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"Now at least I know that I can step up to the plate and not crumble when I'm needed. When it comes to something like this that is so, so serious, so painful, so traumatic, I can handle it." MICHAEL JACKSON's sister JANET insists her grief over the King of Pop's death has made her stronger.


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What happened to janets brother michael is traggic , instead of dr murray doing the rite thing he did the wrong thing allowing diprovan to be adminstered by him , he who was not trained to give this med he was not a specailist , he did it for the god all mighty buck an the victum michael jackson , from michaels home videos janet was very close to him it appears, i really an trully dont really think michael was really aware what the end results could of been , maybe he thought that cant happen to me , but it did , diprovan is not candy its a powerful med to knock some one out ,an dr murray screwed up giving the combo he did , even if some other doctor or doctors started michael on all these drugs an we all know this is true, the end result dr murray is too blame for the events that took place leading up to michaels death , dr murray should of taken all the drugs out of michaels house an went an got michael the rite help,so now dr murray must be made to toe the line since he is the doctor who gave him the drugs that day that killed michael, some people think that death cant happen to them as an end result an they think doctors should know what drugs you can an cant mix together it appears either murray did not or at that point he didnot care , my theory is michael caught murray doing something an murray killed him to shut him up, an i hope if an when janet can think clearly she will be strong enough to avenge michaels death , it was senseless that this happened, no matter what michael did or didnot do he had the rite to be here rite now an not be where he is rite now , i really dont think dr murray will be able to get a fair trial any where in this country unless they get jurrors who hated michael jackson an im sure their are some but they would have to put their hate aside an see the facts an no dr murray made the biggest mistake of his life an ended michaels life, i see any jury as a hung jury, the facts are rite in front of every one janet im sorrie for your loss an when you can think clearly you need to push for murray to be tried , it cant help michael now but maybe you can prevent it from happening to some one else down the road dr murray needs to loose his freedom to walk on the earth he needs to be prosecuted an i personally think he needs to be executed my personel belief, an this would show doctors you cant get away with killing your patient an maybe this would all stop,, loosing some one thru negligent care is bad i loss my mom because doctors screwed up the end result was the same as it was for michael, i am very sorrie you are having to deal with this ive been their an it will get better but the person can never be replaced , michael may you be walking with god for all of eternity , im not really a fan but i liked some of his music ghosts is my favorite now beat it was before its on my cell phone an every time some one calls me i hear beat an so do my racist friends, it just makes them mad they will have to get over it since they cant tell me what type of music to listen too, i just have to be careful some one dont take pot shot at me when im dog hunting in the woods while my trucks cd player plays michaels songs, shooting at me would be the mistake of their lives, but any way janet it will take a very long time for you to get back to were you where before this event occurred he may be gone but never forgotten from the home video,s on utube i saw a side of michael i had never seen before he was laughing alot an had a sense of humor when the kids kept pushing him into the pool, that was funnie, no matter how many times he got dried off an they did it over an over he never once got mad, thats a side of michael the public never saw, stars no matter what type should have a life even to go shopping in a grocery store, michael i saw where he said he didnot like to tour thats an honest part of him no one ever saw, the public needs to relise michael needed to be able to go to a simple grocery store , their is a time an place for every thing had michael not be put on a pedalstal by his fans maybe he could of had the life every one else had to where he could of gone to a store , an enjoyed himself , no one can say now what should of been done but michaels fans should of giving michael respect show he could of gone to a store with out fear , any way im sorrie for your loss
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