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The Walking Dead Season 5 Is So Disturbing, Lauren Cohen Thinks Stuff Might Get Cut

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th July 2014

After four seasons of some pretty intense zombie action, The Walking Dead enters its fifth this October. And according to some of the stars of the show, The Walking Dead Season 5 opens with some...

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'The Walking Dead' Planned Till Season 12, But Can It Last That Long?

By Joe DeAndrea | 13th June 2014

There’s nothing better than your favorite show being in its fourth season and hearing from its creators that they already have plans for season number twelve. It’s exactly what fans of 'The Walking Dead' got...

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Amc Give Us A 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Peek [Photo]

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th May 2014

The Walking Dead season 4 ended in high-octane fashion: Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carl found Terminus but were soon wise to eerie feeling that surrounded it. A gun fight followed, and the subsequent dance that...

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Norman Reedus On Walking Dead Season 5: "It's Gonna Be Completely Insane"

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st May 2014

Walking Dead’s fourth season was a fractured affair, and one that got better with age. Once we’d recovered from Hershal’s death and the attack on the prison, our survivors were dispersed into groups as AMC’s...

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'Walking Dead Season 5' Poster Revealed: Survive. Just Survive

By Jack de Aguilar | 2nd April 2014

For those of you that watched the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday night (Sunday, March 30) will know that Rick will do almost anything to survive, and that includes biting a...

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Walking Dead Game Season 2, Ep 2: A House Divided Trailer + Episode 1 Recap

By Jack de Aguilar | 27th February 2014

It feels like an eternity since the season two of Telltale’s excellent Walking Dead game kicked off with its first episode. Now, finally, the trailer for episode two has been released, bringing with it an...

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Does Anyone Else Think 'The Walking Dead' Is A Bit Rubbish Now?

By Jack de Aguilar | 11th February 2014

AMC’s ratings behemoth The Walking Dead returned to American TV screens on Sunday night (Feb 9th) and last night on FOX for British viewers. We re-join zombie dystopia after the devastating battle that left the...

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See What The Walking Dead Stars Are Saying About... The Walking Dead

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th February 2014

For fans of The Walking Dead, season 4’s hiatus has felt like a lifetime. So tonight’s mid-season premiere will come as a welcome relief. There won’t be long to bathe in the sweet sunlight, though,...

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Laura Cohen (Maggie) On The Final 8 Episodes Of The Walking Dead Season 4

By Jack de Aguilar | 8th February 2014

With the midseason opener set to hit screens this Sunday (Feb 8), The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohen – who plays Maggie on the hit zombie drama – has spoken up about what we can expect:...

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'Walking Dead' Mid-season Opener: New Yorkers Subjected To Zombie Prank [Video]

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th February 2014

The Walking Dead is back this Sunday, so we’ll be able to see Rick Grimes stab zombies in the head with a shiv once more while his son walks about, looking moody, constantly trying to...

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More Zombies, More Death, More Tears - 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Confirmed

By Jack de Aguilar | 30th October 2013

AMC don’t want to let The Walking Dead go, and why would they? The zombie thriller gets bums on sofas, while the critics continue to buy into the lavish scenario of an un-dead apocalypse.Daryl (Norman...

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'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Premiere Pulls In 16.1 Million Zombie Fanatics

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th October 2013

The Walking Dead has always been a ratings winner for AMC. Seasons 1-3 have been a great success for the network, which has boasted Breaking Bad and Mad Men over the past fix years, but...

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1: Sick As A Pig

By Michael West | 14th October 2013

All was calm in the prison community during The Walking Dead season 4, episode 1, which aired on AMC on Sunday night (October 14, 2013) to fill the Breaking Bad sized hole in the networks'...

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How The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Beat 100 Rivals To Play Rick Grimes

By Michael West | 11th October 2013

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln was living a pretty stress free life in Britain. After graduating from the super-competitive Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he landed a part in the BBC series This is Life...

