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Celebrities Pay Tribute To Mike Nichols

20th November 2014

Hollywood veterans Steven Spielberg, Kevin Spacey, and Julianne Moore have paid tribute to The Graduate director Mike Nichols following his death on Wednesday (19Nov14).Nichols, the husband of news anchor Diane Sawyer, passed away following a...

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The Graduate Director Mike Nichols Dies

20th November 2014

Mike Nichols, the Oscar-winning director of The Graduate and husband of news anchor Diane Sawyer, has died at the age of 83.Nichols died suddenly on Wednesday (19Nov14) but no further details were available as Wenn...

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Sharon Stone Portrays Mrs. Robinson In One-night-only The Graduate Reading

18th April 2014

Sharon Stone stunned theatregoers in Los Angeles on Thursday night (17Apr14) by taking to the stage at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Bing Theater as The Graduate's seductress Mrs. Robinson.The Basic Instinct star...

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Fascinating Fact: 4085012

26th February 2014

Dallas star Linda Gray earned just $25 (£15) when she posed for the iconic film poster for The Graduate. The former model's leg was used in the photo instead of the movie's lead actress, Anne...

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Fascinating Fact: 3514258

20th February 2013

German model Heidi Klum has re-enacted Anne Bancroft's famous seduction scene in The Graduate for a new U.S. fast food chain ad. Instead of holding a cigarette, as Bancroft did in the classic film, Klum...

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The Things They Tweet: 3428393

21st December 2012

"It's after the End of the World deadline. If I'm dead, then I'm in Heaven. Bc (because) I'm laying around watching The Graduate w (with) @hilariabaldwin". Actor Alec Baldwin pokes fun at the false Doomsday...

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Dustin Hoffman Picked Up Directing Tips From Nichols And Levinson

5th December 2012

Dustin Hoffman drew from his on-set experiences with The Graduate's Mike Nichols to ensure he got the best out of his lead stars when he stepped up to direct Quartet.The Tootsie star admits he had...

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Emilia Fox Wants To Play Mrs Robinson

14th September 2012

British actress Emilia Fox is hoping to shed her clothes to play Mrs Robinson in a stage adaptation of The Graduate.The Pianist star, 38, is a big fan of the 1967 film version starring Dustin...

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Bonnie And Clyde Director Arthur Penn Dead At 88

30th September 2010

Director Arthur Penn, whose films include Bonnie and Clyde, The Miracle Worker, Little Big Man, and The Missouri Breaks died Tuesday in New York at age 88. Penn was nominated for an Oscar for Bonnie...

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Kardashian And Bieber In The Graduate Shoot

11th August 2010

Socialite KIM KARDASHIAN and teen pop sensation JUSTIN BIEBER have channelled THE GRADUATE to act out an affair between a younger man and older woman for a steamy new photoshoot.The reality star was sent death...

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Fascinating Fact 8128

12th October 2009

THE GRADUATE filmmaker MIKE NICHOLS has been selected to receive a Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute at a gala in Los Angeles next summer (10).

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Fascinating Fact 7176

15th April 2009

Actress LISA RINNA's naked photospread in the new Playboy magazine is a homage to ANNE BANCROFT's portrayal of seductress MRS. ROBINSON in THE GRADUATE....

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Hoffman Was Cut Out To Be A Jazz Pianist

19th November 2008

DUSTIN HOFFMAN is convinced he would have lived his life as a jazz pianist if his acting career hadn't taken off with THE GRADUATE. The movie great still thinks pal Mike Nichols was playing a...

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The Things They Say 8983

24th July 2008

"PAUL (SIMON) did a much better job than I could have done at my age." Folk star JANIS IAN has no regrets about turning down the chance to pen the soundtrack to THE GRADUATE....

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The Things They Say 8266

11th May 2008

"She was in her late forties. I should never have seen THE GRADUATE, should I?" PATRICK DEMPSEY on his short-lived marriage to his former manager ROCKY PARKER, who was twice his age....

