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The Things They Say 23593

27th November 2011

"It's been rebuilt for The Hobbit, but with sustainable materials - with real wood - so it'll always be there. So from now on you'll actually get to see Hobbiton and visit it as a...

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Happy 50th Birthday, Peter Jackson

31st October 2011

Peter Jackson will be a Lord for a day on the set of his current movie The Hobbit on Monday (31Oct11) when he turns the big 5-0.Coming to prominence in the 1980s with his cult...

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Peter Jackson Visited By Prime Minister On Hobbit Set

28th October 2011

Peter Jackson received a visit from New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key on the set of The Hobbit movie on Friday (28Oct11).The politician joined the director on the set and they posed for pictures together...

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Evangeline Lilly Anxious Over The Hobbit Role

22nd September 2011

Evangeline Lilly fears "purist" fans will hate her role in The Hobbit because her character didn't feature in the book and was invented solely for the fantasy film adaptation.The Lost actress' Sylvan elf Tauriel was...

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The Things They Say 22393

25th July 2011

"They broke it to me gently. I was just told the other day. It's OK, it's nothing to do with me. I just focus on the character and do my job." Henry Cavill remains upbeat...

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Man Of Steel Pushed Back For The Hobbit

22nd July 2011

Superman fans will have to wait until 2013 to see the superhero fly back into cinemas - studio bosses have delayed the film's release to make way for The Hobbit next year (12).The highly-anticipated new...

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Peter Jackson Snubs The Hobbit Comic-con Presentation

21st July 2011

Peter Jackson has disappointed film fans by turning down the chance to talk about The Hobbit at Comic-Con later this week (21-24Jul11) - because it is "too early" to discuss the project.More than 120,000 people...

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Nesbitt 'Seeks Medical Help Over Dvt Fears'

19th July 2011

Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt has reportedly sought medical attention over fears he may have developed deep vein thrombosis (Dvt) in his leg after flying long-haul between the U.K. and New Zealand to film The...

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The Hobbit Sparked Richard Armitage's Interest In Acting

14th July 2011

British actor Richard Armitage's career has come full circle after landing a role in The Hobbit, because the original book sparked his interest in acting.Peter Jackson has hired the star to play Thorin Oakenshield, the...

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Wood's Hobbit Cameo Feels Like 'Family Reunion'

28th June 2011

Elijah Wood feels he's heading to a "family reunion" as he prepares to film a cameo for The Hobbit, because he grew so close to many of the cast and crew during his Lord Of...

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Tyler Hoping For Hobbit Cameo

27th June 2011

Liv Tyler is keen to re-team with her Lord Of The Rings castmates Sir Ian Mckellen, Cate Blanchett and Elijah Wood by joining the cast of the highly-anticipated prequel The Hobbit.The actress played Arwen in...

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Humphries Lands The Hobbit Role

20th June 2011

Dame Edna Everage is the latest addition to The Hobbit cast - Australian comedian Barry Humphries has signed up to the highly-anticipated Peter Jackson movie.Shooting began on the much-delayed project earlier this year (10), with...

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Fascinating Fact 11529

31st May 2011

The titles of Peter Jackson's highly-anticipated and delayed Hobbit movies have been announced - the two films will be called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There And Back Again.

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The Things They Say 21800

30th May 2011

"Ten years ago, Orlando Bloom created an iconic character with his portrayal of Legolas. I'm excited to announce... that we'll be revisiting Middle Earth with him once more." Director/producer Peter Jackson confirms ongoing speculation that...

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Two Injured In The Hobbit Set Explosion

24th May 2011

Two crew members working on The Hobbit have been taken to hospital after an explosion at the New Zealand studio where the movie is filming.Emergency services were called to the Stone St Studios in Miramar...

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Benedict Cumberbatch Joins Hobbit Cast

23rd May 2011

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is set to reteam with his Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman after landing a role in upcoming Lord Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit.Freeman, who will star as Bilbo Baggins in the...

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Fry Joins Hobbit Cast

19th May 2011

British comedian and author Stephen Fry has been added to the cast of the Lord Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit, which is currently shooting in New Zealand.Director/producer Peter Jackson broke the latest casting news...

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Martin Freeman On Hiatus From The Hobbit

12th May 2011

Martin Freeman is taking a break from filming his lead role in The Hobbit in New Zealand so he can jet back to his native Britain to shoot a TV show.The actor was initially forced...

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Ronan Turns Down Hobbit Role

10th May 2011

Saoirse Ronan has been forced to turn down a role in Lord Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit because of her busy schedule.The Irish actress was in talks to reunite with her The Lovely Bones...

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Fascinating Fact 11368

1st May 2011

Director Peter Jackson has confirmed New Zealand actor Dean O'Gorman will replace Rob Kazinsky in The Hobbit. Kazinsky recently quit the Lord of the Rings prequel due to undisclosed health issues.

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Kazinsky Quits The Hobbit

25th April 2011

Director Peter Jackson is scrambling to recast a role in upcoming movie The Hobbit after British actor Robert Kazinsky quit due to "personal reasons".The star had signed up to play Fili, a member of the...

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Jackson Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of The Hobbit

15th April 2011

Peter Jackson has given Lord Of The Rings fans a new glimpse of Middle Earth by releasing a behind-the-scenes video of work on The Hobbit.The director is currently working on the two-part prequel in his...

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Serkis Lands Directing Job On The Hobbit

7th April 2011

British actor Andy Serkis has been handed a huge honour on the set of the Lord Of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit, in New Zealand - moviemaker Peter Jackson has made him his second unit...

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The Things They Say 21069

4th April 2011

"No, I'm not actually attached. I'm not confirmed. But they are introducing new characters. I know that... I think I could pass for an elf. I think if I had the right ears. I wouldn't...

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The Hobbit First Set Photos Released

21st March 2011

The Hobbit, Peter Jackson's forthcoming 'Lord of the Rings' movie, has begun principle photography.The Hobbit has been delayed on numerous occasions due to a studio fiscal crisis and a complicated union dispute, but filming is...

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The Hobbit Gets Underway

21st March 2011

Filming has finally begun on long-awaited Lord Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit following months of delays and setbacks, including a battle with actors unions, serious financial problems and a change of directors.Cameras began rolling...

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The Things They Say 20299

12th February 2011

"There are some bits of bad luck associated with it. We're all very optimistic about it." British actor MARTIN FREEMAN brushes off reports the upcoming THE HOBBIT film is doomed after a series of setbacks....

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Jackson Misses Out On The Hobbit Press Launch

11th February 2011

Director PETER JACKSON was forced to miss out on the press launch of his troubled THE HOBBIT movie after he was put under "medical house arrest" following his recent surgery.The moviemaker was admitted to hospital...

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The Hobbit Schedule 'Back On Track' After Jackson's Surgery

8th February 2011

Filming of the highly-anticipated THE HOBBIT will begin next month (Mar11) after shooting was delayed to allow director PETER JACKSON time to recover from surgery.The moviemaker was admitted to hospital last month (Jan11) to undergo...

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Freeman Flattered By Hobbit Role

7th February 2011

British actor MARTIN FREEMAN was flattered to learn PETER JACKSON delayed filming of THE HOBBIT to accommodate the star's busy schedule - because he was "sad" at the prospect of missing out on the lead...

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