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Fascinating Fact 2695

13th January 2007

The cinematographers behind THE BLACK DAHLIA, CHILDREN OF MEN, THE ILLUSIONIST, APOCALYPTO and THE GOOD SHEPHERD have been named the nominees for the 2007 American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Award, which will be handed...

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Timberlake Romancing Johansson?

11th January 2007

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has reportedly already moved on from his split with CAMERON DIAZ and is romancing SCARLETT JOHANSSON. The MY LOVE singer recently separated from Diaz after three-and-a-half years and has quietly started dating actress...

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Johansson Gushes About Hartnett

11th October 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has broken her silence over boyfriend JOSH HARTNETT, declaring the actor is "very sweet" and "a great person". The handsome couple fell for each other while filming thriller THE BLACK DAHLIA in Bulgaria...

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Johansson Encourages Safe Sex

10th October 2006

Sexy SCARLETT JOHANSSON insists she is regularly tested for sexually transmitted diseases and slams people who refuse to get tested, calling their behaviour "disgusting and irresponsible". The actress recently hit back at reports she was...

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Scarlett The Scot

28th September 2006

Stunning SCARLETT JOHANSSON has signed on to play QUEEN MARY in a new movie adaptation of the life of MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. The actress, who has gone back in time to star in movies...

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Hartnett Bared More For Black Dahlia

24th September 2006

Hollywood hunk JOSH HARTNETT has teased female fans by admitting he bared much more for his latest movie than made the final cut. THE BLACK DAHLIA star had to shoot plenty of raunchy scenes with...

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Johansson Thrilled By Hartnett Romance

20th September 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON is the happiest she's ever been since falling for her THE BLACK DAHLIA co-star JOSH HARTNETT. Johansson, 21 and Hartnett, 28, began dating while shooting the 1940s murder mystery in Hungary, and she's...

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Fascinating Fact 2112

19th September 2006

Actress MIA KIRSCHNER's French dreams have been realised thanks to her role as tragic movie star ELIZABETH SHORT in THE BLACK DAHLIA - she has used her salary from the film noir piece to buy...

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De Palma Defends Movie Violence

19th September 2006

Veteran director BRIAN DE PALMA has hit back at critics who claim his movies feature too much violence. THE BLACK DAHLIA film-maker insists audiences have wrongly come to expect extreme violence from his films ever...

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Johansson's Nazi Pastimes

18th September 2006

Hollywood star SCARLETT JOHANSSON developed an unusual taste for Nazi memorabilia while filming THE BLACK DAHLIA in Bulgaria. The LOST IN TRANSLATION actress was fascinated by the amount of Nazi paraphernalia she found while browsing...

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Gridiron Gang Scores A Touchdown At Us Box Office

18th September 2006

The American football season is back at the US box office - the second sporting film in three weeks has scored a touchdown at the top of the movie charts. DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON's new...

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Johansson: 'Love Scenes With Hartnett Were Awkward'

12th September 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON's screen sex scenes with boyfriend JOSH HARTNETT were less than romantic - she insists they were like "organised boxing matches". The curvy actress found shooting raunchy moments with Hartnett in new film THE...

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De Palma Slams 'Simple' Tv

8th September 2006

Hollywood director BRIAN DE PALMA has lashed out at movies and TV shows that simplify complex crimes to attract a mainstream audience. The movie-maker's latest film, THE BLACK DAHLIA, follows two detectives investigating the real...

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The Things They Say 2853

8th September 2006

"I didn't react to it well, so I don't expect them to... HILARY (SWANK) took off her clothes and got into bed and I was like, 'Well, I guess I have to do that too.'"...

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Johansson Wants To Be Scared

8th September 2006

Hollywood starlet SCARLETT JOHANSSON wants her next movie to be a STANLEY KUBRICK-style horror. In a short, but prolific acting career, the 21-year-old has tackled comedy and drama, most famously appearing in LOST IN TRANSLATION...

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The Things They Say 2838

6th September 2006

"We realised that the cucumbers were really good, so we ate a lot of cucumbers and there was a pub that served tuna sandwiches - so I subsisted on tuna sandwiches and cucumbers." SCARLETT JOHANSSON...

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Ellroy Approves Dahlia Adaptation

5th September 2006

American novelist JAMES ELLROY is delighted with BRIAN DE PALMA's big screen adaptation of his best-selling novel THE BLACK DAHLIA. Ellroy, whose books LA CONFIDENTIAL and WONDER BOYS have also been turned into movies, is...

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Johansson Plans A Return To 'Beautiful' Venice

4th September 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON is planning to race back to Venice, Italy after being stunned by the city's beauty during a promotional trip to launch her new film THE BLACK DAHLIA. The sexy actress had to dash...

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Johansson: 'America Has Always Followed Scandals'

31st August 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON claims America hasn't changed much in the last 60 years because people are still fascinated with scandal and intrigue. Johansson compares her movie THE BLACK DAHLIA, based on the gruesome murder of an...

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Johansson: 'Sexiness Doesn't Distract'

30th August 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has angrily dismissed claims her steamy sex scene in new movie THE BLACK DAHLIA is an unnecessary distraction. The 21-year-old beauty plays the woman caught between cops JOSH HARTNETT and AARON ECKHART, who...

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Black Dahlia Legend Continues To Grow

25th August 2006

The mysterious death of actress ELIZABETH SHORT is to feature in yet another Hollywood movie after New Line studio bosses bought up the rights to former Los Angeles detective STEVE HODEL's recollection of the case....

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Fascinating Fact 1846

26th July 2006

Veteran director BRIAN DE PALMA' forthcoming film THE BLACK DAHLIA, which stars SCARLETT JOHANSSON, JOSH HARTNETT and HILARY SWANK, has been selected to open the Venice Film Festival in Italy next month (AUG06).

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Hartnett And Johansson Still Going Strong

1st June 2006

Hollywood heart-throb JOSH HARTNETT has rubbished rumours he has split from sexy girlfriend SCARLETT JOHANSSON. The SIN CITY star, 27, and Johansson, 21, have been dating for over a year (begsAPR05) after meeting on the...

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Hartnett And Johansson's 'Tantric' Loving

18th April 2006

Hollywood hunk JOSH HARTNETT has hinted he enjoys lengthy Tantric sex sessions with his stunning girlfriend SCARLETT JOHANSSON. The SIN CITY star has been dating LOST IN TRANSLATION beauty Johansson since meeting on the set...

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The Things They Say 1772

3rd April 2006

"She did offer to get in the ring with me. She'd been training for so long, I thought maybe it wasn't such a good idea." Actor JOSH HARTNETT, who plays an ex-boxer in his new...

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Eckhart Tests His Anti-smoking Resolve

27th February 2006

Actor AARON ECKHART feared he'd return to his old chain-smoking ways when he learned his character had to puff away in movie remake THE BLACK DAHLIA. The ERIN BROCKOVICH star used hypnotherapy to kick...

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Johansson Questions Monogamy

22nd December 2005

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has given boyfriend JOSH HARTNETT cause for concern, by branding monogamy unnatural and questioning romances between actors. The screen stars have been dating since April (05) after meeting on the set of...

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Johansson Moves In With Hartnett

20th December 2005

Hollywood beauty SCARLETT JOHANSSON's relationship with JOSH HARTNETT is going so well, she's reportedly moved into his New York City apartment. The sexy couple began dating in April (05) after meeting on the set...

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