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Anthony Feared Affect Of Pinkett Smith Affair Rumours On Her Kids

2nd September 2011

Marc Anthony was left horrified when he was accused of cheating on wife Jennifer Lopez with close friend Jada Pinkett Smith, because he feared the affect the false rumours would have on The Matrix Reloaded...

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De Niro Film Races Off With Car Chase Prize

20th March 2007

ROBERT DE NIRO's 1998 action movie RONIN has topped a new list of the Greatest Movie Car Chases. The film's classic race through the streets of Paris, France is "a top-notch white-knuckle ride," according to...

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300 Scores March Movie Record As It Fights Its Way To The Top

11th March 2007

Bloody war epic 300 has slaughtered its competition at the US box office, setting a new March record in the process. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the film, starring Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER, sold out...

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Reeves Will Defend Matrix Films To The Death

21st February 2005

KEANU REEVES has staunchly defended the poorly-received sequels to THE MATRIX, insisting he'll praise them until he dies. Although THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS were unpopular with critics, who deemed them feeble...

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Spider-man 2 Is A Confirmed Record Breaker

6th July 2004

LATEST: The SPIDER-MAN sequel has spun up $180 million (GBP100 million) at the American box office to become the biggest opener in film history. Estimates yesterday (05JUL04) suggested the film was well on course...

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No Surprises As Spider-man Swings In Big

5th July 2004

The SPIDER-MAN sequel is set to smash SHREK 2's two-month old box office record when official Independence Day weekend figures are released later today (05JUL04). Estimates yesterday (04JUL04) put the gross for SPIDER-MAN 2...

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Ronin Speeds Off With Best Car Chase Scene

11th March 2004

The hair-raising car chase in RONIN has topped a poll of the best movie pursuit sequences of all time. The 1998 film - directed by JOHN FRANKENHEIMER and starring ROBERT DE NIRO - contains...

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Madonna And Hilton Win Dancestars Awards

10th March 2004

MADONNA and PARIS HILTON were the surprise winners at the annual DANCESTAR USA AWARDS in Miami, Florida on Tuesday (09MAR04). The MATERIAL GIRL, whose last album AMERICAN LIFE failed to impress critics, was named...

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Matrix Takes Over

10th November 2003

The last in the MATRIX film series has made history by having the biggest global film opening of all time, according to studio WARNERS. THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS has topped the American box office and...

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Matrix Set To Break $200 Million In 5 Days

6th November 2003

Movie experts have predicted hit sequel THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS will make $200 million (GBP125 million) in its first five days of release. The KEANU REEVES-starring blockbuster was released simultaneously in 80 countries yesterday (05NOV03)...

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Tarantino: Kill Bill Isn't Matrix Reloaded

3rd October 2003

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO has defended his new movie KILL BILL from accusations the finale is similar to that in THE MATRIX RELOADED. The outspoken film-maker insists the thought didn't occur to him until...

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Bratt Joins Catwoman

19th September 2003

TRAFFIC star BENJAMIN BRATT is lined up to star opposite HALLE BERRY in the new CATWOMAN film. Bratt, who dated megastar JULIA ROBERTS for two years before marrying TALISA SOTO, will play DETECTIVE TOM...

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American Box Office Scores Record Summer

2nd September 2003

Forecasts of a slump in cinema returns have been quashed by a record summer (03) at the American box office - thanks to a late surge of high grossing hits. Figures for the season...

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Scary Movie 3 Postponed To Be More Current

20th August 2003

The filming of horror spoof SCARY MOVIE 3 shut down for two weeks so writers could incorporate more topical jokes about THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE HULK. The movie, which stars CHARLIE SHEEN and...

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Vanilla Ice's Spoof Flick

15th August 2003

Faded rap star VANILLA ICE is preparing to make a comeback - in a low budget spoof of THE MATRIX RELOADED. Ice, real name ROBERT VAN WINKLE, is starring in THE HELIX: RELOADED, which...

