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Movie Reviews: Prisoners

20th September 2013

Virtually every major critic has praised the script, direction, and performances of Prisoners. But some are suggesting that the problem with it may be that it's just too effective -- a film about kidnapped children...

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Nbc Confirms: Fallon To Take Over Tonight Next Spring

3rd April 2013

NBC finally ended all the awkward speculation and announced today (Wednesday) that Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno as host of the Tonight show in the spring. According to recent rumors, NBC executives had wanted...

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Audiences To Decide Ending For Hawaii Five-0 Whodunnit

4th January 2013

In yet another effort to converge social media with old-fashioned TV, the producers of the CBS drama Hawaii Five-0 will allow viewers to vote on how the Jan. 14 episode will end. There will be...

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Eva Longoria Is Only Doing Meaningful Work

25th July 2012

Eva Longoria only wants to ''do work that is meaningful''.The former 'Desperate Housewives' actress revealed that she doesn't make any long-term plans and lives each day as it comes.She said: ''I live day to day....

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Quentin Tarantino Rewrote Django Unchained 'At The Last Minute'

16th July 2012

Quentin Tarantino rewrote the ending of 'Django Unchained' at the last minute. Jamie Foxx revealed the director decided on the ''spur of the moment'' that the finale he had planned for the forthcoming western movie...

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Movie Reviews Ice Age Continental Drift

13th July 2012

Critics have given the fourth Ice Age movie, Continental Drift , a mostly cool-to-cold reception. Sean O'Connell in the Washington Post , suggests that viewers are nonetheless likely to overlook its faults. "Logic [in the...

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Christian Bale Wants Fourth Batman

29th May 2012

Christian Bale would ''love the challenge'' of playing Batman for a fourth time.The actor portrays the Caped Crusader and his alter ego Bruce Wayne for the third time in 'The Dark Knight Rises' and though...

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Will Smith Is 'Natural Choice' To Play Obama

22nd May 2012

Will Smith says he's the ''natural choice'' to play President Barack Obama on the big screen.The 'Men In Black 3' actor thinks he would be the perfect person to portray the US president if there...

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Coldplay Delighted With 'Good Problem'

8th May 2012

Coldplay are struggling to make substitutions in their US gig setlists because their performances have been ''killer''. The 'Paradise' hitmakers - Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Jonny Buckland - are experiencing a ''good...

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Devil 'S Success Bedevils Pundits

9th January 2012

According to the playbook of most Hollywood executives, the weekend after New Year's is a time to let moviegoers take in some of the movies they may have missed during the bombardment of new releases...

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First Movie Of 2012 A Cheap Horror Flick

6th January 2012

The first film to open wide in the new year is one that was not screened for critics, a horror movie titled The Devil Inside . (It has to do with exorcisms. " Inside ,"...

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Taylor Lautner's Tears For Twilight

18th November 2011

Taylor Lautner broke down on his last day of filming the 'Twilight Saga' franchise. The actor plays werewolf Jacob Black in the movie series and admitted shooting his final scene where he has to cry...

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News Corp (Fox), Directv Make Peace

1st November 2011

In a rerun of the ending of similar battles between broadcast networks and satellite and cable distributors, News Corp and DirecTV have reached an agreement that will keep Fox-owned networks on the satellite broadcaster without...

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Robbie Savage: The Paso Doble Will Make Or Break Me

27th October 2011

Robbie Savage has warned this weekend's paso doble will either "make or break" his 'Strictly Come Dancing' career.The former professional footballer - who will perform the saucy Spanish routine alongside Ola Jordan on Saturday night's...

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Mcg 'Did A Lot Wrong' With Terminator Salvation

12th October 2011

McG admits he did "a lot wrong" with 'Terminator Salvation'.The director's reboot of the franchise - which starred Christian Bale - was widely criticised, and while the filmmaker insists he "did his best", he accepts...

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Adele Rekindles Friendship With Inspirational Ex

21st September 2011

Adele has forgiven her ex-boyfriend for breaking her heart, after selling millions of copies of the album based on their relationship. The 23-year-old singer poured her devastation from the split into writing her hugely successful...

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Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Secrecy

18th September 2011

Christopher Nolan won't give out scripts for the final 'Dark Knight Rises' scenes.The filmmaker is determined to keep the ending of his third Batman movie - which stars Christian Bale as the caped crusader -...

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J.j. Abrams Doesn't Want Another Trek Director

7th August 2011

J.J. Abrams would be "jealous" if anyone else directed the 'Star Trek' sequel.The filmmaker - who is now officially in negotiations to film the follow-up to the 2009 sci-fi movie - has not yet made...

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Charlize Theron Splits With Ryan Reynolds

5th August 2011

Charlize Theron is reportedly "bummed out" after Ryan Reynolds ended their relationship.The 36-year-old actress had been dating the 34-year-old actor - whose divorce from Scarlett Johansson was finalised in June - for two months but...

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Amy Winehouse's Charitable Nature

3rd August 2011

Amy Winehouse has been remembered for her charitable nature. The 'Back to Black' singer may have led a controversial lifestyle and struggled with problems including alcohol and drugs, but she also made a great deal...

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Adele Asked For Royalties By Ex

10th May 2011

Adele's ex-boyfriend has asked for a cut of her royalties for inspiring her hit album '19'.The 'Someone Like You' hitmaker has revealed her former lover - who she has refused to name - repeatedly called...

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Movie Reviews I Am Number Four

18th February 2011

Aliens versus teenagers battling it out on a high-school campus. The premise of I Am Number Four seems like it would make for a surefire hit at the box office. But it makes the Chicago...

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Adele's Heartbreak Album

18th February 2011

Adele's recent heartbreak inspired her new album.The 22-year-old singer - whose second record '21' debuted at number one in the UK album charts last month - admitted the end of her "amazing, immense relationship" helped...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins With Wings Of Eagles

18th January 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to play a soldier in his return to acting.The 'Terminator' star took a break from the big screen to concentrate on his political career - working as the Governor of California...

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Ex-publicist Calls Golden Globes A Fraud

14th January 2011

Throughout its existence, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which stages the annual Golden Globes awards ceremony has been dogged by allegations that members sell their votes to studios, accept lavish gifts from them and engaged...

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Elisabeth Murdoch May Sell Her Company To Her Father's

14th January 2011

It seems like the stuff of an oldtime miniseries the privileged daughter of a billionaire media mogul, feeling slighted by the father, who grooms his sons to succeed him, strikes out on her own and...

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Billy Joel Dating Bank Worker

8th December 2010

Billy Joel has a new girlfriend. The 'Piano Man' singer - who split from third wife, chef Katie Lee Joel last year - is reportedly dating 29-year-old Alexis Roderick, who works for Morgan Stanley bank...

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Christina Aguilera Opens Up On Split Struggles

21st October 2010

Christina Aguilera has days where she finds it difficult to "even get out of bed" since her marriage breakdown.The 'Fighter' singer - who filed for divorce from husband Jordan Bratman last week - admits she...

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Producer Tries To Calm Jolie Protesters

20th October 2010

In advance of Angelina Jolie's arrival in Bosnia, where she is due to direct a thus-far-untitled drama set during the 1992-95 war, Scout Film executive Edin Sarkic is attempting to calm the anxieties of Bosnian...

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Carl Barat's Break-up Songs

15th October 2010

Carl Barat's solo album is a "break-up" record.The 'Can't Stand Me Now' singer says his self-titled LP was written to address the aftermath of the ending of his bands The Libertines - who briefly reunited...

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