fixation

16th December 2003

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has decided to tone down her fascination with pop hunk JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - because she's certain his representatives want to keep her away from him. Curtis, 45, admits that while...

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Monty Python And The Holy Grail Tops New Cult Poll

10th June 2003

British comedy MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL has topped a fresh poll of cult movie classics - after the public answered the critics back. In an original list put together last month...

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Spinal Tap Tops Cult Movie List

19th May 2003

Seminal rock'n'roll documentary spoof THIS IS SPINAL TAP has topped a new poll of cult movie hits. The 1984 ROB REINER movie about an ill-fated rock group, starring CHRISTOPHER GUEST, HARRY SHEARER and MICHAEL...

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Nicholson And Sandler Are Still Getting Blood Pumping

21st April 2003

Double-act JACK NICHOLSON and ADAM SANDLER have held onto to the Number one spot in the US box office chart for the second week running. Their comedy ANGER MANAGEMENT mopped-up $25.6 million (GBP17 million)...

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