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Cartoon Cowell Returns To Simpsons

31st December 2009

SIMON COWELL is set to return to THE SIMPSONS for a second cameo role, despite branding his last animated experience "embarrassing and intimidating."The American Idol judge admitted he didn't have a good time when he...

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Vatican Praises The Simpsons

24th December 2009

Television's most dysfunctional family have received the heavenly seal of approval - the Roman Catholic Church has praised THE SIMPSONS for the show's dealings with religion.The Vatican's newspaper L'Osservatore Romano published a bizarre article on...

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Spurlock To Pay Tribute To 20 Years Of The Simpsons

2nd December 2009

Filmmaker and huge THE SIMPSONS fan MORGAN SPURLOCK will host a 20th anniversary special honouring his favourite TV cartoon series in January (10).The Super Size Me star and director will celebrate the show in The...

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Fascinating Fact 8176

19th October 2009

Fans of THE SIMPSONS have been asked to create a new character for the hit cartoon. The show's website is asking the public to come up with a name, catchphrase and description of the role...

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Fascinating Fact 8147

14th October 2009

THE SIMPSONS creator MATT GROENING is set to curate Britain's All Tomorrow's Parties music festival next year (10). The cartoonist will be responsible for selecting the entire line-up for the event, which will take place...

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What Will Homer And Bart Say?

12th October 2009

Playboy magazine, which has seen its circulation plummet 18 percent in three years to 2.6 million from 3.15 million, has put The Simpsons matriarch Marge Simpson on the cover of its November issue and included...

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Azaria Freaked Out By Jackson's Simpsons Cameo

10th October 2009

HANK AZARIA has described his run-in with MICHAEL JACKSON as one of the "freakiest moments" of his life - because he couldn't stop staring at the star's nose as he recorded his voiceover on THE...

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Fascinating Fact 8119

9th October 2009

THE SIMPSONS matriarch MARGE is to bare all for a three-page pictorial in Playboy magazine. The yellow cartoon character will appear 'naked' on the November (09) cover of the men's publication

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The Things They Say 13601

27th September 2009

"As a writer, it always just seemed like the Holy Grail. I can die a happy man now." SETH ROGEN is delighted to have had the chance to co-write an episode of THE SIMPSONS.

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Fascinating Fact 8023

21st September 2009

SACHA BARON COHEN is bringing his alter ego BORAT to THE SIMPSONS - the comedian will voice his comedic creation on an upcoming episode of the long-running TV series.

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Spurlock Investigates 'Ancestry' Of Simpsons Character

28th August 2009

Filmmaker MORGAN SPURLOCK is determined to solve a dispute over THE SIMPSONS character GROUNDSKEEPER WILLIE as two Scottish cities battle to claim the fictional janitor as their own.Officials in Glasgow have posted a picture of...

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Coldplay Go Yellow For The Simpsons

27th July 2009

British rockers COLDPLAY have signed up to appear in hit animated show THE SIMPSONS.The cartoon series regularly features star guests and has seen cameos from high profile acts including Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Green...

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Jackson's Simpsons Episode To Re-air As Tribute

2nd July 2009

THE SIMPSONS producers have cleared a rights wrangle and will honour pop star MICHAEL JACKSON by re-airing a 1991 episode of the cartoon the singer was a part of.The show's bosses had hoped to air...

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Cities Fight Over Simpsons Character

26th May 2009

Civic officials at two Scottish cities are fighting over THE SIMPSONS character GROUNDSKEEPER WILLIE - both claiming the fictional janitor hails from their home. Glasgow has a picture of Willie - voiced by American Dan Castellaneta...

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Idol Fans Upset Over Upset

21st May 2009

In an upset so stunning that it sent bloggers to their keyboards complaining that the show must have been fixed, Kris Allen defeated Adam Lambert Wednesday to become the latest American Idol . Even Allen...

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Fascinating Fact 7386

20th May 2009

Memorabilia from TV shows THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY is going under the hammer for charity. Actor HANK AZARIA's sale, on internet auction website eBay, includes the chance to receive a personalised voicemail message from...

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The Things They Say 11944

19th April 2009

"When I found out that they wanted me to come and do a voice I flipped out. It might be one of the most - if not the most - exciting things that's ever happened...

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Fascinating Fact 7094

1st April 2009

THE SIMPSONS are to be honoured by the U.S. Postal service with their own commemorative stamps to celebrate the comedys 20th year anniversary. The stamps will be designed by the shows creator MATT GROENING....

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Us To Lick Homer As Simpsons Turned Into Stamps

1st April 2009

Cartoon favourite the Simpsons are to arrive in homes across America after being honoured with their own stamps, it has been announced.The US Postal Service confirmed Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie will each have...

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Fascinating Fact 7030

20th March 2009

British comedian RUSSELL BRAND is reportedly set to voice his own character's cameo appearance in THE SIMPSONS....

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Simpsons To Set Longevity Record

27th February 2009

Fox has picked up The Simpsons for an additional two seasons, which will make the animated series the longest-running scripted show in the history of primetime television. At the end of this season, the show...

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Fascinating Fact 6932

27th February 2009

Animated show THE SIMPSONS has been commissioned to run for two more seasons, meaning the comedy will overtake 1970s hit GUNSMOKE as the longest running prime-time U.S. TV series of all time....

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The Simpsons To Become Longest-running Us Series

27th February 2009

Animated series The Simpsons is to become the longest-running prime-time show in US TV history after two more seasons were announced.Currently in its 20th season, the Springfield-set cartoon has matched the record of cowboy drama...

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Fascinating Fact 6931

26th February 2009

Hit cartoon THE SIMPSONS will become the longest-running series in U.S. primetime TV history after being picked up by the Fox network for another two seasons. The show will overtake 1950s programme Gunsmoke, which ran...

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Fascinating Fact 6855

16th February 2009

Opening credits to animated series THE SIMPSONS have been permanently altered for the first time since the U.S. show began airing in 1989. The new sequence, marking the first episode of the show to air...

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Radiohead Question Grammy Importance

10th February 2009

RADIOHEAD guitarist Johnny Greenwood has said that the band are not sure how relevant the Grammy awards are.The band scooped two awards for their latest album IN RAINBOWS, which was first released as a digital...

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Hathaway Laughs Off Follieri Split With Simpson Role

28th January 2009

ANNE HATHAWAY is laughing off her failed relationship with her incarcerated conman ex RAFFAELLO FOLLIERI by playing a crooked clown's girlfriend on hit animated series THE SIMPSONS. The Devil Wears Prada star will play series regular...

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Simpsons Creator Defends Muslim Plot

10th January 2009

THE SIMPSONS creator MATT GROENING has defended a controversial storyline in the comedy cartoon which sees HOMER SIMPSON accuse his Muslim neighbours of terrorism. In a forthcoming episode of the long-running show, dad Homer Simpson...

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The Dark Knight Confirmed As People's Choice

8th January 2009

The popularity of The Dark Knight has been underlined at the People's Choice awards after it claimed five prizes, including best movie.The Warner Bros release is the fourth highest-grossing film of all time with $995...

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Shearer's Emmy Steal

24th December 2008

Actor HARRY SHEARER once stole an Emmy Award - because he refused to be the only member of THE SIMPSONS cast who hadn't taken home a prize. The star, who provides the voices for Montgomery...

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