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'The Dude' Jeff Bridges Performs For Lebowski Fest Fans

28th April 2014

Actor Jeff Bridges took a trip down memory lane on Friday (25Apr14) as he headlined the annual Lebowski Fest, which celebrates the cult success of his 1998 movie The Big Lebowski.The star, who played lead...

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Jeff Bridges To Headline Lebowski Fest

3rd April 2014

The Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges and his band will play a set at the annual festival which celebrates the classic Coen Brothers film.The actor will perform for fans of the 1998 cult movie at...

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Coen Brothers Deny The Big Lebowski Sequel

29th May 2013

The Coen Brothers have quashed fans' hopes of a sequel to their hit comedy The Big Lebowski, insisting they have no plans to revive the movie.The 1998 film, starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman, rapidly...

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Seth Rogen Plays The Dude In The Big Lebowski Play

30th March 2012

Actors Seth Rogen, Christina Hendricks, and Rainn Wilson hit the stage in Los Angeles on Thursday (29Mar12) for an adaptation of cult classic The Big Lebowski.Rogen played slacker The Dude/Jeffrey Lebowski, portrayed onscreen by Jeff...

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Stars Of The Big Lebowski Reunite At Dvd Launch

17th August 2011

Veteran actor Jeff Bridges reunited with his The Big Lebowski castmates John Goodman and Steve Buscemi on Tuesday (16Aug11) to celebrate the film's Dvd relaunch.The trio was also joined by co-stars Julianne Moore and John...

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The Dude's Cardigan To Be Auctioned Off

10th May 2011

The cardigan Jeff Bridges wore as The Dude in The Big Lebowski is to be auctioned off in Beverly Hills this coming weekend (14-15May11).The iconic movie item, crafted at Oregon-based Pendleton Woolen Mills, is among...

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Reid Revives Big Lebowski Characters For Spoof Sequel Skit

30th March 2011

Tara Reid has recreated a series of classic The Big Lebowski scenes, in which she plays all the characters, for a new Internet skit.The actress plays roles immortalised by Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, John Turturro...

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Stallone's Rocky Gloves Will Be Auction Knock-out

23rd March 2011

The boxing gloves Sylvester Stallone donned to play Rocky and the robe Jeff Bridges wore in The Big Lebowski are among the Hollywood collectibles going under the hammer at a Los Angeles auction this May...

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The Things They Say 15677

10th March 2010

"I'd be up for it if the Coen brothers were." JEFF BRIDGES would love to reprise his role as The Dude for a sequel to THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

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Porn Producers Want Lebowski Fans For X-rated Remake

19th January 2010

Fans of cult movie THE BIG LEBOWSKI now have the chance to play their heroes onscreen and get paid for having sex thanks to an upcoming open casting call for a new X-rated version of...

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Bridges Gave Up Marijuana For Movie Role

2nd September 2008

Actor JEFF BRIDGES had to force himself to stop smoking marijuana on the set of stoner classic THE BIG LEBOWSKI so he could think clearly. The 58-year-old starred as pot-loving Jeffrey Lebowski in the 1998...

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No More 'Dude' For Scott

8th June 2008

AMERICAN PIE star SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT has been forced to erase the word 'dude' from his vocabulary after naming his new Labrador puppy after JEFF BRIDGES' character in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. The actor quickly realised...

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Fascinating Fact 3549

12th July 2007

A set of action figures based on the characters in cult 1998 movie THE BIG LEBOWSKI are to be released in October (07)....

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Bridges Back Into Surfing Thanks To Penguin Movie

27th May 2007

THE BIG LEBOWSKI star JEFF BRIDGES has ventured back into the ocean after his role as a penguin in Surf's Up helped him to overcome his water fears. The 57-year-old actor voices the character of...

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Bridges Goes Bald For Iron Man

24th May 2007

THE BIG LEBOWSKI star JEFF BRIDGES has gone bald for a shocking new role in comic book adaptation IRON MAN. The actor, who plays Obadiah Stane in the highly-anticipated new movie admits he wasn't told...

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Bridges' Flowery Cadaver

15th August 2006

Actor JEFF BRIDGES was so thrilled when a model corpse of himself was created for new TERRY GILLIAM movie TIDELAND, he wanted to take it home as a souvenir. THE BIG LEBOWSKI star admits he...

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Bridges' Kids Gave Big Lebowski Go Ahead

24th April 2006

Movie star JEFF BRIDGES almost turned down the iconic lead role in cult film THE BIG LEBOWSKI because he didn't want his daughters to think he was condoning drug use. The actor played stoner THE...

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Pitt's Fight Club Turn Triumphs In Cool List

28th November 2003

Hollywood star BRAD PITT's anarchy-driven hunk TYLER DURDEN has been hailed the coolest character in movie history. Pitt's portrayal of the ultra-confident Durden in 1999's hit film FIGHT CLUB opposite EDWARD FURLONG has been...

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Bridges Longs To Be The Dude Again

30th October 2003

JEFF BRIDGES is begging movie makers THE COEN BROTHERS to let him reprise his role as THE DUDE in a sequel to comedy hit THE BIG LEBOWSKI. The actor won cult status playing pothead...

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Buscemi Arrested In Fire Station Protest

26th May 2003

Quirky character actor STEVE BUSCEMI has been arrested during a protest over the closure of a New York fire station. The star, best known for off-beat films like THE BIG LEBOWSKI, FARGO and RESERVOIR...

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