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Fascinating Fact 431

27th October 2005

American rockers THE KILLERS have put one of their drum kits up for auction to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The skins have been signed by drummer RONNIE VANUCCI....

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Hilton Flees Blaze At Killers Concert

15th October 2005

Fans of American rockers THE KILLERS were thrown into a state of panic at the band's recent Las Vegas concert, when a palm tree caught on fire. PARIS HILTON and her pals KIMBERLY STEWART...

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Madonna Steals Killers' Style

11th October 2005

MADONNA lost a fan in the KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS during the London leg of the Live 8 charity extravaganza - by stealing his fashion theme. The SOMEBODY TOLD ME rocker spent weeks planning...

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The Killers Turn To U2 Producer

5th October 2005

American rockers THE KILLERS have secured all-star help for their next album - it will be produced by U2 supremos ALAN MOULDER and FLOOD. After wowing with their debut LP, the Las Vegas band...

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The Killers Embrace Change

30th September 2005

American rockers THE KILLERS warn fans their second album will be completely different from their critically acclaimed 2004 debut HOT FUSS. The Las Vegas group admit they are keen to reproduce the album's huge...

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Killers Thank Britain

27th September 2005

American band THE KILLERS consider themselves honorary Brits - because they were inspired by British music and have found most success there. The Las Vegas group have achieved more across the Atlantic than their...

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Killers Listen To 'Bono Talk'

27th September 2005

American rockers THE KILLERS feel ready to conquer the world, after a few words of inspiration from self-appointed godfather of rock BONO. The U2 frontman took the band under his wing when they played...

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Flowers Fears The Camera

26th September 2005

THE KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS is revelling in the fame the band's success has handed him, but hates the way it interferes with his private life. While he's happy to capture the world's attention...

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Flowers Demands A+r Attention

20th September 2005

THE KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS is vying for the attention of the record executive who signed the band, complaining the A+R man spends all his time with new acts. The Las Vegas band launched...

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Destiny's Child Sweep Awards

1st September 2005

R+B supergroup DESTINY'S CHILD were the big winners at last night's (31AUG05) World Music Awards - the only ceremony based on worldwide music sales. The trio, BEYONCE KNOWLES, MICHELLE WILLIAMS and KELLY ROWLAND, took...

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Miami Hotels Play Host To Mtv Vma Performances

29th August 2005

The American Airlines Arena line-up at the MTV Video Music Awards was so packed last night (28AUG05), THE KILLERS and MARIAH CAREY had to perform at hotels in the area. The Killers played live...

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Green Day Triumph At Mtv Vmas

29th August 2005

Rockers GREEN DAY were the big winners at last night's (28AUG05) MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, Florida, picking up seven awards including Best Video Of The Year for BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS. The...

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Stranded Mccartney Has No Hope Of Winning Video Prize

27th August 2005

Pop hunk JESSE McCARTNEY isn't even bothering to prepare a speech for Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards because he's convinced he'll come away a loser. The US singer is nominated in the Best Pop...

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Fascinating Fact 70

25th August 2005

American rockers THE KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS would be happy to share a tent with KAISER CHIEFS singer RICKY WILSON at a music festival - as they share an "unspoken closeness"....

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Bravery-killers Feud For Real Says Singer

24th August 2005

THE BRAVERY frontman SAM ENDICOTT has blasted reports his band invented the rivalry with follow American rockers THE KILLERS to gain publicity. The AN HONEST MISTAKE singer blames The Killers frontman BRANDON FLOWERS...

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Angry Stefani Snubs Mtv Awards

18th August 2005

Pop queen GWEN STEFANI is angrily refusing to attend MTV's prestigious Video Music Awards (28AUG05), as bosses at the channel failed to offer her a performing slot. The award-winning singer is deeply offended by...

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Shakira To Make History At Vmas

10th August 2005

SHAKIRA is set to become the first artist to sing entirely in Spanish at the MTV Video Music Awards, when she performs at the show later this month (AUG05). The curvaceous beauty...

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Flowers Weds In Secret

4th August 2005

THE KILLERS' frontman BRANDON FLOWERS married his long-term lover in a secret ceremony in Hawaii on Tuesday (02AUG05). The SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT star wanted minimum attention while marrying his beloved TANA MUNBLOWSKY,...

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The Killers Learned From Bono

28th July 2005

THE KILLERS were thrilled when they were asked to support U2 on tour, because it gave them the chance to learn from their idol. Singer BRANDON FLOWERS is a huge admirer of U2 frontman...

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Buses Sent To Provide Lollapalooza Fans With Air Conditioning

25th July 2005

The organisers of Chicago, Illinois' Lollapalooza Festival handed out free water and called in city buses to keep fans cool as temperatures soared to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) yesterday (24JUL05). As an...

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Mtv + Vh1 Rebroadcast Live 8 After Criticism

8th July 2005

US cable networks MTV and VH1 are to rebroadcast their Live 8 coverage uninterrupted tomorrow (09JUL05) after critics blasted bosses for featuring too many ad breaks and mindless chit-chat during the day of concerts a...

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Killers Inspire Simple Minds Comeback

4th July 2005

Scottish rockers SIMPLE MINDS have credited THE KILLERS with inspiring them to release their first new album in three years. The DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME) stars - JIM KERR and CHARLIE BURCHILL -...

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Cooper: 'What's An Ipod?'

30th June 2005

Rock hellraiser ALICE COOPER is baffled by the latest craze among music fans, the iPod - because he still listens to vinyl. The NO MORE MR NICE GUY singer, 57, was asked during a...

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Killers Desperate For Respect

28th June 2005

Rockers THE KILLERS regard the approval of their peers as important as a number one record. The band have won over a impressive list of celebrity fans - and frontman BRANDON FLOWERS is thrilled....

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The Killers Leave Guitarist At Tourist Attraction

28th June 2005

Las Vegas rockers THE KILLERS arrived five hours late at Britain's Glastonbury Festival over the weekend (24-26JUN05) when they left their guitarist behind at a tourist attraction. After flying into London's Heathrow airport, the...

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Numan Drives Cars To The Top Of New Wave Poll

28th June 2005

GARY NUMAN's 1980 hit CARS has topped a new US poll of new wave tunes. As the genre makes a comeback with the likes of THE KILLERS, FRANZ FERDINAND and THE BRAVERY, US magazine...

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Killers Singer Dreams Of Playing Phantom

19th June 2005

THE KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS dreams of quitting rock music and appearing in ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER musicals. The SOMEBODY TOLD ME singer adores the British composer's work and wants to take the lead in...

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Flowers Makes Fresh Bravery Attack

8th June 2005

THE KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS has attacked rival rockers THE BRAVERY once again, branding them "the reason" music is "getting worse". Earlier this year (05), the rockers embarked on a bitter war of words,...

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Flowers Slams Wilson's Drug-taking

7th June 2005

THE KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS has hit out former BEACH BOY BRIAN WILSON for hiding behind a haze of drugs to appear more creative. And the MR BRIGHTSIDE singer, 23, refuses to go down...

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