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The Things They Say 25449

12th June 2012

"We want to have children; I just don't know when yet. I'm just not sure about the timing of all of that. We're both from big families, so I think it's something we want." British...

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Doctor Who Star Catherine Tate Promoted On The Office

4th June 2012

British comedienne Catherine Tate has been added to the cast of U.S. sitcom The Office - as a regular.The former Doctor Who star's Nellie Bertram character has been promoted for the programme's upcoming ninth season,...

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The Things They Say 24786

30th March 2012

"My wife and I have been going down to Haiti a fair amount and helping out down there. Sean Penn has an incredible charity down there, it's unbelievable, I can't say enough good things about...

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James Spader To Exit The Office After Just One Season

28th February 2012

Actor James Spader's The Office duty is over after just one season - the actor won't return for the U.S. TV comedy's ninth run later this year (12).The Secretary star was the first new addition...

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Jenna Fischer Struggling To Lose Weight After Giving Birth

31st January 2012

The Office star Jenna Fischer is baffled by Hollywood mums who slim down quickly - because she's still struggling to lose weight after becoming a mum in September (11).The actress admits she is desperate to...

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Fascinating Fact 12736

26th January 2012

Comedian Rainn Wilson is set to front his own TV spin-off from the hit U.S. version of The Office. The series will focus on the funnyman's character Dwight Schrute and his life on a beetroot...

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John Krasinski Drops By Sesame Street

22nd December 2011

Actor John Krasinski has swapped The Office for Sesame Street to give kids a vocabulary lesson.The actor took time out from his busy TV schedule to film a cameo on the beloved U.S. education show,...

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The Things They Say 23624

1st December 2011

"I'm not pregnant, but my hairstylist suggested I take prenatal vitamins. They really scare the boys, but it's worth it. I have fine hair but it's incredibly thick now." The Office star Mindy Kaling on...

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The Office Set Visit Up For Auction

16th September 2011

The stars of The Office are auctioning off a visit to the set of the hit comedy to raise money for a children's charity.The winning bidder and a friend will get the chance to meet...

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Ricky Gervais Rejects Role In Us Office

27th August 2011

Ricky Gervais has turned down the chance to play the boss in the US version of his hit show The Office.The comedian has already appeared in the American show making a brief cameo as British...

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Josh Groban Heading To The Office

19th August 2011

Josh Groban is heading to TV screens again - he's signed up to star in U.S. comedy The Office.The hitmaker has previously appeared on singing series Glee, and now Groban is to reappear on the...

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The Things They Say 22378

23rd July 2011

"I'm a little scared of him... I'm going to be a little nervous the first day I sit next to him in hair and make-up. I don't know what my first line is going to...

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Steve Carell Backs Spader To Run The Office

19th July 2011

Steve Carell is backing his The Office replacement James Spader, calling him an "excellent choice" to take over the role.The funnyman recently quit as horrible boss Michael Scott in the U.S. comedy and TV chiefs...

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James Spader Replaces Bates As The Office Ceo

6th July 2011

James Spader is heading back to TV as an executive in The Office.The Secretary star had a cameo as creepy Robert California in one of The Office episodes following Steve Carell's departure from the U.S....

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The Office Star Jenna Fischer Auctions Off Rare Set Visit For Charity

27th June 2011

Actress Jenna Fischer has auctioned off a rare visit to the set of the hit U.S. TV show The Office to raise money for Americans devastated by recent deadly tornadoes.Twisters levelled Joplin, Missouri last month...

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Fascinating Fact 11483

20th May 2011

Jim Carrey, James Spader and Ray Romano appeared on the season finale of The Office in America on Thursday night (19May11) among the hopefuls keen to replace Steve Carrell's character Michael Scott on the show....

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Will Ferrell Has No Plans To Become The Office Regular

12th May 2011

Funnyman Will Ferrell has "no plans" to take on a permanent role in hit U.S. comedy The Office as a replacement for Steve Carell.The Elf star filmed four episodes of the hit sitcom as oddball...

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Will Ferrell Backs Steve Carell To Win An Emmy

3rd May 2011

Will Ferrell is campaigning for Steve Carell to win an Emmy for his final performance in TV comedy series The Office, insisting it will be "a crime" if the funnyman doesn't pick up gold at...

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Steve Carell's Weepy The Office Exit

2nd May 2011

Steve Carell has confirmed his exit from The Office was an emotional moment as "everybody was crying".The funnyman filmed his final scenes for the hit TV comedy back in March (11) and the episode showing...

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Fascinating Fact 11326

25th April 2011

Jim Carrey has been added to the list of comedians who will appear in the final episode of The Office this season, due to air in the U.S. next month (May11). The funnyman will reportedly...

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The Things They Say 21244

13th April 2011

"People always say, 'Are you gonna be in it?' Of course I'm not gonna be in it! Why would I get up at six o' clock? I get half their wages anyway!" The Office creator...

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Catherine Tate Tipped To Replace Steve Carell In The Office

8th April 2011

British comedienne Catherine Tate has been tipped to take over from Steve Carell when he departs The Office later this month (Apr11).The former Doctor Who star will appear on the current season finale of the...

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Steve Carell & Kiera Knightley An Odd Match In Romantic Roadtrip Comedy

3rd April 2011

Steve Carell and Kiera Knightley are set to play unlikely roadtrip pals in the funnyman's first post-The Office film role.The pair will play neighbours on a trip to meet Carell's childhood sweetheart in the hours...

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Will Ferrell Eyes Full-time The Office Job

28th March 2011

Funnyman Will Ferrell is eyeing a permanent desk job - he's hoping his upcoming turn in The Office will become a regular role.The Elf star is to appear in four episodes of the U.S. sitcom's...

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Steve Carell Films Final The Office Scenes

8th March 2011

There will be no more trips to The Office for Steve Carell - the funnyman has shot his final episode.Co-star Rainn Wilson has broken the news Carell shot his last scenes on Friday (04Mar11) in...

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The Things They Say 20668

7th March 2011

"My secret wish is to replace Steve Carell." Kathy Bates dreams of turning her guest role on TV hit The Office into a permanent gig once leading man Carell leaves the cast.

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Gervais Wants Arnett To Be The Office's New Boss

11th February 2011

RICKY GERVAIS is backing ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT star WILL ARNETT to be the new boss on THE OFFICE after STEVE CARELL steps down in May (11).The actor has played embarrassing boss Michael Scott on the American...

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Fascinating Fact 10749

27th January 2011

Funnyman WILL FERRELL is set to join U.S. TV comedy THE OFFICE for a four-episode arc that will extend past Steve Carell's final episode. Ferrell and Carell teamed up on the big screen in Anchorman.

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The Things They Say 19928

21st January 2011

"I sent him an email saying: 'I think you are doing the right thing.' As a producer, I was expected to try and stop him because he is a big part of it... It can...

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Fascinating Fact 10694

20th January 2011

RICKY GERVAIS is set for a return to THE OFFICE - he'll appear on the U.S. spin-off of his hit British comedy. The funnyman will guest star on the sitcom on 27 January (11).

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