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Broderick: 'I Didn't Want Kids'

28th November 2006

MATTHEW BRODERICK did not want children when his wife SARAH JESSICA PARKER told him she was pregnant - but fatherhood quickly changed his mind. Broderick, 44, married the SEX AND THE CITY star in 1997,...

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Midler Laughs Off Wedding Singer Reports

24th May 2006

LATEST: BETTE MIDLER has laughed off reports she will be the wedding singer at KEITH URBAN and NICOLE KIDMAN's nuptials, despite admitting she has been invited. The singer/actress insists recent reports her THE STEPFORD WIVES...

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Broderick Hated Stepford Wives Flop

22nd December 2005

MATTHEW BRODERICK hated making THE STEPFORD WIVES with NICOLE KIDMAN and has nightmares about being remembered for it. The actor struggled to cope with his mother's terminal illness throughout the shoot, but he admits...

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Pitt Nearly Quit Mr And Mrs Smith

25th May 2005

Hollywood hunk BRAD PITT came close to quitting movie MR AND MRS SMITH, after his original leading lady NICOLE KIDMAN was forced to abandon the project because of scheduling conflicts. The TROY star signed...

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Kidman's Stepford Wives Hell

28th March 2005

Actress NICOLE KIDMAN has blasted THE STEPFORD WIVES movie-makers for failing to "get the script right" and making her time on the set unbearable. The OSCAR winning star has actively tried to limit her...

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Kidman To Take Time Off

5th November 2004

NICOLE KIDMAN will have a career break once she has finished filming BEWITCHED, because she is desperate to spend some quality time with her children. The Australian-born actress took her mind off her recent...

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Walken Appreciates Working With Erratic Film-maker

28th October 2004

THE STEPFORD WIVES actor CHRISTOPHER WALKEN is a big fan of controversial director ABEL FERRARA - and understands his "pumped up" approach to movie-making. Walken has worked with the American film-maker on KING OF...

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Kidman Defends Stepford View Of Stay-at-home Mums

30th July 2004

NICOLE KIDMAN has defended her latest film THE STEPFORD WIVES against critics who claim the movie is dismissive of mothers who give up their careers to raise their children. The OSCAR-winning actress, 37, is...

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Broderick Would Love A Stepford Wife

28th June 2004

Comedy actor MATTHEW BRODERICK "likes the idea" of the domestic goddesses in FRANK OZ's movie remake THE STEPFORD WIVES. The 42-year-old - husband of SEX AND THE CITY star SARAH JESSICA PARKER - confesses...

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Kidman Knew She Would Marry Cruise In A Week

23rd June 2004

OSCAR-winning NICOLE KIDMAN knew she would marry ex-husband TOM CRUISE within a week of meeting him. THE STEPFORD WIVES actress, 36, fell so deeply in love with Cruise straight away, she was certain...

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Beheading Scene In Stepford Wives Leads To Walkout

22nd June 2004

A scene in NICOLE KIDMAN's latest movie THE STEPFORD WIVES in which a character is beheaded has led movie lovers to storm out during screenings in New York. The graphic moment upset members of...

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Harry Potter's Spell On America Remains

15th June 2004

HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN was America's top movie for a second weekend, taking in $35.1 million (GBP19.5 million) to lift its 10-day total to $158.1 million (GBP87.8 million). SHREK 2 held...

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Broderick Tours Roman Whorehouses

11th June 2004

Actor MATTHEW BRODERICK was delighted he managed to tour the ancient Roman site of Pompeii while filming remake THE STEPFORD WIVES in Italy - but was astonished by the ruined presence of brothels. The...

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Stepford Wives Invite Clinton And Rice's Fury

9th June 2004

The producers of remake THE STEPFORD WIVES are risking incurring the wrath of HILLARY CLINTON and CONDOLEEZA RICE, by misusing their images in adverts for the NICOLE KIDMAN movie. A trailer for the forthcoming...

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Oz Slams The Idea Of Stepford Cameos

8th June 2004

THE STEPFORD WIVES director FRANK OZ refused to invite any of the original film's stars to make cameo appearances in his remake - because it would have damaged the credibility of the film. Oz...

