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Mel Gibson's Movie Priest Dead At 99

19th August 2014

A Catholic priest who helped inspire Mel Gibson on the set of The Passion Of The Christ has died at the age of 99.Father Jean-Marie Charles-Roux became involved with the controversial movie when Gibson contacted...

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Conservative Commentators Hail Success Of Act Of Valor

28th February 2012

The success of Act of Valor has given conservative Hollywood haters some of the most potent ammunition for their arsenal since Mel Gibson struck it big with The Passion of the Christ. On Andrew Breitbart's...

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Jim Caviezel Joins The Tomb

21st February 2012

Jim Caviezel has joined the cast of 'The Tomb'.The 43-year-old actor - who starred as Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ' - will appear alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in...

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Mel Gibson Working On Jewish Film

9th September 2011

Mel Gibson is developing a Jewish movie for Warner Bros. The Hollywood star - who went on an anti-Semitic rant at police officers after he was arrested in 2006 for driving under the influence -...

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Mel Gibson Reaches Divorce Settlement

28th June 2011

Mel Gibson has reached a divorce settlement with Robyn Moore after two years. A lawyer for 'The Beaver' actor's wife of 28 years – who started divorce proceedings in 2009, citing 'irreconcilable differences' – appeared...

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Caviezel Reveals Adopted Son Has Life-threatening Cancer

3rd May 2011

The Passion Of The Christ star Jim Caviezel is trying to stay philosophical as his adopted son BO battles terminal cancer, hoping he learns a lesson from the six year old's death.The devout Catholic actor...

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Gibson Experiences Another Hangover (Or Doesn't)

22nd October 2010

An actors' backlash apparently resulted in Mel Gibson being dropped from the cast of The Hangover Part II . In a statement, director Todd Phillips said that while he "thought Mel would have been great...

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Alice To Challenge Avatar At Box Office

5th March 2010

Avatar will lose all of its IMAX screens as well as nearly 300 of its 3D ones as well as Alice in Wonderland takes over as the 3D box-office favorite this weekend. According to Box...

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The Things They Say 15217

30th January 2010

"People come up to me all the time and say that the movie had this profound effect on their lives, and I'm talking about people from all creeds, all colours and all ages. It looked...

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Mel Gibson Still Has Lots To Give

29th January 2010

Mel Gibson returned to acting because he realised he still had something to offer. The 'Braveheart' star - who has spent the last eight years behind the camera directing movies such as the successful yet...

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Movie Reviews The Book Of Eli

15th January 2010

The Book of Eli is one of those sci-fi fantasies that critics have difficulty summarizing without -- at least on the Internet -- posting "spoiler" alerts. Roger Ebert is left having to conclude in his...

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Jackson Film In Less-than-thriller Start

29th October 2009

The Michael Jackson concert documentary This Is It! brought in $2.2 million at the box office in late-night screenings Tuesday -- very good, but far from extraordinary. Industry forecasters said that it was likely to...

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Mel Gibson Settles Passion Of The Christ Script Lawsuit

19th May 2009

Actor/director Mel Gibson has agreed an undisclosed settlement with the screenwriter of the 2004 hit film The Passion of the Christ over a salary dispute.Benedict Fitzgerald had sued the Braveheart star for $10 million (6.5...

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Writer Demands Revised Accounts In Gibson Case

15th April 2009

The writer suing MEL GIBSON over THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST has asked a Los Angeles judge to order a more thorough accounting of the movie's finances. Benedict Fitzgerald, who co-wrote the 2004 film, filed legal...

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Mel Gibson's Wife Files For Divorce After 28-Year Marriage

14th April 2009

The wife of actor Mel Gibson has filed for divorce after 28 years of marriage to the Braveheart star.Robyn Gibson cited irreconcilable differences as the cause of the separation and could be in line for...

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Gibson Ordered To Attend Disposition For Screenwriter Suit

27th November 2008

The Los Angeles judge overseeing MEL GIBSON's lawsuit against the co-screenwriter of his epic film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST has ordered the star to attend court for a disposition. On Monday (24Nov08) L.A. Superior...

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Gibson Faces Disposition Over Passion Finances

26th November 2008

MEL GIBSON could be quizzed in court over his legal battle with the co-screenwriter of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, after a Los Angeles judge tentatively ordered the star to stand for a disposition. Benedict...

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Sir Ian Mckellen Keen On Magneto Spin-off Movie

11th July 2008

Sir Ian McKellen has revealed he would happy to star in a film about Magneto, his character in the X-Men franchise.Speaking ahead of the all-night screening of the comic book trilogy at the BFI Imax...

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Caviezel To Play Number Six

1st July 2008

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL will reprise PATRICK MCGOOHAN's role as NUMBER SIX in a TV remake of cult series THE PRISONER. Sir Ian MCKellen has also signed on for the six-part...

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Mel Gibson Back In Front Of Camera For Edge Of Darkness

29th April 2008

Mel Gibson is to return to acting for the first time in six years in a feature adaptation of 80s BBC drama Edge of Darkness.The Mad Max star has not topped the bill in front...

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Churchgoers Expected To Lift Box Office For Expelled

18th April 2008

Some analysts are predicting that the same churchgoers who rarely go to the movies but who descended en masse on theaters showing Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ could make actor-commentator Ben Stein's documentary...

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Gibson Wants Passion Records Sealed

3rd April 2008

LATEST: MEL GIBSON has appealed to a Los Angeles judge to grant a privacy motion in his legal battle with the co-screenwriter of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, in a bid to keep financial records...

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Gibson Asks Judge To Throw Out Passion Writer's Lawsuit

22nd March 2008

MEL GIBSON has filed legal papers asking a judge to dismiss a fraud allegation filed in a recent lawsuit by the co-screenwriter of his religious epic THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. In his lawsuit, Benedict...

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Mel Gibson Completes Drunk-driving Probation Order

14th February 2008

Mel Gibson has completed the probation order stemming from his 2006 arrest for driving under the influence.The Braveheart star remained largely silent during the 25-minute hearing at the Malibu superior court but told the judge...

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Tolkien Estate Sues New Line Over Rings Accounts

12th February 2008

In the latest lawsuit against a studio alleging fraudulent accounting practices, the estate of Lord of the Rings creator J.R.R. Tolkien, along with publisher HarperCollins, has claimed that it has not received the 7.5 percent...

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Passion Of The Christ Screenwriter Sues Gibson

12th February 2008

MEL GIBSON stands accused of fraud, breach of contract and unfair business practices in a lawsuit filed by the co-screenwriter of his religious epic THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Benedict Fitzgerald accuses Gibson, who directed...

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Will Churchgoers Turn Out For Evan Almighty?

20th June 2007

For the first time since Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, a distributor will be courting the church-going audience with the release of Universal's $200-million Evan Almighty -- reportedly the most costly comedy ever...

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Web Credited For 300 Triumph

13th March 2007

Viral Internet marketing was likely responsible for the astonishing success of Warner Bros.' 300 over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times indicated today (Tuesday). The newspaper observed that the movie, which earned nearly $71 million...

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300 Scores March Movie Record As It Fights Its Way To The Top

11th March 2007

Bloody war epic 300 has slaughtered its competition at the US box office, setting a new March record in the process. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the film, starring Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER, sold out...

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Movie Mogul Weinstein 'Forgives' Gibson

13th February 2007

Jewish movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN is willing to forgive MEL GIBSON - but only on the condition he no longer harbours any racist beliefs. Gibson insulted the Jewish community last year (06) after making a...

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