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Kinsey Files For Divorce

30th June 2010

THE OFFICE star ANGELA KINSEY has filed for divorce from her husband of ten years.The actress, who plays awkward Angela Martin on the hit U.S. sitcom, split from the show's writer/producer Warren Lieberstein last year...

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The Things They Say 17134

29th June 2010

"I just think it's time. I want to fulfil my contract. When I first signed on, I had a contract for seven seasons, and this coming year is my seventh. I just thought it was...

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Carell Quit The Office For Family

14th May 2010

THE OFFICE star STEVE CARELL has dismissed rumours his plan to leave the hit U.S. comedy is a ploy for a pay rise - because he simply wants to spend more time with his family.The...

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The Things They Say 16514

14th May 2010

"We flew our mothers to New York City to meet for the first time for Mother's Day. Three days in New York City with the mums. It went great, they talked about (TV channels) Home...

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The Things They Say 16430

7th May 2010

"I'm afraid of the ocean. It's terrible because I like the beach lifestyle... But if I can't see my feet I lose it completely. I have a really vivid imagination and I always think of...

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Carell To Quit The Office

29th April 2010

STEVE CARELL has confirmed he will quit hit comedy show THE OFFICE after one more season.The actor has played embarrassing boss Michael Scott on the series since 2005, in a role based on Ricky Gervais'...

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Blunt & Krasinski 'To Wed Next Month'

14th April 2010

Actress EMILY BLUNT is set to wed THE OFFICE star JOHN KRASINSKI next month (May10), according to a U.S. report.The funnyman proposed to The Devil Wears Prada actress in August (09) after a whirlwind 10-month...

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Ashanti Signs Reality Tv Deal

17th February 2010

R&B star ASHANTI has teamed up with the producers of UGLY BETTY and THE OFFICE to create a new reality TV contest.The singer/actress has just signed a deal with the brains behind Reveille Productions to...

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Hamm Taught Kemper In High School

5th February 2010

THE OFFICE star ELLIE KEMPER loves tuning into MAD MEN - because the TV show's leading man JON HAMM was her high school drama teacher.After college, Hamm returned to teach at his alma mater, John...

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Gervais Confirms Hopes For The Office Cameo

1st February 2010

RICKY GERVAIS has confirmed he's considering resurrecting his role as boss from hell DAVID BRENT in a one-off special for the U.S. version of THE OFFICE.The British funnyman became an overnight sensation after his hit...

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Ricky Gervais 'To Appear In U.s. Office'

15th January 2010

RICKY GERVAIS is planning to reprise his THE OFFICE character in the U.S. version of the hit sitcom, according to tabloid reports.Gervais retired bad boss David Brent after just two seasons of the hugely popular...

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The Things They Say 14964

12th January 2010

"THE OFFICE is shown in about 90 countries, so I've been promising myself I'll visit some of them. I'm going to do the first world live comedy tour." British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS wants to take...

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Krasinski Plays Cupid For Novak & Kaling

11th January 2010

Actor JOHN KRASINSKI has been playing cupid for his THE OFFICE co-stars B.J. NOVAK and MINDY KALING after helping to reignite the former couple's romance.Novak and Kaling split in 2008 but sparked rumours they had...

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The Things They Say 14695

16th December 2009

"There’s definitely no way I could speak of plans because there literally aren’t any." EMILY BLUNT admits she and JOHN KRASINSKI haven't made any wedding plans yet. THE OFFICE star proposed to the Brit actress...

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The Things They Say 14652

11th December 2009

"Being able to laugh with another person is such an amazing gift that I think it can make things extremely fun, but it’s the only way to get through the bad times. The mind is...

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Fascinating Fact 8495

10th December 2009

CAMERON DIAZ is heading back to school for a raunchy new comedy. The Hollywood actress has teamed up with the writers behind hit TV series THE OFFICE for BAD TEACHER, which tells the story of...

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Fascinating Fact 8343

13th November 2009

THE OFFICE creator RICKY GERVAIS is returning to the workplace - he's helped create a new TV sitcom set in a mobile phone shop. PHONESHOP debuts in the U.K. on Friday (13Nov09).

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The Things They Say 13950

30th October 2009

"Recently someone stopped me in the street and said, 'You're very good in THE OFFICE!'" 30 ROCK comedienne TINA FEY often suffers from mistaken identity.

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Krasinski Fears He'll Tear Up At Wedding

1st October 2009

Actor JOHN KRASINSKI fears he'll break down in tears when he marries fiancee EMILY BLUNT, after struggling to contain his emotions while filming a wedding scene for his hit TV comedy THE OFFICE.The funnyman proposed...

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Fascinating Fact 8053

25th September 2009

THE OFFICE star ANGELA KINSEY spent her childhood in Indonesia after her father landed an engineering job in Jakarta when she was just two years old. Her family stayed there for 12 years before returning...

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Blunt's Tears During Proposal

21st September 2009

EMILY BLUNT broke down in tears when JOHN KRASINSKI proposed to her - and so did THE OFFICE star.Krasinski asked the British actress to marry him last month (Aug09) and was overjoyed when she accepted...

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The Things They Say 13457

14th September 2009

"The truth of the matter is that I'm scared out of my mind when I get calls from GEORGE CLOONEY and SAM MENDES. I'm not a person who believes everything will be great." THE OFFICE...

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Krasinski Considered Quitting Acting

14th September 2009

JOHN KRASINSKI nearly gave up acting before landing a role in THE OFFICE - because he'd been fired from nine jobs waiting on tables.Krasinski moved to New York after graduating from college and found work...

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Fischer To Wed

7th July 2009

THE OFFICE star JENNA FISCHER is set to wed again after accepting writer LEE KIRK's marriage proposal.The actress, who plays Pam Beesly in the hit comedy show, divorced her first husband, director James Gunn in...

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The Things They Say 12770

1st July 2009

"It ended with a $15,000 tattoo removal. I also learned they charge you an extra 10 per cent if the tattoo is in an erogenous area." THE OFFICE and THE PROPOSAL star OSCAR NUNEZ on...

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Mendes Told Krasinski To Turn Down The Office

19th June 2009

SAM MENDES tried to convince JOHN KRASINSKI to turn down his role on the U.S. version of THE OFFICE - because he didn't think the actor could carry of comedy.The filmmaker, who first met Krasinski...

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The Things They Say 12562

10th June 2009

"I'm playing with her a lot all day and she's started getting bored with me. So I started doing impressions. My latest one is doing SEAN CONNERY for her." THE OFFICE actress ANGELA KINSEY on...

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Krasinski Falls For New York

9th June 2009

THE OFFICE star JOHN KRASINSKI has fallen in love with New York while shooting his next movie in the city, and is dreaming of moving to Manhattan full-time.The Los Angeles-based actor has swapped west for...

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Rashida Jones Finds Love With Obama Speechwriter

21st May 2009

RASHIDA JONES has found love after her split from THE OFFICE co-star JOHN KRASINSKI - she's dating one of BARACK OBAMA's speechwriters. Jones met 27-year-old Jon Favreau - no relation to the Iron Man director -...

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Fascinating Fact 7089

1st April 2009

Funnyman RAINN WILSON's portrayal of a manic musician in THE ROCKER has landed him a real-life rock role - THE OFFICE star is collaborating with RIVERS CUOMO on WEEZER's new material....

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