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Simpsons Does Downton Abbey – Simpton Abbey

By Jack de Aguilar | 16th May 2013

You know a British import has really hit America when it’s parodied on The Simpsons. That’s what’s happened with posh period drama Downton Abbey, which got a serious dose of Groening yellow.In this spoof, Family...

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Inspiration For Marge Simpson Dies

7th May 2013

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening is mourning the death of his mother, who inspired him to create his cartoon family matriarch Marge Simpson.Margaret Groening passed away in her sleep on 22 April (13) in her...

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Marge Simpson Dies! Woman Behind Infamous Simpsons Character Passes Away

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th May 2013

Margaret Groening – the mother of Simpsons creator Matt Groening and inspiration behind Marge Simpson – has passed away aged 94 in Portland, Oregon. Check out some of Marge’s best moments below.“Groening, Margaret Ruth 94...

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Harry Shearer's Radio Show Taken Off Air

16th April 2013

The Simpsons star Harry Shearer has expressed his disappointment after his comedy show was dropped from a California radio station following 30 years on the air.The funnyman has been hosting Le Show on Santa Monica's...

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The Simpsons Tribute Breaking Bad

By Victoria Pavlova | 14th April 2013

The Simpsons are doing Breaking Bad once again in this week’s episode. The Fox series is paying tribute or poking fun – take your pick – of the AMC drama, now in its final season....

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The Simpsons Take On Breaking Bad For Hilarious Couch Gag Opening Number

By Joe Wilde | 12th April 2013

This Sunday's episode of the Simpsons will feature one of the more inspired couch gag/opening sequences to usher in the show, with AMC's Breaking Bad being given the yellow treatment in a way that spins...

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The Simpsons Co-creator Sam Simon Battling Cancer

20th March 2013

The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon is undergoing chemotherapy after he was diagnosed with cancer.The 57-year-old writer and producer, who devised the hugely popular cartoon with Matt Groening and James L. Brooks, was told by doctors...

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The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare: Better Than Ice Age Continental Drift?

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st February 2013

The Simpsons short film, The Longest Daycare, was shown prior to screenings of Ice Age: Continental Drift, on July 13, 2012, in the United States. But with so many positive reviews, many are saying the...

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Fascinating Fact: 3427726

21st December 2012

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has landed a cameo spot on long-running animated hit The Simpsons. The Newsroom creator will be among the celebrity voices appearing in 25th episode of the 25th season of show next year...

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Fascinating Fact: 3399134

3rd December 2012

Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane will voice a character in the upcoming season premiere of The Simpsons.

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Judd Apatow's The Simpsons Episode To Air In 2013

23rd November 2012

An episode of The Simpsons written by filmmaker Judd Apatow 22 years ago is finally set to air.The Knocked Up director penned the script at the start of his career, before finding success in Hollywood...

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Simpsons Actor Sues: Hank Azaria To Sue Over Character Rights

By Jack de Aguilar | 19th November 2012

Hank Azaria, who provides the voices for a host of characters on "The Simpsons," including Moe Szyslak and Chief Wiggum, is suing over the rights to one of his characters, reports The Wrap.The dispute finds...

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Duff Mckagan Rues Lost Fortune Over The Simpsons Beer Name

12th November 2012

Rocker Duff Mckagan fears he lost a fortune in potential royalties for failing to cash in when The Simpsons creators borrowed his name for their famous fictional beer.The former Guns N' Roses bassist alleges he...

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Mr Burns Is Latest Advocate For Mitt Romney

By Lorna Greville  | 3rd November 2012

Neither Mr Burns, nor the Simpsons, have been particularly politically vocal over the past 20-odd-years, but it seems nuclear power plant owner and all round creepy-guy Mr Burns has found someone worth backing: Mitt "Meat"...

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Release The Hounds! The Simpsons' Mr Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

By Michael West | 2nd November 2012

Obama has Clooney, Longoria and Pitt. Romney has, uh, Mr Burns! Yep, the owner of Springfield's nuclear power plant and living embodiment of corporate capitalism has come out in support of the Republican ahead of...

