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The Who Will Tour Quadrophenia

8th July 2010

The Who are to tour in 2011 and will incorporate their famous rock opera 'Quadrophenia' into their set.Despite suggestions the group may stop performing, singer Roger Daltrey insists he and bandmate Pete Townshend want to...

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Daltrey Thinks Revamped Quadrophenia Tour Is Possible In 2011

7th July 2010

Rockers THE WHO are hoping to take their mods versus rockers rock opera QUADROPHENIA back out on the road early next year (11).Roger Daltrey has confirmed to that he and bandmate Pete Townshend are...

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Disney Selling Tickets Via Facebook

2nd June 2010

The Walt Disney Co. has introduced a new Facebook application that allows users to buy movie tickets on the social networking site and alert friends to join them, the New York Times reported today (Wednesday)....

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Movie Reviews Sex And The City 2

26th May 2010

The Memorial Day weekend is coming up -- a time for remembering the dead, and, in the case of Sex and the City 2 , even a dead television series. The movie is opening tonight...

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Adam Ant Sectioned

21st May 2010

Adam Ant has been sectioned.The 'Prince Charming' hitmaker - who suffers from bipolar disorder - has been hospitalised under the mental health act weeks after a series of troubled public appearances, including aiming a tirade...

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Robin Hood Is Cannes Opener

13th May 2010

The 63rd edition of the Cannes Film Festival got underway Wednesday night with a screening of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, starring Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe. The film is not entered in the competition for...

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Daltrey Fears End Of The Who

29th April 2010

Rockers THE WHO fear they've taken their final bow - because they're struggling to stage shows with PETE TOWNSHEND's hearing problems.The 64 year old has suffered from partial deafness and tinnitus for many years, and...

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Many Blu-ray Players Won't Play Avatar

28th April 2010

Although 20th Century Fox has been boasting this week about record-breaking Blu-ray Disc sales for Avatar , it has also been fending off complaints from many buyers that they are unable to play the discs....

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Letterman Lets Zingers Fly At Leno Again

28th April 2010

Goaded by guest Dr. Phil McGraw, David Letterman Tuesday night returned to tweaking his late-night rival, Jay Leno. The CBS late-show host acknowledged that he enjoyed every minute of NBC's Conan O'Brien-Jay Leno fiasco earlier...

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Townshend Complains About The Who Merchandise

20th April 2010

PETE TOWNSHEND is urging fans to shun any THE WHO merchandise - because he thinks the branded items look awful.The band sells rock memorabilia on its official website, including T-shirts, baseball caps and The Who-embossed...

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Ronnie Wood Taught Slash To Rock

20th April 2010

Ronnie Wood used to teach Slash how to play guitar.The Rolling Stones guitarist gave playing tips to the legendary axeman - who played in seminal 80s band Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver and is...

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'Stairway To Heaven' Leads To Number One

19th April 2010

'Stairway to Heaven' has been voted Britain's favourite rock song of all time. The classic Led Zeppelin track, from their 1971 album 'IV', was voted to the top spot by listeners of radio station Absolute...

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Phil Collins Going Back To His Youth

15th April 2010

Phil Collins has recorded an album of Motown covers. The legendary singer and drummer is to release the album of his covers entitled 'Going Back', which draws from the records which influenced him as a...

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Movie Reviews Date Night

9th April 2010

Date Night, a modest comedy starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey, is challenging three 3D blockbusters at the box office this weekend, and several industry observers are predicting a David-vs-Goliath result. Certainly the critics, on...

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Dynasty 'S John Forsythe Dead At 92

5th April 2010

John Forsythe, who played Blake Carrington on Dynasty from 1981-89 and was the voice of the leader of Charlie's Angels from 1976-81, died Thursday in Santa Ynez, near Los Angeles, losing a year-long a battle...

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Miley Beats The Blockbusters

2nd April 2010

There may be no songs in Disney's The Last Song, and Miley Cyrus may have found herself the target of stinging flak from critics for her performance in the movie, but her fans packed theaters...

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Who's Randy? Luke Pritchard

1st April 2010

The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard was reportedly thrown out of The Who's concert after he was straddled by his girlfriend.The indie rocker was sat in the stalls at London's Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday night...

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Fascinating Fact 9040

31st March 2010

KASABIAN frontman TOM MEIGHAN and PEARL JAM's EDDIE VEDDER performed onstage with THE WHO at a charity concert at London's Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday (30Mar10). The gig marked the end of a series of...

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Daltrey Eyes Autobiography

29th March 2010

THE WHO star ROGER DALTREY is set to tell all his life secrets - he wants to write his memoirs.The singer is keen to pen his autobiography, detailing his years as frontman of the hellraising...

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Flaming Lips Plan Yoshimi Musical With Tommy Mastermind

26th March 2010

THE FLAMING LIPS are set to become the latest act to turn a hit album into a Broadway show - the man behind THE WHO's TOMMY wants to adapt their cult hit YOSHIMI BATTLES THE...

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Townshend's Hearing Improving

3rd March 2010

PETE TOWNSHEND is hopeful his future with THE WHO is secure - the new in-ear monitors the rocker has been testing to improve his hearing have made him feel "reborn".The 64 year old has suffered...

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Daltrey Eyes Page Collaboration

24th February 2010

THE WHO frontman ROGER DALTREY is desperate to collaborate with JIMMY PAGE - he wants to form a supergroup with the LED ZEPPELIN star.The singer is a longtime fan of the legendary guitarist and admits...

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Gallagher Snubs The Who

22nd February 2010

THE WHO frontman ROGER DALTREY has confirmed he asked former OASIS singer LIAM GALLAGHER to join the iconic band on stage next month (Mar10) - but the star turned the offer down.Daltrey organises a series...

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The Things They Say 15510

21st February 2010

"If my hearing is going to be a problem, we’re not delaying shows. We’re finished. I can’t really see any way around the issue." PETE TOWNSHEND confirms THE WHO's concert future rests on pioneering new...

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The Things They Say 15505

20th February 2010

"It's only a studio and they're kind of not needed any more, really, are they?" THE WHO frontman ROGER DALTREY is indifferent about the future of London's iconic Abbey Road recording studios. The property was...

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The Things They Say 15469

18th February 2010

"I've had a lot of emails from people. The word they use most is 'amazing', followed closely by 'nice hat'." PETE TOWNSHEND on the feedback he's received from fans about THE WHO's Super Bowl halftime...

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Townshend To Test His Hearing Onstage In London

18th February 2010

THE WHO's future rests on new in-ear monitors which will help tinnitus sufferer PETE TOWNSHEND overcome hearing issues during live shows.The rocker was introduced to the new technology by pal Neil Young's audiologist and he's...

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The Things They Say 15396

11th February 2010

"I was wearing reading glasses. I like to be able to see the guitar." THE WHO star PETE TOWNSHEND on the spectacles he wore while performing at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday (07Feb10).

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Daltrey Blinded By The Lights At Super Bowl Show

9th February 2010

Rocker ROGER DALTREY fears he'll have a very fuzzy memory of THE WHO's Super Bowl showdown on Sunday (07Feb10) - because he couldn't see a thing.The My Generation singer and bandmate Pete Townshend performed a...

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The Things They Say 15343

8th February 2010

"You know, you could kind of tell from the stage the crowd is really here for the game." THE WHO rocker PETE TOWNSHEND on playing the half-time show at the Super Bowl on Sunday (07Feb10).

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