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Andrew Lincoln: Rick Grimes Is Driven By Family, Now He Has A New One As The Walking Dead Returns

By Jack de Aguilar | 10th October 2013

Having kicked off as an all-out zombie drama, where survival was key at all costs and the most enjoyable scenes featured at least a mauling or two, if not the death of a main character,...

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview, Everything You Need To Know

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th October 2013

The Walking Dead finally returns this week (Oct13) to AMC. With the network’s keynote show, Breaking Bad, having culminated in its fantastic finale not so long ago, TV lovers will welcome the return of Robert...

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'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Sneak Peak - Excited Much?

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st October 2013

Fear not, grieving Breaking Bad fan, because there’s nothing like saying goodbye to your favorite TV show then welcoming the new one you really quite like. Flesh-guzzling zombies, The Governor and the must-talked-about ‘new threat'...

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'Walking Dead' Spinoff Is Happening As Amc Capitalize On Wave Of Popularity

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th September 2013

In a world in which HBO are the darlings of the boxset generation, AMC represent the plucky underdog. They’ve got Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead up their sleeve, and they’re not afraid to milk...

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Love 'The Walking Dead'? Then Take The Course, Idiot

By Jack de Aguilar | 5th September 2013

How many days could you survive a zombie apocalypse? Seven? ‘Forty three’? No – you’re wrong. You all think you could survive for ages, but that’s because never been attacked by something intent on ripping...

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David Morrissey Spearheading Amc's 'Line Of Sight,' Is This The End Of The Governor?

By Jack de Aguilar | 28th August 2013

We all thought The Governor would die at the end of season three of The Walking Dead – we just did. Then he went berserk and killed a load of people – people, not zombies...

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview: Who'll Die And What's This New Threat?

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th August 2013

There’s a lot of brilliant TV hitting our screens very soon; we’re a lucky bunch. With Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead all returning in August, September and October, it promises to be...

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer - "Manageable, But Not For Long"

By Jack de Aguilar | 24th July 2013

In the extended Walking Dead Season 4 trailer, let loose at Comic-Con 2013, we see a more hardened version of the survivors we’ve come to know and love. And as David Morrissey explained to io9,...

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Walking Dead Season Four Trailer And Airing Date Revealed At Comic-con [Watch]

By Joe Wilde | 22nd July 2013

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on Sunday 13 October at 9 p.m. - the shows crew and cast revealed to a packed out Hall H at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con International. The...

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The Walking Dead Season Four Preview - Have They Learned From Season Three's Mistakes?

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th July 2013

For many, season three of The Walking Dead ended disappointingly. Early threats of ‘war is coming’ died down and with a damp squib, the run petered out with many of the conflicts and plot lines...

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Fake Zombie Alert Interrupts Teenage Show

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th February 2013

A harrowing zombie alert was issued by hackers managed who found their way into the emergency alert system of Great Falls affiliate KRTV and its CW station. The message was quickly removed and KRTV broadcasted...

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'Walking Dead' Record: Staggering Viewer Ratings For Zombie Outbreak Drama

By Hayley Avron | 12th February 2013

‘Walking Dead’ Record set by post-hiatus episode. The return of The Walking Dead on Sunday had been eagerly awaited and resulted in record breaking ratings for the zombie outbreak TV show. The third series of...

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The Walking Dead Recap: Focus On Woodbury

By Contributor | 29th October 2012

The third season of The Walking Dead rumbles on, with Collider pointing out that some 11 zombie kills were made during the course of the latest episode, with about 15 casualties on the side of...

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'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Premiere!

By Contributor | 15th October 2012

There was much anticipation ahead of the third season premiere of 'The Walking Dead'. The sci-fi zombie thriller series managed to break demographic records in the US for the 18-49 age group with its season...

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The Walking Dead Ready For Series 3

By Joe Wilde | 14th October 2012

The Walking Dead is readying itself for series 3, which will hit screens later this month, and one thing is for sure is that there wont be any shortage of gore, guts and glory. So,...

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