There were reports of a Voice voting scandal in America last night, although good on the show’s producers to admit and address the problem live on air instead of covering it up.

The Daily Mail reports that there were inconsistencies in the voting which was to decide the result of the first live elimination round of the new season on NBC. However, host Carson Daly was joined by Jason George, the CEO of vote-counting firm Telescope on stage as he openly discussed the situation. “Here's the good news. Telescope certifies that removing those votes did not effect the outcome,' Daly said. George added “We quickly identified the problem and were able to take steps to make sure it doesn't reoccur.”

Anyway, once that was gotten out the way, it came down to the judges whittling the contestants down from 16 to 12. Shakira opted to save Garrett Gardner based on the fact that she felt she could help him more than Karina Iglesias. Meanwhile Blake Shelton saved The Swon Brothers over Justin Rivers. For Usher it was 19 year-old singer Cathia who got the chop, with the r n’ b star opting to choose Joshiah Hawley to stay. Adam meanwhile picked Sarah Simmons, meaning that Caroline Glasser was on her way home. A tempestuous and slightly controversial first elimination round of 2013, then, hopefully things will be smoother from now on.

Carson Daly
Carson Daly had to announce the voting scandal live