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Ozzy Osbourne Eyes Reality Tv Special

28th May 2014

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne wants to update fans on the life of his famously chaotic family in a one-off special episode of their hit reality Tv show The Osbournes.The Black Sabbath star gained a whole new...

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Kelly Osbourne Mourning Family Dog

29th April 2013

Kelly Osbourne is in mourning after a pet dog featured in the famous family's hit reality Tv show The Osbournes died.The singer-turned-Tv host discovered on Sunday (28Apr13) that Maggie, a Japanese Chin, had passed away,...

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Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne In Extension Row

7th June 2012

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are being sued for illegally extending their Los Angeles garden. The rock singer and his wife have reportedly annexed land neighbouring their home, which is governed by The Mountain View Estate...

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Osbournes To Make Cartoon Comeback

5th March 2012

The Osbourne family are to make a comeback to primetime TV in a cartoon form.Former Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon and children Jack and Kelly will be turned into animated characters in...

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Jack Osbourne's Dog Dies

22nd February 2012

Jack Osbourne's dog has died.The 'Adrenalin Junkie' star is devastated by the loss of his ''best friend'', 12-year-old Bulldog Lola, who passed away yesterday (21.02.12).He tweeted: ''Lola you were the best friend anyone could ever...

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Peacekeeper Jack Osbourne

18th November 2011

Jack and Ozzy Osbourne are the "peacekeepers" in the Osbourne family. The rocker's family rose to fame in the early part of the last decade starring in their own reality series, 'The Osbournes', and while...

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Jack Osbourne Craved The 'Mundane'

12th November 2011

Jack Osbourne used to crave a "mundane" life.The 25-year-old star is the son of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and TV star Sharon and admits he used to envy the ordinary households his friends grew up in.Asked...

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Jack Osbourne: Ozzy Will Outlive Me

9th November 2011

Jack Osbourne thinks his father Ozzy will live until he is 900.The 25-year-old star says his rocker dad is surprisingly healthy considering his rock 'n' roll lifestyle and he jokes he will be outlived by...

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Jack Osbourne's Baby 'Wasn't Planned'

8th November 2011

Jack Osbourne admits his baby 'wasn't planned'.The 25-year-old star recently revealed his fiancee Lisa Stelly is pregnant and the couple are thrilled at the prospect of becoming parents, despite the news coming as a surprise.He...

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The Things They Say 23367

4th November 2011

"For as long as I live, I will never, ever allow a camera in my house again." Expectant father Jack Osbourne is adamant he won't allow his unborn child to star in a reality show...

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Jack Osbourne Is Finished With Reality Tv

4th November 2011

Jack Osbourne says he will never star in another reality TV show "for as long as" he lives.The 25-year-old star rose to fame with the rest of his family on MTV reality series 'The Osbournes'...

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Jack Osbourne Announces Baby Is On The Way

12th October 2011

Jack Osbourne is to become a father for the first time.The 'Adrenalin Junkie' star has confirmed fiancee Lisa Stelly - who he got engaged to two weeks ago - is expecting their first child and...

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Kelly Osbourne Proud Of Jack

30th September 2011

Kelly Osbourne says she's "unbelievably proud" of brother Jack following his engagement.The reality TV star proposed to model-and-actress Lisa Stelly after just four months of dating and Kelly admits she couldn't be happier.Writing on her...

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Jack Osbourne Gets Engaged

30th September 2011

Jack Osbourne is engaged. The reality TV star proposed to model-and-actress Lisa Stelly after just four months of dating and she said "yes".After accepting his proposal, she tweeted: "The most amazing man I've ever met...

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Kelly And Jack Osbourne To Work On Tv Show Together

31st August 2011

Kelly and Jack Osbourne are teaming up for a TV show.The 'Fashion Police host has revealed she and her sibling - who first shot to fame in 'The Osbournes', a reality TV show following their...

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The Osbournes Handed New Tax Bill

30th April 2011

The Osbournes have been handed another tax bill, for $357,000. The reality TV family - headed by rock singer Ozzy and TV personality Sharon – had already received demands for $1.7 million, and their new...

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Kelly Osbourne Dating Chace?

16th September 2010

Kelly Osbourne is reportedly dating Chace Crawford.The TV star - who ended her engagement with Luke Worrall in July amid speculation the model had cheated on her - is said to have enjoyed a series...

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Kelly Osbourne Not Just A Famous Daughter

29th August 2010

Kelly Osbourne hates being compared to other celebrity daughters. The presenter - who shot to fame after appearing alongside parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne in reality TV show 'The Osbournes' - revealed being put in...

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Kelly Osbourne Lands Hollywood Movie

24th August 2010

Kelly Osbourne has landed her first movie role. The 25-year-old media personality will play the role of a groupie in 'Should Have Been Romeo', and she admits she is ecstatic to land a movie job....

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Reality Tv Star Tom Cruise

20th July 2010

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning to appear in a reality TV show to prove to the world their family is "normal".The Hollywood star has reportedly been filming his wife and their four-year-old daughter...

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Osbourne Happy To Ditch Tv Shows

2nd July 2010

OZZY OSBOURNE is glad he's revived his rock career - because he feared he would be remembered for his shambolic appearance on reality TV show THE OSBOURNES.The former Black Sabbath frontman was catapulted back into...

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Ozzy Smoked Pot During The Osbournes

8th June 2010

OZZY OSBOURNE has revealed the real reason behind his shambling appearance on reality show THE OSBOURNES - he smoked pot in a secret room hidden from the cameras.The former Black Sabbath frontman entertained viewers with...

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Museum Exhibition Ozzy Osbourne

7th June 2010

Ozzy Osbourne plans to donate his body to a museum when he dies.The Black Sabbath rocker - who has battled problems with drink and drugs over the years - believes he's a "medical miracle" for...

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Kelly Osbourne Fierce Again

16th March 2010

Kelly Osbourne is re-writing her autobiography.The 25-year-old star is revisiting 'Fierce' - which also contained self-help advice for teenagers based on Kelly's own life experiences - to include all the exciting things that have happened...

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Osbournes To Star In New Tv Series

2nd March 2010

THE OSBOURNES are coming back to the small screen - SHARON and KELLY OSBOURNE are fronting a new TV series dealing with troubled families.Ozzy Osbourne's wife and daughter shot to fame appearing alongside the former...

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Devoted Family Woman Sharon Osbourne

1st March 2010

Sharon Osbourne insists her family will always come before fame and money.The reality TV star - who has three grown-up children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack, with rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne - admits her home life...

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Ozzy Regrets Filming The Osbournes

2nd October 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE regrets participating in his hit reality TV series THE OSBOURNES, because he struggled to cope with the ensuing media attention cast upon the clan.The rocker has sold more than 100 million albums with...

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Worried Rocker Ozzy Osbourne

1st October 2009

Ozzy Osbourne can't stop worrying.The Black Sabbath rocker - who has three children with wife Sharon Osbourne and three from his previous marriage - is constantly searching for something to be concerned about and feels...

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Kelly Was A Drug Addict On The Osbournes

22nd September 2009

KELLY OSBOURNE has revealed she was a "full-blown drug addict" by the time she became a reality TV star in THE OSBOURNES - and the high-profile show only made matters worse.The pop star daughter of...

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Kelly Osbourne Too Young To Wed

20th September 2009

Kelly Osbourne thinks she is too young to get married.The 24-year-old star is engaged to 19-year-old model Luke Worrall but believes they should wait a few years before they tie the knot.Kelly is so certain...

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