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Mel Gibson's Movie Daughter Dead At 21

20th July 2014

The former child star who played Mel Gibson's daughter in The Patriot has died at the age of 21.Skye MCCole Bartusiak died at her home in Texas on Friday (18Jul14). Bartusiak also appeared alongside...

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Thor 2 Being Rewritten By Robert Rodat

11th January 2012

'Thor 2' is being re-written by 'Saving Private Ryan's Robert Rodat.The Hollywood scriptwriter has been brought in by Marvel to re-write the script, a first draft of which has already been submitted by Don Payne....

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Jason Isaacs Shocked By Mel Gibson's Rant

20th June 2011

Jewish actor Jason Isaacs was stunned to learn about his friend Mel Gibson's alleged drunken anti-Semitic rant in 2006, because he remembers his The Patriot co-star as a "tender" man.The Lethal Weapon star was detained...

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James Franco Named Leading Man Of The Year By Gq

16th November 2010

James Franco has been named Leading Man of the Year.The '127 Hours'actor was one of a number of honourees recognised by the US edition of GQ magazine for their achievements in the last 12 months,...

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Isaacs' Shock At Ledger's Death

2nd September 2009

JASON ISAACS was stunned to hear about the death of his THE PATRIOT co-star HEATH LEDGER - and immediately rang the movie's other stars to mourn the tragedy.The pair starred in the 2000 war movie,...

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Gibson Trilogy On Historically Incorrect Movies List

25th March 2008

MEL GIBSON movies BRAVEHEART, APOCALYPTO and THE PATRIOT have all been named and shamed among the most historically inaccurate films ever made. The Gibson trio joins 2001: A Space Odyssey, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, 300,...

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Sin City Fight Tops Movie 'Ass-kickings' Poll

16th November 2006

BRUCE WILLIS' battering of NICK STAHL's evil YELLOW BASTARD character in SIN CITY has topped a new poll of the Best Movie Ass-Kickings of All Time. The gruesome spat beat PAXTON's fight with THE DUTCH...

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Producer Devlin Defends Gibson

6th August 2006

LATEST: Jewish movie-maker DEAN DEVLIN has added his support to disgraced Hollywood star MEL GIBSON, insisting he's never encountered anti-Semite attitudes from the actor. Gibson has been attacked by sections of the Hollywood community for...

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Sony Reaches Settlement Over Fake Critic

4th August 2005

Hollywood film studio Sony-TriStar has reached a $1.5 million (GBP850,000) settlement over accusations it advertised movies using quotes from a fabricated film critic. In 2001 billboards and TV commercials featured soundbites praising the studio's...

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Smith Caught Kissing Dunst On Video

14th May 2004

MEL GIBSON's movie son in THE PATRIOT, GREGORY SMITH, has a dream sequence of him kissing KIRSTEN DUNST - on video. The young actor's proud mum was so thrilled when her son filmed his...

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Russell Slams 'Scumbag' Gibson

28th April 2004

Flamboyant British filmmaker KEN RUSSELL has launched a scathing attack on MEL GIBSON's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST - calling the controversial director a "scumbag". The WOMEN IN LOVE star believes the film about...

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Scott: Women Confuse Me With My Characters

1st March 2004

Actor SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT's reputation as a big screen joker has played havoc with his romantic quests - because women always see him as the "guy who drank semen" in AMERICAN PIE. Despite cementing...

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Health Ledger 'Destroyed' His Own Career

27th February 2004

Australian actor HEATH LEDGER was so terrified by his movie success, he attempted to "destroy" his career so he wouldn't become too commercialised. The 24-year-old screen hunk rose to phenomenal popularity after appearing in...

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Emmerich Gets Revenge On British Critics

23rd February 2004

Hollywood director ROLAND EMMERICH has used his latest movie to take revenge on British critics, who slated his previous film THE PATRIOT. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, which is set to open in May (04),...

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Henderson's Financial Help From Heath

2nd February 2004

THE RING star MARTIN HENDERSON will forever be in pal HEATH LEDGER's debt after the Aussie actor helped him out financially at the lowest point of his life. New Zealander Henderson was forced to...

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Joely Richardson Plays Down Shoreditch Role

28th November 2003

Screen beauty JOELY RICHARDSON was keen to distance herself from new movie SHOREDITCH at the film's London premiere yesterday (27NOV03). THE PATRIOT actress claimed she had "no idea" how the critically slammed film had...

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Richardson Alone Again

1st July 2003

British THE PATRIOT beauty JOELY RICHARDSON has split from on-off TV presenter lover JAMIE THEAKSTON - for the final time. The couple have had a tempestuous on/off relationship for several years - but according...

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Iraqis Get Patriotic

18th April 2003

Iraqi film fans are delving into American history to help them understand more about the United States. The top video store in Baghdad - Iraq's capital - reports regulars are flocking in to pick...

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