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Homer Simpson's Voice Wins Emmy

19th August 2004

The man behind cartoon legend HOMER SIMPSON's voice has won an EMMY-award for his work on animated series THE SIMPSONS. DAN CASTELLANETA - who also provides voices for KRUSTY THE CLOWN, GRAMPA SIMPSON, BARNEY...

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Mr Burns Voice Slams The Simpsons

5th August 2004

The actor behind THE SIMPSONS' evil millionaire MR BURNS and HOMER's annoying neighbour NED FLANDERS has slammed the comedy, claiming the last three seasons of the hit animation have been the "worst". Voiceover star...

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50 Cent Raps With Bart Simpson

2nd August 2004

Hip-hop star 50 CENT will rap with BART SIMPSON in a forthcoming episode of hit cartoon THE SIMPSONS. NANCY CARTWRIGHT - who provides Bart Simpson's voice - adored working with the rapper but was...

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Simpsons Character To Come Out Of The Closet

27th July 2004

Fans of hit cartoon THE SIMPSONS are poised for big news - one of the show's long-time characters is set to reveal he's gay. At the moment, many fans are betting the character...

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The Simpsons Tackles Tv Indecency

19th July 2004

JANET JACKSON's SUPER BOWL breast flash in February (04) has now prompted hit cartoon THE SIMPSONS to weigh in on America's broadcast decency debate. Simpsons bosses have enlisted figure skater MICHELLE KWAN and basketball...

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The Simpsons Offer Cornish Residents Hope

6th July 2004

Animated TV family THE SIMPSONS have delighted residents of Cornwall, England who are campaigning for independence - by supporting their plight in an upcoming special episode. Cornwall natives have long demanded they by handed...

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British Archbishop Eyed For Simpsons Role

23rd June 2004

Bosses of hit cartoon THE SIMPSONS are hoping to land their most unexpected cameo to date - from Britain's Archbishop of Canterbury, ROWAN WILLIAMS. Producers of the animated comedy have invited 54-year-old Williams to...

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Beckham Is Sexiest Dad

16th June 2004

DAVID BECKHAM has been given a boost as he recovers from missing a penalty in ENGLAND's 2-1 loss to FRANCE at the weekend (13JUN04) - he's been voted the world's sexiest dad. Almost a...

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Cooper: The Osbournes Don't Belong In Beverly Hills

13th June 2004

ALICE COOPER insists fellow rocker OZZY OSBOURNE and his family don't belong in their posh Beverly Hills neighbourhood. Osbourne, his wife SHARON and two of their children KELLY and JACK rose to popularity in...

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Star Trek Still The Tops On Cult List

28th May 2004

STAR TREK has beaten THE X-FILES and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER in a new poll of America's best cult TV shows. The original sci-fi series, which ran from 1966 to 1969, tops TV GUIDE...

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Friends Stars To Reunite For The Simpsons?

17th May 2004

The cast of recently-concluded sitcom FRIENDS are reportedly reuniting for one more project together - they will voice six gay characters in hit cartoon THE SIMPSONS. The good looking sextet - JENNIFER ANISTON, COURTENEY...

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The Simpsons Actors Get Huge Pay Rise

2nd May 2004

The actors who voice HOMER and BART on THE SIMPSONS are delighted with a huge pay rise which see them earning millions of dollars for their work on the hit animation show. DAN...

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The Simpsons Hit The Bar

20th April 2004

The characters of hit cartoon series THE SIMPSONS have been immortalised as hand-painted, plastic drinking tools. HOMER SIMPSON and BARNEY are beer-bottle openers, KRUSTY THE CLOWN is a wine-bottle opener, MR BURNS is a...

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Simpsons Star Admits To Eating Disorder

14th April 2004

The actress behind LISA SIMPSON's voice in THE SIMPSONS is revealing all about her eating disorders and plastic surgery in a new one-woman show. YEARDLEY SMITH has used notes from her journals to create...

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Simpsons Film Will Take Years

8th April 2004

The eagerly-awaited movie version of THE SIMPSONS is finally under way, but fans are being warned they will have to wait years before it hits cinemas. YEARDLEY SMITH - who provides the voice for...

