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Fascinating Fact: 4060211

9th February 2014

The Usual Suspects star Chazz Palminteri received an after dinner surprise while dining at Pera Mediterranean Brasserie in New York recently after owner Burak Karacam presented him with a $1,200 (£750) cheque for his Child...

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Fascinating Fact: 3992059

10th December 2013

The Usual Suspects star Kevin Pollak is to play Anna Faris' father on her Tv comedy series Mom. He'll debut on the show in the new year (14).

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Kevin Pollak To Direct Stand-up Comedy Documentary

4th September 2013

The Usual Suspects star Kevin Pollak has signed on to direct a new documentary about the world of stand-up comedians.Misery Loves Comedy will feature interviews with funnymen Jon Favreau, Christopher Guest, Richard Kind, Richard Lewis...

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Baldwin Apologises For Attacking Radio Host

13th January 2011

THE USUAL SUSPECTS star STEPHEN BALDWIN has apologised for taking aim at U.S. radio political pundit SEAN HANNITY after the presenter poked fun at his brother ALEC on air.Baldwin suggested Hannity should "get off the...

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The Things They Say 18442

15th October 2010

"I don't like to watch myself. It's done, it's done, it's finished. There's nothing you can do to improve it, you can't change it." THE USUAL SUSPECTS star GABRIEL BYRNE refuses to sit through screenings...

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Baldwin's House Not Up For Auction

16th June 2009

Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN's publicist is fighting off reports THE USUAL SUSPECTS star is struggling to save his home as he battles for survival in the jungle on U.S. TV show I'M A CELEBRITY... GET ME...

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Spacey's Debt To Lemmon

16th December 2007

KEVIN SPACEY credits JACK LEMMON with inspiring his acting career - after the movie legend reached out to THE USUAL SUSPECTS star when he was a 14-year-old wannabe. The American Beauty Oscar winner first met...

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Byrne Joins Pacino And Stone With University Honour

20th February 2007

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE will join the ranks of Hollywood heavyweights AL PACINO and OLIVER STONE when he's awarded one of Trinity College, Dublin's highest accolades. THE USUAL SUSPECTS star will pick up an Honorary...

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Byrne Denounces Irish Roots

13th November 2006

GABRIEL BYRNE is turning his back on his Irish upbringing after spending the last two decades acting in the US. The Dublin-born THE USUAL SUSPECTS star, 56, considers himself an American of Irish descent, and...

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Baldwin Plans Christian Comic Books

2nd September 2006

THE USUAL SUSPECTS star STEPHEN BALDWIN is launching a series of graphic novels to help his spread the word of Christianity to teenagers. The born-again Christian is the brains behind the SPIRIT WARRIOR series of...

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Baldwin Thrilled With Daughter's Christian Values

2nd September 2006

Born-again Christian STEPHEN BALDWIN is thrilled his teenage daughter is taking religion so seriously - she has pledged to remain a virgin until she weds. THE USUAL SUSPECTS star insists turning his family onto Christian...

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Baldwin The Missionary

11th August 2006

Born-again Christian STEPHEN BALDWIN has embarked on a mission to share his religion with the youth of America. In a new book, the actor and member of the Baldwin acting dynasty - who converted to...

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Byrne: Available For Films Anywhere

20th July 2006

Irish actor GABRIEL BYRNE is prepared to make movies anywhere at anytime, because being a European actor makes it harder to find work. THE USUAL SUSPECTS star, 56, has recently filmed movies in Australia and...

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Spacey's Ping-pong Demands

19th July 2006

Hollywood star KEVIN SPACEY only makes one demand when he signs his film contracts - a ping-pong table on set. THE USUAL SUSPECTS actor is a table tennis fanatic and even taught acting pal DAME...

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Bosworth Inspired By Usual Suspects

12th July 2006

Actress KATE BOSWORTH knew she wanted to work with KEVIN SPACEY and BRYAN SINGER when she watched THE USUAL SUSPECTS on video. Bosworth was thrilled to fulfil her dream last year (05) when she filmed...