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Kidman And Midler Deny Diva Antics

6th June 2004

NICOLE KIDMAN and BETTE MIDLER have hit out at reports they were "b**chy, demanding divas" on the set of THE STEPFORD WIVES. OSCAR-winning Kidman and her co-star Midler have earnt a reputation for being...

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Kidman's Unreleased Film Wins Awards

27th May 2004

NICOLE KIDMAN's new movie THE STEPFORD WIVES has won a Hollywood film honour a month before its American release. The remake of the 1970s classic film claimed three prizes at the fifth annual GOLDEN...

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Stepford Wives Hits More Trouble

5th May 2004

The remake of THE STEPFORD WIVES has hit further delays - director FRANK OZ is fighting scheduling difficulties with NICOLE KIDMAN to bring her back for more scenes. After filming on the re-working of...

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Kidman Tried To Pull Out Of Stepford Wives

25th February 2004

OSCAR-winner NICOLE KIDMAN reportedly tried to pull out of starring in new movie THE STEPFORD WIVES, after co-star JOHN CUSACK backed out of the project. According to American news site PAGE SIX, Kidman was...

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Kidman Cuts Short

27th November 2003

Hollywood actress NICOLE KIDMAN has chopped off her trademark auburn hair, for her part in a new movie. The OSCAR-winner, who recently tried out a wild afro style and a blonde perm, has been...

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Frank Oz's Tense Remake

2nd October 2003

Filming on NICOLE KIDMAN's new movie THE STEPFORD WIVES has descended into chaos after a number of violent rows between the cast and crew. Director FRANK OZ has confessed tensions are high on the...

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Kidman Considers Spielberg's 'Role Of A Lifetime' Offer

12th September 2003

OSCAR-winning actress NICOLE KIDMAN has been offered the 'role of a lifetime' to star in a new STEVEN SPIELBERG project as silent film legend SARAH BERNHARDT. The HOURS beauty has a packed schedule of...

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Filming Halts On Stepford Wives

4th September 2003

Filming on the remake of THE STEPFORD WIVES has had to be stopped because director FRANK OZ is unwell. Stars of the movie including NICOLE KIDMAN, MATTHEW BRODERICK, BETTE MIDLER, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN, GLENN CLOSE...

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Shock Over Thin Nicole

28th August 2003

A painfully thin NICOLE KIDMAN has shocked onlookers during a night out at a theatre in New York, prompting fears for her health. The OSCAR-winning actress has always boasted a petite 1.8-metre (five-foot 10-inch)...

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Nicole Kidman Dating Lenny Kravitz

10th August 2003

LATEST: A pal of actress NICOLE KIDMAN has confirmed the OSCAR-winner is dating rocker LENNY KRAVITZ - following a series of reports claiming the pair were spending nights together. The glamorous couple have hired...

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Christopher Walken On The Bend

16th June 2003

Cult movie legend CHRISTOPHER WALKEN is set to star in indie drama AROUND THE BEND - but only after he finishes shooting a remake THE STEPFORD WIVES. THE DEERHUNTER star Christopher will play a...

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Kidman Pulls Out Of Hepburn Role

10th June 2003

OSCAR-winning beauty NICOLE KIDMAN has reportedly pulled out of plans to portray movie legend KATHARINE HEPBURN in THE AVIATOR alongside A-list hunk LEONARDO DiCAPRIO. Nicole - who bagged the Best Actress gong at this...

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Bette Is Back

2nd May 2003

BETTE MIDLER is going back into the studio - to record an album of ROSEMARY CLOONEY songs with BARRY MANILOW. The RUTHLESS PEOPLE star is singing with the man who was her piano-playing accompanist...

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Faith Hill Set To Move To Stepford.

15th April 2003

Country star FAITH HILL could be making her big-screen debut in the remake of THE STEPFORD WIVES. The WAY YOU LOVE ME singer is in talks with movie studio PARAMOUNT about taking the role...

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Faith Hill.s Unsuccessful Bid For Cold Mountain Role

15th April 2003

Country singer FAITH HILL is relieved to get the chance to act alongside NICOLE KIDMAN - because it makes up for missing out on a previous role to NATALIE PORTMAN. The blonde beauty successfully...

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