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Julianne Moore To Play Evil Witch In Seventh Son

21st March 2011

Julianne Moore is to play the world's worst witch in 'Seventh Son'.The 'Single Man' actress - who recently signed up to portray failed US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in new TV movie 'Game Change'...

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Heather Mills Sued By Publicists

1st March 2011

Heather Mills is being sued by her ex-publicists, who claim she made false allegations about her ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney.A lawsuit has been launched by PR company Parapluie - who used to work with the...

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Donald Trump Proud Of Unusual Hairstyle

10th February 2011

Donald Trump is proud to still have all his own hair. The 'Apprentice'host - who is renowned for his distinctive style - has revealed he ignores friends when they advise him to cut off his...

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Meat Loaf Not A Fan Of Judge Tyler

9th February 2011

Meat Loaf is disappointed with Steven Tyler for becoming a judge on 'American Idol'. The 63-year-old musician has recently accepted an offer to appear on reality TV show 'Celebrity Apprentice' with Donald Trump but despite...

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Movie Reviews Season Of The Witch

7th January 2011

Nicolas Cage is once again being skewered by critics for his decision to appear in Season of the Witch. Their reviews are even more scathing than the ones for last year's The Sorcerer's Apprentice ....

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Apprentice Contestant May Go To Jail

23rd December 2010

In what seems to be another case of art imitating life -- or is it the other way around? -- a former contestant on the British version of The Apprentice has pleaded guilty to four...

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Thankgiving Football & Turkey In That Order

26th November 2010

Thanksgiving has become a day of the year when friends and family get together in the late afternoon, watch the network telecast of the NFL game, then sit down together for dinner -- and turn...

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World Series Ratings Game 2 Strikes Out

29th October 2010

Ratings for Thursday's Game 2 of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers were again far behind last year's Game 2 between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies....

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Rupert Grint's Post-potter Struggle

27th October 2010

Rupert Grint "hasn't adjusted" to life after the 'Harry Potter' movies.The 22-year-old actor - who portrayed wizard schoolboy Ron Weasley in the films - admits they took over his life for years, but he "misses"...

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Fascinating Fact 10195

25th October 2010

Welsh opera singer KATHERINE JENKINS has rented out her new London home to TV bosses of U.K. TV show THE APPRENTICE. The mezzo-soprano will receive $75,000 (£50,000) to allow the BBC programme be filmed in...

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Shatner's Ratings Beginning To Look Like $#!?

8th October 2010

Producers of CBS's $#!? My Dad Says probably said that about Thursday night's ratings for the show. According to overnight Nielsen's the show, which stars William Shatner, drew 9.78 million viewers, after launching three weeks...

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Theory Makes A Big Bang On Thursdays

1st October 2010

CBS's dicey decision to move its hit Monday-night comedy The Big Bang Theory from Monday night to Thursday has turned out to have been a wise one. In its second week in the 8 00...

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Cbs Returns To Top On Thursday

24th September 2010

CBS won the crucial Thursday-night ratings race on the first week of the new season with a big bang. Moving its high-rated The Big Bang Theory from Monday night, CBS garnered even higher ratings for...

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Trump's New Apprentices Are All Out Of Work

9th September 2010

Property tycoon-turned-reality TV king DONALD TRUMP is helping struggling unemployed Americans get back to work on the new season of his THE APPRENTICE show - all the contestants will be jobless.The 16 contestants have all...

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Morgan Crowned New Cnn King

9th September 2010

CNN on Wednesday confirmed that Piers Morgan will replace retiring interviewer Larry King. Morgan is best known in America as a judge on America's Got Talent (he also serves as a judge on the British...

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Monica Bellucci Joins Manual Of Love 3

2nd September 2010

Monica Bellucci has joined the cast of 'Manual of Love 3'.The 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' actress will team up with Robert DeNiro for the latest film in the Italian romantic drama franchise.Monica will play the love interest...

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Ivanka Trump's Charity Bracelet

25th August 2010

Ivanka Trump has designed a bracelet for charity.The 27-year-old heiress - who is the daughter of Ivana and Donald Trump - created the exclusive bracelet, crafted from coral silk cord with sterling silver, for the...

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Duncan Dating The Apprentice's Omarosa

16th August 2010

THE GREEN MILE star MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN has found love with a U.S. reality TV star who found fame on DONALD TRUMP's THE APPRENTICE.The heavyweight actor recently began dating Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, a participant on the...

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Michaels Named Celebrity Apprentice

24th May 2010

Rocker BRET MICHAELS showed he's the ultimate survivor when he appeared on the live finale of U.S. reality TV show THE APPRENTICE on Sunday (23May10) just days after suffering a minor stroke and overcoming a...

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A New Quiz Show Scandal?

22nd February 2010

The Federal Communications Commission has launched an investigation of Fox's planned game show Our Little Genius after receiving a letter from the father of one of the potential contestants claiming that the child was given...

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Survivor Producer To Bring His Approach To Rock 'N' Roll

14th January 2010

Reality-show guru Mark Burnett is expanding his presence in cable with a show built around David Fishof's Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp. VH1 Classic channel said today (Thursday) that it is teaming up with Burnett...

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Even Howie Mandel Makes As Much As Katie Couric

11th November 2009

Forget about the much ballyhooed $15 million a year that CBS agreed to pay Katie Couric to anchor the CBS Evening News. At least six other U.S. television personalities earn far more than that each...

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Apprentice Winner Awaits Offer To Become Lieutenant Governor

22nd July 2009

THE APPRENTICE winner RANDAL PINKETT is hotly tipped to run as lieutenant governor of the U.S. state of New Jersey.Pinkett, who won season four of Donald Trump's reality TV competition, admits he recently met with...

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Ben Fired After Spark "Goes Out"

21st May 2009

Ben Clarke has become the latest contestant to be booted off the BBC reality show The Apprentice.The 22-year-old was given his marching orders by Sir Alan Sugar on Wednesday after his team were defeated in...

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Flirting Philip Gets The Boot From The Apprentice

7th May 2009

Philip Taylor has become the latest contestant fired from The Apprentice after flirting with a fellow candidate during a task.The Durham estate agent and Kate Walsh had started a relationship while on the BBC1 show...

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Noorul Becomes Sixth Apprentice Hopeful To Be Fired

30th April 2009

Science teacher Noorul Choudhury has become the latest contestant to be fired from the current series of The Apprentice.The 33-year-old got the boot from the BBC1 show having been accused of trying to "escape under...

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New Yorker Kimberley Fired From The Apprentice

23rd April 2009

Kimberley Davis has become the latest contestant fired from the new series of The Apprentice.The 33-year-old got the boot from the BBC1 after failing an advertising task and taking Lorraine Tighe and Phillip Taylor into...

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Paula Jones Fired From Apprentice After Soap Failure

16th April 2009

Paula Jones has become the latest contestant fired from The Apprentice after a costing mistake on a cosmetics task.The human resources consultant got the boot from the BBC1 show after her Empire team spent more...

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Majid Nagra Becomes Third Apprentice Hopeful Fired

8th April 2009

Sir Alan Sugar has picked Majid Nagra as the third contestant to be fired from the new series of The Apprentice.The 28-year-old found himself in the boardroom along with Ben Clarke and James McQuillan after...

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Apprentice Reject Rocky Says Sugar Has Southern Bias

2nd April 2009

The latest contestant fired from The Apprentice believes his exit was down to Sir Alan Sugar's dislike of people from the north of England.Rocky Andrews, 21, was sacked from the BBC1 show after he led...

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