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Michael Jackson's Nursing Squad

3rd July 2009

Michael Jackson employed a "day team and night team" of nannies to look after his eldest son.The 50-year-old pop icon - who died of a suspected cardiac arrest last week - was desperate to ensure...

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Marilyn Manson's Unshocking Song

30th June 2009

Marilyn Manson's last single was deliberately meaningless.The controversial rocker says he called the track 'Arma-G*****n-Motherf****n'-Geddon' because there was nothing else of note about it.He explained: "I think it is completely unshocking and completely intentionally redundant...

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Rodrigo Sick Of Extreme Sports

29th June 2009

Rodrigo was sick after eating a rotten egg during the 'Big Brother' sports day.The show contestants were tasked with competing in an extreme sports day yesterday (28.06.09), which saw them completing an egg and spoon...

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Mischa Barton Prefers Girls

29th June 2009

Mischa Barton prefers kissing girls.The former 'O.C' actress said while she's open to performing kissing scenes, she prefers them to be between her and another girl, because it is less "tense" than kissing a man....

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Pixie Lott Looking For Love

27th June 2009

Pixie Lott has never had a boyfriend.The 18-year-old beauty - who recently topped the British charts with her debut single 'Mama Do' - is on the hunt for love because she has never been in...

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Michael Jackson 'Dies'

26th June 2009

Michael Jackson has reportedly died.It is alleged the 'Thriller' singer passed away from cardiac arrest today (25.06.09). It was previously suggested he was in a coma.Emergency services in California confirm they rushed a 50-year-old man...

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Happy User Marilyn Manson

25th June 2009

Marilyn Manson only takes drugs when he is happy.The singer - real name Brian Warner - insists he has learned that consuming narcotics and alcohol when he is feeling low only makes the situation worse.He...

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Cairon Praises 'Strong' Housemates

20th June 2009

Cairon says the 'Big Brother' housemates are "strong".The latest evictee - who lost the public vote to posh Freddie and was booted out last night (19.06.09) - claims he was not upset about being nominated...

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Sean Lennon Slams Springsteen

19th June 2009

John Lennon's son is furious Bruce Springsteen is headlining the Glastonbury Festival.Sean Lennon - the son of Beatles legend John and Yoko Ono - thinks the 'Born to Run' singer is an "outrageous" choice to...

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Crazy Mom Nicole Richie

17th June 2009

Nicole Richie is driving Joel Madden crazy.The socialite - who is seven months pregnant with her second child with the Good Charlotte rocker - is driving her friends and loved-ones mad with her pregnancy hormones...

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50 Cent's Writing Binge

17th June 2009

50 Cent has writing "binges".The rapper - who is preparing to release new album 'Before I Self Destruct' - says he goes through phases of rapid creativity, followed by disinterest in the songwriting process.He said:...

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Sophie Ellis-bextor's Stalker Texts

17th June 2009

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has a stalker.The 'Murder on the Dancefloor' singer has revealed one of the songs on her new album 'Another Love' is about the man who has been sending her "creepy" text messages in...

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Keisha Buchanan Causes Flood

12th June 2009

Keisha Buchanan has flooded her mother's house.The Sugababes singer fell asleep while running a bath and awoke to find the whole house under inches of water.She wrote on social networking site Twitter: "Ok, so ive...

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The Who And James' Classic Songs Added To U.s. Library

11th June 2009

ETTA JAMES' ballad AT LAST and THE WHO's rock anthem MY GENERATION have been selected to join the U.S. Congress' exclusive collection of culturally significant recordings in history.The songs are among 25 new additions to...

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Paris Hilton Denies Lesbian Show

8th June 2009

Paris Hilton has been forced to deny claims she was involved in a lesbian sex show.The hotel heiress - who became the unwitting star of her own homemade sex tape after ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon leaked...

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Black Eyed Peas Divided

3rd June 2009 has blasted Fergie for being "arrogant".The Black Eyed Peas rapper was furious with his bandmate after a recent show in California, and is worried there is no future for the band unless she changes...

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Motivated Madonna

28th May 2009

Madonna is easy to get "in the mood", says her favourite DJ.Paul Oakenfold is supporting the pop superstar on her 'Sticky and Sweet' world tour and admits it's his job to match the pop superstar's...

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Sad Band La Roux

26th May 2009

Elly Jackson cried when she was recording her album.The La Roux singer - who co-wrote the record with bandmate Ben Langmaid - became particularly emotional when she was performing 'Cover My Eyes', a song about...

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Brooke Shields' Independent Kids

22nd May 2009

Brooke Shields says her daughters are "lazy little children".The actress doesn't believe six-year-old Rowan Francis and Grier Hammond, three, will follow in her footsteps as child actresses because they are not interested in learning "tricks".When...

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Man-eater Myleene Klass

21st May 2009

Myleene Klass is set to play a cannibal in a new movie.The British TV presenter - who recently signed a £100,000 deal to host the US version of 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of...

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Daltrey Turns Wedding Singer

18th May 2009

THE WHO star ROGER DALTREY stunned guests at a recent wedding reception after he hopped on-stage to serenade the bride and groom. The singer joined rock band Thunder to belt out his band's hit Substitute for...

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Townshend Blasts Myers' Powers

30th April 2009

THE WHO star PETE TOWNSHEND has taken aim at MIKE MYERS' AUSTIN POWERS creation for "trivialising" what was going on in London during the swinging 1960s. Townshend fears a generation of film fans got the wrong...

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Townshend's Ex Launches Cash Fight

8th April 2009

THE WHO rocker PETE TOWNSHEND is facing a $58 million (£40 million) court battle after his estranged wife hired SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY's divorce lawyer to fight for a share of his fortune. The My Generation hitmaker...

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Townshend To Be Granted Divorce

7th April 2009

THE WHO rocker PETE TOWNSHEND will finally be a single man on Tuesday (07Apr09) - a judge is to finalise his divorce 14 years after he first separated from his wife. The guitarist wed Karen Astley...

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The Things They Say 11774

2nd April 2009

"He was a mad BEACH BOYS fan. He would have left THE WHO at the drop of a hat to join the Beach Boys. Even at our height, when the Beach Boys were on their...

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Smithereens Record Tommy Tribute

1st April 2009

THE SMITHEREENS are to celebrate the 40th anniversary of THE WHO's TOMMY by creating their own version of the landmark rock opera. The Smithereens Play Tommy will hit stores and the Internet on 5 May (09)...

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Daltrey Calls On Stars To Run Charity Gigs

30th March 2009

THE WHO rocker ROGER DALTREY plans to step down from his role as a charity concert organiser - and is urging OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER and STEREOPHONICS singer KELLY JONES to take his place. Daltrey has...

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Daltrey Looking For Teenage Cancer Trust Show Successor

28th March 2009

Noel Gallagher and Kelly Jones have been asked by Roger Daltrey to take over organising the Teenage Cancer Trust charity gigs.Stereophonics headlined this year's concerts at the Royal Albert Hall - which conclude with a...

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Entwistle's Death Saved The Who

27th March 2009

THE WHO would be no more if bass player JOHN ENTWISTLE hadn't died in 2002 - because PETE TOWNSHEND only agreed to hit the road to help his pal out of debt. Band leader Townshend reveals...

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Woodstock Founder Planning Anniversary Sequel

24th March 2009

The founder of the legendary Woodstock music festival is said to be looking for sponsors to fund a 40th anniversary event.Michael Lang, who co-founded the iconic 1969 show in Bethel, New York State, is hoping...

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