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Postlethwaite Awarded Honorary Degree

6th July 2006

Actor PETE POSTLETHWAITE was awarded an honourary degree from the University of Liverpool in England today (06JUL06). The actor, best known for his roles in THE USUAL SUSPECTS and IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER,...

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Baldwin Slams Bono's Charity Work

3rd July 2006

Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN has criticised BONO's crusade against poverty in Africa, insisting the U2 singer should preach Christianity instead. THE USUAL SUSPECTS actor, who is a born-again Christian, is convinced the world can only heal...

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Baldwin Wins Religious Support In Porn Battle

27th March 2006

Hollywood actor STEPHEN BALDWIN has won the support of a powerful religious ally in his battle against pornography, after discovering a store selling sex films is opening just a mile from his home in New...

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Movie Maker Mcg's Fear Of Flying Cost Him Superman

19th October 2005

CHARLIE'S ANGELS movie-maker McG passed on the chance to bring SUPERMAN back to the big screen because he's terrified of flying. The claustrophobic director was the first choice to make the fifth Superman movie...

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Bosworth Inspired By Katharine Hepburn

6th October 2005

KATE BOSWORTH used Hollywood great KATHARINE HEPBURN as the inspiration for her portrayal of LOIS LANE in SUPERMAN RETURNS. The 22-year-old, who is screen hunk ORLANDO BLOOM's on-off girlfriend, wanted to bless the famous...

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Spacey Seeking Public Money For Old Vic

9th February 2005

Actor KEVIN SPACEY is seeking public money for his OLD VIC theatre in London - because his last play CLOACA failed to generate enough cash to cover the building's renovation costs. THE USUAL...

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Stunned Postlethwaite Receives Obe

9th June 2004

British actor PETE POSTLETHWAITE has gained a prestigious OFFICER OF THE ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (OBE) title from QUEEN ELIZABETH II, but admits he's still stunned by the honour. Film star Postlethwaite -...

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Del Toro's Big Secret

4th March 2004

Movie star BENICIO DEL TORO kept his career a secret from his parents - and only revealed he was an actor after winning an ACADEMY AWARD in 2001. Despite his starring roles in movies...

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Guillory's Spacey Error

10th February 2004

British actress SIENNA GUILLORY knows how important it is to create a good impression with a-list celebrities - after she mistook KEVIN SPACEY for KEVIN BACON. The LOVE ACTUALLY beauty, 28, was modelling in...

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Kate + Kevin Struggle To Focus In Darin Biopic

21st January 2004

Playing opposite KEVIN SPACEY in new BOBBY DARIN biopic BEYOND THE SEA was a real challenge for actress KATE BOSWORTH because her favourite movie of all time is THE USUAL SUSPECTS. Bosworth, the girlfriend...

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Pete Postlethwaite Receives Obe

5th January 2004

Veteran actor PETE POSTLETHWAITE has received an ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (OBE) from Britain's QUEEN ELIZABETH II, for services to drama. THE USUAL SUSPECTS actor, 58, was surprised to be named in the...

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Titanic Has Best Ending

15th October 2003

Movie blockbuster TITANIC has the best film ending of all time, according to a new poll. The scene in which an aged ROSE, played in her younger incarnation by curvy KATE WINSLET, throws her...

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Kevin Spacey Keen To See Usual Suspects Stage Play

8th August 2003

OSCAR-winner KEVIN SPACEY is keen to see a low-key stage production of hit thriller THE USUAL SUSPECTS, which is being performed at Scotland's legendary EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL. The play is directed by RICARDO PINTO,...

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Connery Tops Worst Accent Poll

30th June 2003

Former JAMES BOND legend SIR SEAN CONNERY is responsible for the "worst movie accent of all time" - according to film magazine EMPIRE. The Scottish-born movie veteran's attempt at an Irish lilt in gangster...

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Black Comedy For Dillon

8th April 2003

MATT DILLON, STEVE ZAHN and CHRISTINA APPLEGATE have been signed up to star in dark new film EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH. The movie is described as the COEN BROTHERS' RAISING ARIZONA meets THE USUAL...

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