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Adele Likes 'Katy Perry's Boobs'

13th April 2011

Adele likes seeing "Katy Perry's boobs and bum" and is a fan of pop stars who flaunt their bodies.The 'Rolling In The Deep' singer enjoys watching the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer - who is...

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Kylie Minogue Needed Family Support Through Cancer Battle

7th March 2011

Kylie Minogue says her family got her through her cancer battle.The 'All The Lovers' hitmaker was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005 and while she successfully fought the illness, she wouldn't have been able...

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V Kicks Off In The Sunshine

18th August 2007

V festival 2007 kicked off in Essex and Staffordshire today, with fans enjoying a happily rain-free start to the two-day event.The festival has been hit by a number of big-name withdrawals, with Amy Winehouse, The...

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V Festival Shuffles Line-up

17th August 2007

V Festival organisers are busy trying to shuffle the line-up for this year's event after high-profile pulls-outs from Amy Winehouse, Bright Eyes and the Bravery.After it was revealed that Mexican acoustic duo Roderigo Y Gabriela...

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The Bravery Eye Quincy Jones Collaboration

1st February 2006

US rockers THE BRAVERY are so determined to move their music in a new direction they hope to persuade legendary soul star QUINCY JONES to produce their next album. The AN HONEST MISTAKE stars...

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Endicott's Love For Britain

15th December 2005

THE BRAVERY frontman SAM ENDICOTT will always have a special place in his heart for British people, because they warmed to his music before his compatriots. The AN HONEST MISTAKE rocker, who hails from...

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Doherty Out Of Rehab

29th November 2005

BABYSHAMBLES frontman PETE DOHERTY is out of rehab just over a week after he checked himself into a drugs treatment centre in Arizona. Under pressure from his on/off supermodel girlfriend KATE MOSS, Doherty checked...

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The Bravery To Play Willis' Nye Bash

29th November 2005

New York rockers THE BRAVERY are set to play Hollywood hardman BRUCE WILLIS' New Year's Eve party (31DEC05). After finishing their current tour in Portland, Oregon, next month (13DEC05), the AN HONEST MISTAKE five-piece...

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The Things They Say 565

8th November 2005

"The Depeche Mode crowd are really getting into us and arriving to the gigs knowing all the words to all our songs." THE BRAVERY frontman SAM ENDICOTT is relishing supporting DEPECHE MODE....

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Stars Nominated For Us Student Prize

21st September 2005

U2, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE are among the acts nominated for MTVU 2005 Woodie Awards, which are voted for by America's college students. The rockers join COMMON, THE BRAVERY, MATISYAHU,...

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Moss Eyes Wilson As Next Rock Conquest

6th September 2005

KATE MOSS has reportedly set her sights on rocker RICKY WILSON since relations with her on/off lover PETE DOHERTY became strained - and she has even introduced the KAISER CHIEFS frontman to her mother LINDA....

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Injured Madonna Shoots Tv Ad

1st September 2005

Pop superstar MADONNA refused to allow her injuries sustained in a recent horse fall prevent her from filming a British TV advertisement in Surrey, England, yesterday (31AUG05). The MATERIAL GIRL has signed up to...

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Video Music Awards Parties Washed Out By Tropical Storm

25th August 2005

Organisers of this weekend's (28AUG05) MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, Florida have been forced to cancel pre-show activities at the trendy Doubletree Surfcomber Hotel tonight (25AUG05) due to storm warnings. Parties and performances...

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Bravery-killers Feud For Real Says Singer

24th August 2005

THE BRAVERY frontman SAM ENDICOTT has blasted reports his band invented the rivalry with follow American rockers THE KILLERS to gain publicity. The AN HONEST MISTAKE singer blames The Killers frontman BRANDON FLOWERS...

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Bravery Frontman Gets Homesick When Touring

23rd August 2005

THE BRAVERY frontman SAM ENDICOTT wishes he could cut down on touring because it makes him homesick. The AN HONEST MISTAKE singer is surprised by how much he misses his life in New...

