Christie's Auction House is famed for it's exclusive and very expensive auction sales, however, it has lost Turner Prize winner, Douglas Gordon's immensely expensive work of art, to thieves, reports the Guardian. Called Left Hand and Right Hand Have Left One Another, and worth around £500,000 ($800,000), the piece was a solid gold hand and run through with spikes. 

Although he was, of course, really quite disgruntled to find out about the theft of his work, Gordon seemed more worried firstly, about what the thieves would do to it, and secondly, the fact that it wasn't even the auctioneers that he heard the news from.  "I don't think this is an art theft. I'm pretty sure it has been melted down.... [And] It looks like I am the last person in the chain to know." He said, "It is like someone borrowing your car, and then you finding out from a neighbour that it has been crashed."

A Christies's spokesman said: "This matter is under investigation and we are in contact with all parties involved. We cannot comment further." A source at the auction house said Gordon's gallery had been informed right away, and that a Christie's representative had attempted to contact the artist on 28 November." The golden hand was only at Christie's for safekeeping, and was not expected to go on sale, it had simply returned there having finished its run at an exhibition in the Yvon Lambert gallery, Paris. The whole thing seems to have been a bit of a shambles, "apparently an employee randomly picked up the box it was in - yes, the phrase 'randomly picked up' is the phrase I have heard - and discovered it was a bit light". Unfortunately the matter is now out of Gordon's hands and the police are investigating.