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Mel Gibson Shares Pension With Ex-wife

6th September 2012

Mel Gibson's ex-wife Robyn received a huge chunk of his pension in their divorce.While it was previously revealed that Mel gave Robyn half of his estimated $850 million Fortune when they divorced in 2011 after...

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Channing Tatum Would Consider Fifty Shades With Wife

11th July 2012

Channing Tatum would play the lead in the upcoming 'Fifty Shades of Grey' film - if his wife was his co-star.The 'Magic Mike' actor is interested in playing manipulative billionaire Christian Grey - who introduces...

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Cate Blanchett's Diy Beauty Regime

4th July 2012

Cate Blanchett makes her own face scrubs.The Australian actress likes to make her skin ''zing'' by mixing oils with fruit juice and salt after a friend showed her the benefits.She explained to the British edition...

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Netflix Giving Away Almost-free Movie Tickets

21st June 2012

Netflix apparently believes the best way to entice potential customers to subscribe to its movie streaming service is to give them tickets to a real movie theater for doing so. The company has launched a...

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David Gandy Speaks Out For Male Models

15th June 2012

David Gandy wants male models to be paid as much as their female counterparts.The 32-year-old heartthrob says women in the fashion industry earn four times as much as men and while he admits they deserves...

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Max George And Michelle Keegan Call Off Engagement

10th April 2012

Max George and Michelle Keegan have called off their engagement. The Wanted singer confirmed he and the 'Coronation Street' actress - who got engaged in June 2011 after a whirlwind romance - are no longer...

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Bee Love

15th March 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow is obsessed with bees.The Oscar-winning actress - who lives in London with husband Chris Martin and two children Apple, seven and Moses, five - admits she loves the small black and yellow creatures,...

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Khloe Kardashian's Nervous Modelling Next To Sisters

22nd February 2012

Khloe Kardashian finds it a ''little nerve-wracking'' modelling swimwear next to her sisters. The 27-year-old star feels uncomfortable showing off her curvy figure in swimsuits and lingerie alongside siblings Kim and Kourtney while shooting campaigns...

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Opponents Of Sag-aftra Merger Emerge

10th February 2012

Three weeks before members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild are to begin voting on the proposal to merge the two unions, a group headed by longtime...

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Jennifer Garner Uses Fame To Help

7th February 2012

Jennifer Garner wants to use her fame to make a positive difference in the world.The actress - who is married to Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck - accepts her celebrity status and the attention that goes...

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Kevin Smith Not Worried About Next Job

29th December 2011

Kevin Smith didn't "give a f**k" when he was making 'Red State'.The 41-year-old actor-and-filmmaker is set to retire from the movie business when he creates his "farewell film" 'Hit Somebody' next year, so he didn't...

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Steve Jones Ready For La Women

9th October 2011

Steve Jones wants to have as much sex as possible. The US 'X Factor' host - who is renowned for his womanising ways - wants to enjoy the benefits of being a single man in...

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Cheryl Burke Praises Rob Kardashian For Weight Loss

4th October 2011

Cheryl Burke has heaped praise on her 'Dancing with the Stars' partner Rob Kardashian for losing weight. The beautiful dancer has been really impressed with how the reality TV star - the brother of Kim...

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Fox Searchlight Denies Employing Black Swan Interns

4th October 2011

Fox Searchlight claims it never employed the two 'Black Swan' interns who are suing them. Alex Footman, 24, and Eric Glatt, 42, filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan last month alleging that Fox...

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Interns Suing Black Swan Producers

29th September 2011

Two 'Black Swan' interns are suing the production company behind the film. Alex Footman, 24, and Eric Glatt, 42, have criticised the film industry's practice of unpaid internships by filing a lawsuit in federal court...

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Tori Spelling's Tough Pregnancy

9th September 2011

Tori Spelling admits her third pregnancy has been the "hardest".The former 'Beverley Hills 90210' star - who has two children, Liam, four, and three-year-old Stella, with husband Dean McDermott - explained while expecting her first...

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Salma Hayek Loves Wealthy Lifestyle With French Billionaire

17th August 2011

Salma Hayek loves the privileged lifestyle her family enjoy because of their wealth.The 44-year-old actress is married to French billionaire Francois Henri Pinault and she feels grateful that she and their three-year-old daughter Valentina get...

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Robert Pattinson Scared Of House Buying

7th May 2011

Robert Pattinson "freaked out" when he was about to buy a house.The 24-year-old British actor - who is dating his 'Twilight Saga' co-star Kristen Stewart - mostly lives in hotels, and though he has a...

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David Hasselhoff Has Knight Rider Nickname

5th May 2011

David Hasselhoff's dad calls him Michael after his 'Knight Rider' character.The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge is so well-known for playing crime-fighter Michael Knight in the 80s TV series - which featured David driving a super-powered...

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Hawaii May Up Tax Credits For Shooting Outside Oahu

2nd May 2011

The Hawaiian legislature wants to see some of the other islands besides Oahu share in the benefits of film production that the principal island has enjoyed. A bill currently before the legislature would increase production...

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Analyst Urges Studios To Take Larger Cut In Ticket Sales

2nd March 2011

With ticket and DVD sales declining and home theaters, piracy, and the saturation of 3D films taking their financial toll, movie studios have no choice but to force theater owners to take a smaller cut...

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Cbs's Profits Soar

5th November 2010

With ad sales picking up and the costs of laying off hundreds of employees no longer a factor on its current ledgers, CBS Corp. on Thursday was able to report a 53-percent improvement in earnings...

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Lions Gate Opening Its Gate For Leo

13th October 2010

The mating of the lions has begun again -- this time in earnest, it would appear. Lions Gate Entertainment, which operates the Lionsgate "mini-major," has formally proposed a merger with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the home of Leo...

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