'The Walking Dead' Season Premiere Recap

The season premiere of "The Walking Dead" comes with a number of surprises, as Rick Grimes' group of survivors battle their way into an old maximum security prison and clear it out to set up camp inside. The gang have to fight an army of zombies to get through the prison yard. They separate into teams, with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) sniping out the walkers, Rick running to close the gates and cut off their entrance and the rest of the group fighting from behind the fences. Gore ensues, in typical series fashion. The fight is a tense one, but the gang manage to secure the prison yard in the end. There's no time to rest though, as the rest of the prison still awaits, supposedly holding supplies of food, ammo and medicine, oh goodie! In a twist that comes as no surprise to fans of the original comics, the walkers aren't the only challenge the survivors have to face in this episode.

The episode also features an appearance by the mystery hunter, who saved Andrea and is seen again kicking some serious zombie tail.

Meanwhile, Rick's group go forth to secure a larger area of the prison. They get separated by a heard of walkers at one point, leaving Maggie and Glenn all alone to protect themselves. Finally, the team manage to come back together, but not before Hershel gets himself bitten by what he thought was a dead body. The episode's final twist comes in the form of Rick chopping off Hershel's leg to save him from infection. Whether or not Hershel will survive, still remains to be seen in next week's episode.


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