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Fans Invited To Design The Simpsons Credits

3rd October 2012

Bosses behind long-running animated hit The Simpsons are inviting fans to help them design the TV show's opening sequence.Producers want members of the public to send in ideas for its famous credits, which show the...

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Fascinating Fact: 3304770

28th September 2012

Actress Zooey Deschanel is getting animated for the new season premiere of The Simpsons. The New Girl star will voice Bart Simpson's long-lost love, Mary Spuckler, in the Moonshine River episode, which will air in...

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Ratings Show America's Ready For Football

10th September 2012

Viewers were clearly ready for the return of Sunday Night Football as the Pittsburgh-Denver matchup attracted an estimated 23.89 million viewers, peaking in the 8 30 p.m. half-hour with 26.61 million. An NFL football overrun...

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Fascinating Fact 14065

7th September 2012

Comedienne Tina Fey has signed on to play a mean substitute teacher on The Simpsons. The 30 Rock will voice the character Ms. Cantwell, who makes an enemy of Lisa Simpson in an episode to...

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Tom Waits To Make The Simpsons Cameo

27th August 2012

Veteran singer/songwriter Tom Waits has landed a guest appearance on The Simpsons.The star will play himself in the longrunning U.S. cartoon in an episode about the survivalism movement, which involves people making preparations for potential...

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Cowabunga! Usps Has 682 Million Unsold Simpsons Stamps

23rd August 2012

The Simpsons -- Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa,and Baby Maggie -- have always been popular, but not so popular as the folks at the United States Postal Service thought they were. According to Bloomberg News, the...

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Justin Bieber Lands The Simpsons Cameo

22nd August 2012

Justin Bieber has landed a Cameo role on 'The Simpsons'.The 18-year-old singer will make a brief appearance on an upcoming episode of the hit cartoon comedy called 'The Fabulous Baker Boy' as a talent show...

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Justin Bieber Lands A Role In The Simpsons

22nd August 2012

Justin Bieber has cemented his superstar status by landing a guest role in The Simpsons.The pop singer will play himself in an upcoming episode of the long-running animated show, and will be seen attempting to...

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Eminem Facebook Milestone: He Is The Most Liked Person Alive!

2nd August 2012

60 million proved to be the lucky number for Eminem, as he soared above his rivals to become the most 'liked' person on Facebook, and the first living person to surpass 60 million 'likes', with...

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The Simpsons To Appear In Olympics Episode

2nd August 2012

'The Simpsons' will broadcast a special Olympics episode.The popular cartoon is getting into the London 2012 spirit with a storyline based on the games in which Marge Simpson's chain-smoking twin sisters Patty and Selma are...

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Fascinating Fact 13821

25th July 2012

The Simpsons regular Harry Shearer has recruited jazz and blues great DR. John and Glee star Jane Lynch for tracks on his new album Can't Take a Hint. The album also features guest spots from...

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Movie Reviews Ice Age Continental Drift

13th July 2012

Critics have given the fourth Ice Age movie, Continental Drift , a mostly cool-to-cold reception. Sean O'Connell in the Washington Post , suggests that viewers are nonetheless likely to overlook its faults. "Logic [in the...

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Benedict Cumberbatch Snags The Simpsons Role

5th July 2012

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has landed a cameo on The Simpsons after a chance encounter with the cartoon's bosses.The Sherlock star was at a meeting when he overheard a role on the animated series was...

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Benedict Cumberbatch To Star In The Simpsons

5th July 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch is making a cameo appearance in 'The Simpsons'.The British actor landed a voice role in the famous animated sitcom following a chance meeting in Los Angeles.He explained: ''I was at a meeting in...

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42nd Comic Con Convention Kicks Off

1st July 2012

After 42 gloriously geeky years, San Diego's annual COMIC CON is underway once more and it looks to be the biggest event so far, with an estimated 140,000 due to attend.The event has exploded beyond...

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