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King Kutcher Rules At Teen Choice Awards

6th August 2003

ASHTON KUTCHER will be crowned king of the teens tonight (06AUG03) when Saturday's (02AUG03) TEEN CHOICE AWARDS is aired in America. The winners at the event had been kept under wraps, but now news...

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Jada's Screen Thrill

22nd July 2003

THE MATRIX RELOADED beauty JADA PINKETT SMITH loves watching her husband WILL SMITH on the big screen - because she can openly lust after him. The diminutive actress admits looking at her beefed-up beau...

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Smith: Bad Boys Made Me A Sex Symbol

21st July 2003

Hollywood star WILL SMITH is eternally grateful for his role in hit movie BAD BOYS - because it gave him his sex symbol status. The actor, married to THE MATRIX RELOADED beauty JADA PINKETT...

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2003 Box Office Takings Fall Behind 2002

8th July 2003

This year's (03) Hollywood blockbusters are failing to turn around a box-office slump following the record year of 2002, despite a handful of mega-budget sequels. The likes of THE MATRIX RELOADED, TERMINATOR 3: RISE...

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Keanu Reeves Too Busy For Love

18th June 2003

THE MATRIX RELOADED hero KEANU REEVES is struggling to find love - because his high-profile movie career is leaving him too busy for romance. The handsome actor devotes so much time to filming blockbusters...

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Matrix's Big In Britain

17th June 2003

THE MATRIX RELOADED was such a huge hit in Britain it marked a massive surge in cinema bookings. The sci-fi sequel - starring KEANU REEVES and LAURENCE FISHBURNE - took $31 million (GBP20.7 million)...

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Jurassic Park Triumphs In Sfx Poll

15th June 2003

Futuristic flick THE MATRIX RELOADED has been shunned in a movie poll in favour of dinosaur adventure JURASSIC PARK, which was named the greatest special effects movie of all time. The STEVEN SPIELBERG dinosaur...

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Ja Rule Joins Scary Movie Cast

12th June 2003

Rapper JA RULE and comedian GEORGE CARLIN have become the latest stars to sign up for cameos in SCARY MOVIE 3. The spoof comedy, currently being filmed in Canada, already features cameo appearances by...

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Jon Bon Jovi's Acting Ambitions

5th June 2003

Rocker JON BON JOVI is keen for his burgeoning movie career to be as successful as his music career. The BLAZE OF GLORY singer has so far appeared in a handful of movies and...

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Steve Martin Brings Down The House

4th June 2003

STEVE MARTIN and QUEEN LATIFAH's new movie BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE has outwitted the critics to become a huge hit in Britain - taking more than $1.5 million (GBP1 million) in its opening weekend (31MAY/01JUN03)....

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Fish Fable Rocks Hollywood

2nd June 2003

A friendly fish has achieved the near impossible - blasting GOD and THE MATRIX sequel from the top of the movie charts in America. New DISNEY/PIXAR film FINDING NEMO has debuted with a staggering...

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Matrix Reloaded Rakes In The Receipts

27th May 2003

Sci-fi action sequel THE MATRIX RELOADED continues its assault on the world's box offices, smashing more records after a global release. The KEANU REEVES-starring epic has taken more than $113.2 million (GBP75.5 million) in...

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Jim Carrey's Divine Powers Overcome The Matrix

26th May 2003

The new JIM CARREY movie BRUCE ALMIGHTY bounced THE MATRIX RELOADED from the top spot at the American holiday box office - setting a record for a non-sequel comedy. Carrey's previous best opening was...

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Keanu Heads For The Hills

26th May 2003

Following the phenomenal success of his movie THE MATRIX RELOADED, actor KEANU REEVES has splashed out on a new home in the Hollywood Hills. The $5 million (GBP3.3 million) gated estate has three bedrooms...

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The Matrix Reloaded Continues To Break Records

22nd May 2003

THE MATRIX RELOADED has etched another new entry in the box office record books - staking its claim as the film with the biggest first-week gross. By last Tuesday (13MAY03), the action sequel, starring...

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