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The Simpsons Used To Teach The Gospel

6th April 2004

Cartoon favourite THE SIMPSONS will be the unlikely subject of a series of Bible classes. The lectures will be held at Britain's ALL SAINTS CHURCH in Kesgrave, near London, by the REVEREND ROBIN SPITTLE,...

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Simpsons Creator Makes Debut Appearance On Show

29th March 2004

THE SIMPSONS creator MATT GROENING will finally make a guest appearance on his massively popular show - 15 seasons after it debut. While a host of celebrities have appeared on the hit cartoon Groening...

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Buffy Goes Bad On The Simpsons

16th March 2004

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR is set to ditch her good-girl image to play a juvenile delinquent on THE SIMPSONS. The former BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star will play GINAVENDETTI on an episode of the hit...

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Marge Simpson Turns Pin-up

15th March 2004

Popular family cartoon character MARGE SIMPSON has been given a radical make-over for a new revealing "photo-spread" for a men's magazine. The star of hit American TV series THE SIMPSONS has ditched her usual...

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Gervais Denies Simpsons Snub

4th March 2004

British comedy star RICKY GERVAIS has rubbished reports he turned down the chance to appear in TV cartoon THE SIMPSONS. The GOLDEN GLOBE-winner was reported to have rejected offers of a cameo appearance in...

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Gervais Snubs Lucrative Us Offers For Life In Britain

3rd March 2004

THE OFFICE star RICKY GERVAIS has snubbed an appearance on THE SIMPSONS and a stream of big-money American deals - because he doesn't want to leave Britain. The funnyman rocketed to fame in the...

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The Simpsons Hit The Silver Screen

11th February 2004

Production bosses are finally bringing THE SIMPSONS to the big screen after years of trying - but they're refusing to divulge any details about the project. According to creator and writer JAMES L BROOKS,...

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Cowell In Simpsons Cameo

9th February 2004

Acid-tongued music mogul SIMON COWELL faces his toughest challenge yet - when he endures the wrath of TV cartoon character HOMER SIMPSON. The AMERICAN IDOL judge - who is feared by contestants of the...

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Helen Hunt To Be A Mum

2nd February 2004

OSCAR-winning actress HELEN HUNT is pregnant with her first child. The AS GOOD AS IT GETS star, 40, has announced she will give birth to her baby - fathered by boyfriend MATTHEW CARNAHAN -...

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Gervais To Appear On Simpsons

2nd February 2004

Comedian RICKY GERVAIS' meteoric rise to international fame continues apace - his celebrated DAVID BRENT character has been invited to appear on hit TV show THE SIMPSONS. The British funnyman has become a star...

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Shearer Relieved He Has Escaped Jury Duty

14th January 2004

LATEST: THIS IS SPINAL TAP star HARRY SHEARER managed to escape jury duty in the ROBERT BLAKE murder trial by convincing the authorities that he'd be sued if he participated. Shearer, who also voices...

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Applegate Tries To Get Out Of Blake Trial Jury

8th January 2004

Sexy Hollywood actress CHRISTINA APPLEGATE has found herself in the jury pool for the murder trial of veteran actor ROBERT BLAKE. The WONDERLAND beauty spent nine hours at the VAN NUYS courthouse in Los...

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Blair Refused To Hold Dog In Simpsons Episode

5th January 2004

British PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR refused to hold a dog in his cameo appearance in THE SIMPSONS, because he was afraid of being portrayed as "America's poodle". The British premier was worried that his...

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Powers Wants Simpsons Role

12th December 2003

Former HART TO HART star STEFANIE POWERS dreams of tempting lovable cartoon character HOMER SIMPSON away from his wife MARGE. The actress is keen to appear on hit American animated series THE SIMPSONS because...

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Fans Of The Simpsons Spot Name Change

11th December 2003

Cartoon favourite THE SIMPSONS has come under attack from eagle-eyed fans, for changing the name of one of the show's characters. In an episode focusing on KRUSTY THE KLOWN's long-delayed bar mitzvah, the clown...

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