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Endicott Hospitalised Over Bad Reviews

19th August 2005

THE BRAVERY frontman SAM ENDICOTT is banned from reading reviews about the rock band after he once obsessed so much about critics' opinions he was admitted to hospital. The AN HONEST MISTAKE...

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Bravery Sex Up Gigs

19th August 2005

American rockers THE BRAVERY have advised fans to bring a date to their upcoming gigs - because they'll be whipped into a "sexual frenzy". The AN HONEST MISTAKE hitmakers, who are playing at...

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Moss Chasing Pop Star

8th August 2005

KATE MOSS has her sights set on a new romance following her split with PETE DOHERTY last month (JUL05) - she's reportedly chasing British BODYROCKERS star DYLAN DURNS. Despite her enthusiasm for rockers, Moss...

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British Rockers The Thieves Forced To Scrap Oasis Dates

13th July 2005

Aspiring British rockers NIC ARMSTRONG + THE THIEVES have been forced to scrap two dream dates with pals OASIS because they're tied to a US tour with THE BRAVERY. The group, who supported Oasis...

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Numan Drives Cars To The Top Of New Wave Poll

28th June 2005

GARY NUMAN's 1980 hit CARS has topped a new US poll of new wave tunes. As the genre makes a comeback with the likes of THE KILLERS, FRANZ FERDINAND and THE BRAVERY, US magazine...

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Ash Survive Bus Explosion

23rd June 2005

Northern Irish rockers ASH were lucky to survive when their tour bus exploded after a gig in Los Angeles. The BURN BABY BURN band were travelling north to San Francisco following a concert at...

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The Bravery's Rock 'N' Roll Coming Of Age

15th June 2005

THE BRAVERY knew they had finally made it as rock 'n' roll stars when they were ferried to their support slot for DURAN DURAN in Birmingham, England last month (MAY05) by helicopter. The AN...

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The Bravery Proud Of Their 'Intellectual' Groupies

8th June 2005

THE BRAVERY frontman SAM ENDICOTT is proud of the groupies he and his bandmates attract - because they're far more "intellectual" than the average selection. The rockers have enjoyed indulging in the barrage of...

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Flowers Makes Fresh Bravery Attack

8th June 2005

THE KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS has attacked rival rockers THE BRAVERY once again, branding them "the reason" music is "getting worse". Earlier this year (05), the rockers embarked on a bitter war of words,...

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Bravery Inspired By The Courage Of New York

13th May 2005

Electro-rockers THE BRAVERY chose their name after being inspired by the tough attitude of their fellow New Yorkers in the wake of the September 11 (01) terrorist attacks. The HONEST MISTAKE stars witnessed the...

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Gallagher Encourages Bravery/killers Spat

9th May 2005

Outspoken OASIS singer LIAM GALLAGHER is relishing THE BRAVERY's war of words with THE KILLERS - and he's urged more rockers to get aggressive with their rivals. Oasis' own feud with British rivals BLUR...

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Mcgrath Prepared For Sugar Ray Failure

25th April 2005

SUGAR RAY singer MARK McGRATH fears his band can no longer compete with the dance-rock and heavy metal acts dominating today's music scene. The EVERY MORNING star's group of 11 years is scheduled to...

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Endicott Slams 'Ringtone' Bands

22nd April 2005

THE BRAVERY frontman SAM ENDICOTT has hit out at instantly forgettable bands who he believes sound like "ringtones". The HONEST MISTAKE singer knows his electro-rock band is not universally popular - especially after rival...

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Bravery Remember September 11 With New Single

22nd April 2005

THE BRAVERY's new single FEARLESS was written as a tribute to New York City after the horrific September 11 (01) terrorist attacks. The American rockers were so traumatised by the tragedy which plunged their...

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The Bravery Continue Killers' Rock War

5th April 2005

THE BRAVERY have slammed their rock rivals THE KILLERS - after the Las Vegas outfit accused them of stealing their look, style and sound. The SOMEBODY TOLD ME band have compared The Killers frontman...

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