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Dexter Finale Draws Huge -- Albeit Angry -- Audience

24th September 2013

The final episode of Dexter, the original series carried by CBS-owned pay-TV channel Showtime, drew the series' best ratings ever Sunday, the channel said on Monday. The conclusion attracted 2.8 million viewers at 9:00 p.m....

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Cbs Eye To Open -- Briefly -- On Time Warner Cable Next Week

22nd August 2013

New Yorkers who subscribe to Time Warner Cable are going to get CBS back on their TV sets next week, but only for the time it takes to air the the debates among Democratic candidates...

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Chinese Open Huge Museum Devoted To Film

17th June 2013

The Shanghai Film Museum, covering a massive 108,000 square feet, opened today (Monday), featuring some 3,000 exhibits. The city is regarded as the birthplace of Chinese filmmaking and many of the exhibits describe its role...

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Pelley Explodes Over New York Post Report

12th June 2013

CBS News anchor Scott Pelley refused to air a report on Monday night by investigative reporter John Miller about a State Department sex scandal because Miller broke the story earlier in the day on CBS...

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Ag Holder Says He's Not Doing Hollywood's Bidding

9th May 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder has denied claims by Kim Dotcom, the founder of the now-defunct Megaupload file-sharing site, that the the government acted at the behest of Hollywood studios to shut down the site and...

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Evil Dead Gets Off To A Lively Start

8th April 2013

A remake of the 1981 horror flick The Evil Dead (with the The left out) scared up an estimated $26 million at the domestic box office over the weekend, demonstrating that at the multiplex, the...

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Johnny Marr's 'Homesick' Record

5th November 2012

Johnny Marr's solo album is inspired by being ''homesick''.The guitarist is releasing 'The Messenger' next year and says it draws from his younger years when he travelled across the world as a musician. He said:...

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Johnny Marr: I Didn't Want To Be In 'Someone Else's Band'

31st October 2012

Johnny Marr doesn't want to be a part of ''someone else's band'' anymore.The guitarist - a former member of The Smiths, Modest Mouse and The Cribs - is working on his debut solo album 'The...

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Box Office Hot Overseas

16th July 2012

Both Ice Age Continental Drift and The Amazing Spider-Man took in around twice the revenue overseas that they did domestically. Like the previous Ice Age films, overseas ticket sales for the the fourth iteration will...

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Elton John To Headline Peace One Day Concert

14th June 2012

Sir Elton John will headline the Peace One Day concert as part of the London 2012 Festival.The 'Tiny Dancer' singer has been confirmed to perform at Wembley Arena on the last of three Peace Day...

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Alec Baldwin To Marry At The Tend Of The Month

13th June 2012

Alec Baldwin is set to marry fiancee Hilaria Thomas at the the of the month.The '30 Rock' actor will tie the knot with the Spanish-born yoga instructor at New York's Basilica of St. Patrick's Old...

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Cbs Throws Legal Rocks At Abc's Glass House

11th May 2012

Claiming copyright infringement, CBS has asked a federal court in Los Angeles to block ABC's upcoming reality series Glass House , maintaining that it is a virtual "carbon copy" of its own successful series, Big...

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Jackson Not Surprised By Negative Reaction To New Film Format

30th April 2012

Peter Jackson plans to stick to his guns and release The Hobbit at 48 frames per second -- twice the usual frames rate -- despite criticism of the technique by some critics who watched a...

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Where Is Aaron Barnhart?

19th April 2012

Aaron Barnhart, an influential TV critic with the Kansas City Star , has not written his column, "The TV Barn," for the newspaper since December and has not posted on his Facebook page since January...

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Charlie Sheen 'Honoured' To Be Played By Kathy Bates

22nd March 2012

Charlie Sheen is ''honoured''that Kathy Bates will play his ghost on 'Two and a Half Men'. The troubled actor was fired from the sitcom last year partway through its eighth series after a fall out...

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Kimberly Wyatt Bullied For Her Sexy Moves

5th March 2012

Former Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt was bullied for her sexy dance moves when the girl group first started. The singer-and-dancer had to cope with a barrage of rude taunts when she initially started working...

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Gary Barlow To Become A Dad Again

20th February 2012

Gary Barlow is to become a father for a fourth time.The Take That star's wife, Dawn, is three months pregnant and he says they are thrilled about their impending arrival.Gary - who already has Daniel,...

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Even Nbc's Boss Has Doubts About Smash

16th February 2012

NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke has described as "problematic" the future of NBC's expensive new entry, Smash . Speaking during a conference call with analysts and reporters on Tuesday, Burke expressed confidence the The Voice would...

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Myla Dalbesio's Diet Confessions

27th January 2012

Myla Dalbesio admits she used to "throw up" after eating in a bid to lose weight.The plus-sized model - who has been hailed as the the new Crystal Renn - admits she used to be...

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Daniel Radcliffe Is Richest Under 30 Brit

29th November 2011

Daniel Radcliffe has been named the wealthiest British star under 30, after amassing almost £52 million.The 'Harry Potter' star retained the top spot in heat magazine's 30 Under 30 Rich List with his fortune increasing...

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Johnny Marr Glad He Left The Smiths

7th October 2011

Johnny Marr is glad he left The Smiths. The 'This Charming Man' band's legendary guitarist is proud of what they achieved, but also glad he left in 1987 - causing the end of the group...

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Manic Street Preachers Reflecting Era Of Singles

22nd September 2011

Manic Street Preachers hope their new singles collection commemorates the "Indie Wars".The 'Some Kind of Nothingness' hitmakers are preparing for the release of 'National Treasures' - a compilation of the 38 singles they have released...

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Time Warner Sales Up; Shares Down

3rd August 2011

Home video sales of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 helped lift Time Warner's second-quarter results above analysts' expectations. Although the company's Warner Bros. division spent heavily on pre-release marketing and publicity for...

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Advertisers Now Spending As Much On Cable As On Broadcast

20th June 2011

Although advertisers have increased their upfront spending for broadcast television by about 10 percent, they have increased them even more -- by about 15 percent -- for cable networks, the Wall Street Journal reported today...

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Cheryl Will Be Rehired -- Or Won't She?

6th June 2011

The gossip site TMZ, which first reported that Fox TV and the producers of The X Factor had fired British singer Cheryl Cole for the the U.S. version of the show, reported over the weekend...

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Steven Tyler Will Premiere New Video On American Idol

3rd May 2011

Steven Tyler is set to premiere the video for his first ever solo single on 'American Idol'.According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show's judge - who is also the frontman of Aerosmith - is reportedly...

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Steven Tyler To Premiere New Video On Idol

3rd May 2011

Steven Tyler is set to premiere the video for his first ever solo single on 'American Idol'.The show's judge - who is also the frontman of Aerosmith - is reportedly planning to air '(It) Feels...

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Cbs And Fox Each Claim #1 Finishes

30th March 2011

CBS and Fox split ratings honors last week, with CBS leading among total adults and Fox among viewers 18-49. But ABC also claimed boasting rights as its Monday-night edition of Dancing with the Stars turned...

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Justin Bieber Greets Fans Despite Riot Risk

10th March 2011

Justin Bieber managed to greet his fans despite causing a "possible riot situation" in Liverpool.The 'Baby' singer's hotel in the English city was surrounded by hordes of screaming fans by 6pm this evening (10.03.11). This...

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Justin Bieber Trapped By Fans In Liverpool

10th March 2011

Justin Bieber is presently trapped in a "possible riot situation" in Liverpool.The 'Baby' singer's hotel in the English city was surrounded by hordes of screaming fans by six pm this evening. This prompted the police...

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