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The Things They Say 6478

11th December 2007

"If THE GRADUATE hadn't come along when I was 30, they would still be asking for my ID, I think. Right up until the time I was getting recognised they were asking for it." Actor...

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Hoffman Thought He'd Be Fired From Graduate Set

13th November 2007

DUSTIN HOFFMAN was convinced he'd be fired from the set of classic movie THE GRADUATE. The paranoid Oscar winner was left fearing the worst after producers decided his then-roommate, Gene Hackman, was badly cast in...

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Moore And Kutcher Won't Do Graduate

22nd January 2007

DEMI MOORE and her husband ASHTON KUTCHER have decided not to go ahead with a planned remake of the 1967 hit film THE GRADUATE, because couples who are together in real life never work well...

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The Things They Say 3680

3rd January 2007

"We've teased each other recently about doing THE GRADUATE on Broadway." DEMI MOORE admits she and toyboy husband ASHTON KUTCHER have considered recreating the parts of ageing seductress MRS ROBINSON and BENJAMIN BRADDOCK in the...

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Hoffman: 'I Turned Down Close Encounters'

1st December 2006

DUSTIN HOFFMAN rejected a leading role in STEVEN SPIELBERG's CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND in the mid-1970s because he was uncomfortable with being a Hollywood superstar. The veteran actor star regularly turned down the...

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Hoffman's Sequel Desires

23rd November 2006

DUSTIN HOFFMAN would love to star in sequels of the films that made him famous. The veteran actor dreams of the opportunity to revisit old characters because he has so many inventive script ideas. Hoffman says,...

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Hoffman's Mother Urged Him To Have Nose Job

21st November 2006

DUSTIN HOFFMAN almost changed his trademark shapely nose as a teenager, because his mother told him he would be happier if he underwent cosmetic surgery. THE GRADUATE legend was almost convinced by his parent, who...

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Hoffman: 'I've Never Been Seduced By An Older Woman'

23rd October 2006

Veteran actor DUSTIN HOFFMAN has never fallen for an older woman, unlike his character in his breakthrough movie THE GRADUATE. Hoffman was famously seduced by the late ANNE BANCROFT in the 1967 classic, but he...

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Downey Jr Still Surprised By One Night Stand

11th July 2006

ROBERT DOWNEY JR is still amazed movie-maker MIKE FIGGIS hired him to star in ONE NIGHT STAND - because when they met, the actor was high, shoeless and carrying a gun. The GOTHIKA star was...

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Hoffman Feared He'd Flunked Graduate Audition

18th June 2006

DUSTIN HOFFMAN feared the worst when he exited his audition for THE GRADUATE, when a prop guy who oversaw his try out insisted he'd need the tokens that fell out of his coat pocket. The...

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Graduate Writer Saved From Penniless Fate

30th May 2006

THE GRADUATE writer CHARLES WEBB has landed a $54,000 (GBP30,000) book deal to release its sequel HOME SCHOOL, saving him from eviction and spiralling debts. The 67-year-old author missed out on the millions the 1967...

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Graduate Author Penniless

18th April 2006

The author of movie classic THE GRADUATE is completely broke and faces eviction from his home, after missing out on the millions the 1967 film made. CHARLES WEBB, 67, sold the movie rights to the...

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Animal House Is Beeriest Movie Ever

3rd March 2006

Classic 1978 comedy ANIMAL HOUSE has been voted the best beer-drinking movie of all time, in a poll by American brewery Heartland. Fans of the fraternity flick will be raising their glasses after learning the...

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Reiner: 'There's Truth Behind The Graduate'

16th February 2006

Classic movie THE GRADUATE is based on the story of a real-life California family in the 1960s, according to Hollywood director ROB REINER. The film-maker's latest picture, RUMOR HAS IT, pits JENNIFER ANISTON as...

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The Graduate Tops Soundtracks Poll

12th January 2006

SIMON AND GARFUNKEL's THE GRADUATE soundtrack has topped a new movie music poll. The duo's 1967 classic album, which featured hits like MRS ROBINSON and THE SOUND OF SILENCE, beat PRINCE's PURPLE RAIN and...

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