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Dark Knight Battles The Olympics

3rd August 2012

Many moviegoers are likely to remain at home over the weekend to watch the Olympics, sending the box office into a slump for a second week. Once again the champ is expected to turn out...

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Movie Reviews Real Steel

7th October 2011

Of all the man-versus-giant-robots movies that have been released recently -- and there have been virtually tons of them -- Real Steel is faring best with critics. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times , a...

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Mark Wahlberg Made The Fighter Believable

11th November 2010

Mark Wahlberg took part in 'The Fighter' because he was the only person who could make the story "believable". The actor plays Irish/American boxer Micky Ward - who went on to win a welterweight world...

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Et The Saddest Scene

14th February 2005

The moment in ET when the extra terrestrial leaves ELLIOTT to return to his spaceship has been voted the most emotional scene in movie history. A poll of 70,000 voters for British TV network...

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