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Aja's Second Horror Makeover

11th September 2007

THE HILLS HAVE EYES director ALEXANDRE AJA is to remake another cult horror film - PIRANAH. The French filmmaker remade Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes in 2005, and now wants to give 1978 horror...

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Sutherland Set To Star In Supernatural Thriller

7th February 2007

KIEFER SUTHERLAND has signed on to make the film MIRRORS this summer (07) after the 24 feature film script wasn't finished in time to start shooting. Plans to turn his JACK BAUER TV character into...

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Fantasy Fans Go Bats Over Batman At Inaugural Scream Awards

22nd July 2006

BATMAN has beaten SUPERMAN and the X-MEN by claiming 10 nominations for the inaugural Scream Awards. BATMAN BEGINS picked up nods for The Ultimate Scream, Best Fantasy Movie and Most Heroic Performance when the nominations...

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Experts Select 25 Must-see Movies

18th July 2006

British movie experts have named 25 films including CASABLANCA, BONNIE AND CLYDE and ANNIE HALL that they claim every cinema buff must watch. The varied list, published in UK magazine Radio Times, contains everything from...

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Panther Beats Vendetta To Top Spot

22nd March 2006

Classic kids crime caper THE PINK PANTHER has been a surprise hit at the UK box office despite receiving scathing reviews. The remake, this time boasting STEVE MARTIN as bumbling INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU, went straight to...

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V Stands For Victory At Us Box Office

20th March 2006

The futuristic terrorist thriller V FOR VENDETTA topped all its rivals at the US weekend box office in the US, claiming the top spot with a $26.1 million (GBP15.4 million) debut. The film stars NATALIE...

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Hills Climbs The UK Box Office

14th March 2006

Horror film THE HILLS HAVE EYES has knocked spoof comedy DATE MOVIE off the top of the UK box office charts. The remake of the 1977 WES CRAVEN movie, which stars LOST beauty EMILIE DE...

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Mcconaughey + Parker's Love Film Rockets To The Top

12th March 2006

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and SARAH JESSICA PARKER's critically-slammed new romantic comedy FAILURE TO LAUNCH has rocketed to the top of the US box office with a $24.6 million (GBP14.5 million) opening weekend take. The film beat...

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