The EAGLES star Don Henley has a lucky pair of paint-spattered cowboy boots he has been wearing onstage for his most memorable concerts for the past 30 years.
The Life In The Fast Lane rocker still remembers buying the Red Wing work boots on 7 July, 1977 - the fifth anniversary of his father's death - and he never travels without them.
Henley says, "I've been playing music in those boots for 30 years. They're indestructible... and they've been around the world several times.
"(My dad) had a similar pair and he used to plough in them behind a mule. I wear them in honour of him and to remember where I came from."
But not everyone admires Henley's battered boots - soul man Sam Moore thought the white paint on them was bird poop when the two stars performed together at a Rhythm + Blues Foundation benefit in 1995.
Henley tells Rolling Stone magazine, "It wasn't bird s**t, it was white paint. I was wearing those boots when I painted the fence at my place in Colorado in 1982... The white paint is still on them."